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“Save Me” ep 4 ~ Sang Mi:”Those people give me the creeps!”

Sang Mi’s mother can’t accept that her son is gone. Instead of taking her to the hospital, Joo Ho took his wife to a shaman. That didn’t work! 967 more words


“Save Me” ep 3 ~ Dong Cheol:”Someone died because of you. How can you laugh?”

The moment he saw Sang Jin’s dead body lying on the ground something changed inside Dong Cheol. When he closes his eyes, he keeps dreaming of Sang Jin. 1,011 more words


“Save Me” ep2 ~ Sang Mi:”Save me!”

Sang Mi tells her family that the religious cult is strange, but no one believed her. The parents accepted the cult’s help. Sang Mi and Sang Jin start going to school. 927 more words