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Learn Korean with 4Minute "Crazy"


This time we will learn with 4Minute song “Crazy”

날 보고 미쳐

(nal bogo michyeo)

나-I (na)

날 (nal) is short form of 나를.(nareul) 181 more words


Hyuna 4Minute Tampil Seksi dalam Pictorial Jeans Rubber

Kim Hyun-a, anggota kelompok 4Minute tampil menawan saat memamerkan produk yang dimodelinya, Jeans “Rubber.” Dalam pictorial tersebut, Hyuna memperlihatkan sebuah figur yang benar-benar menggoda.

Hyuna bersama dengan kelompoknya saat ini sedang disibukkan dengan promo comeback terbarunya, mini album ketujuh “Act.7”


Act. 7 by 4 Minute |Album Review|

4 minute is back in the act!

Since its been nearly a year from their last comeback with “Crazy” I was wondering how in the world they were going to top that amazing album. 1,281 more words

- 싫어(Hate)

4MINUTE(포미닛) Hate: The Concept of this MV fits each member of 4minute so nicely. From the beginning of the MV to the end the Song, Choreography, and wardrobe are on point. 60 more words

K Pop Reviews

"Hate" by 4Minute (KPOP Song of the Week)

Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, our first for February 2016. Although there were a number of interesting new releases recently, we’ve chosen the big new release from… 228 more words

South Korea

[Lirik + Terjemahan] 4minute – Hate


Ne nunbichi malhaejugo isseo
Liar liar liar deo nal sogijima Oh
Ijen deo isang algo sipji anha
I don’t wanna know know know
Deoneun No No No da kkeutnasseo 629 more words

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