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2NE1 Japanese discography


  1. Go Away <Japanese> (2011)
  2. Scream (2012)
  3. I Love You <Japanese> (2012)

Studio albums:

  1. Collection (2012)
  2. Crush (2014)


  1. Nolza (2011)

Record label: Avex (2011-2016)

Girl Group

CRUSH - 2NE1 (2014)

Listen with me here:

1 – CRUSH – 1/5

This song is everything that turned me off about K-Pop in the first place. There’s something about that snarky, attitude-laden “chant” that I’m really not crazy about, and I struggle to find endearing. 1,022 more words


2NE1 profile


  1. Park Bom (eldest)
  2. Sandara Park
  3. Lee Chaerin <CL> (leader)
  4. Gong Minji <Minzy> (maknae)


  1. Bom: March 24th 1984
  2. Dara: November 12th 1984
  3. CL: February 26th 1991…
  4. 10 more words

Ten K-Pop Songs I Can't Stand

I don’t mean any offence by this I’m literally just making it for fun. Some of the groups on here are groups that I love they just happen to have one song that I honestly can’t stand. 1,058 more words


Happy 2ne1st Birthday!! 

I always believed that people who celebrate their birthdays should feel special. That’s why I always loved celebrating my birthday. I love the feeling of going home with a cake on the table, and everyone’s hugging you because it’s your day. 279 more words

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