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I Love You? I Hate You?


Welcome back to my blog, where I post about Kpop, fashion, and food, along with the occasional mandatory topics I’m forced to write for in order to earn much needed points for my English Honors class! 180 more words


EXO - Canvas (CC Game)

Xiumin | Suho | Lay | Baekhyun | Chen | Chanyeol | D.O | Kai | Sehun

Uh huh huh

Uh huh



saehayan Carpet… 257 more words

Stealing the Spotlight: Standout Idols and the Groups Around Them

Photo Credit: Starship Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, YG Entertainment

In the West, often times groups are viewed as stepping stones to solo greatness. Recently groups are starting to come back into the mainstream spotlight slowly. 1,217 more words


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K-Pop Class | Introduction

Welcome to the world of K-Pop. Get comfy. It’s going to be an entertaining ride. I know. I fell down this amazing music rabbit hole more than 2 years ago, and have been addicted ever since. 717 more words