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Who Wore It Better: Sandara Park vs Hyuna

Former “2ne1” Sandara Park and former “4Minute” Hyuna up against each other in this issue of who wore it better?!

During the later part of March, Marie Claire Hong Kong released their pictorial with “One Step” star Sandara Park wearing this Christian Dior equestrian look. 100 more words

Who Wore It Better


I used to love kpop.

Listening to this song reminded me why.

At 30 seconds the group goes deep and starts really encouraging people to go deep and find their hiden self. 112 more words

Former 4Minute Member Jiyoon and Samuel Seo Release Full MV for "Cliché"

Jiyoon and Samuel Seo are back with a collaboration single!

On the 29th of March 2017, former 4Minute member Jiyoon, now known as Jenyer, paired up with the singer and song writer Samuel Seo to release the single “Cliché“. 85 more words


Who is HyunA?

Out of all the K-pop Idols out there Hyuna is the one that I have always found to be the most fascinating. I mean she has been my bias for almost 8 years! 1,214 more words

Hyuna's "A'wesome" EP review

Artist: Hyuna
Album: “A’wesome”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2016


This EP marks the first release of a Hyuna project in 2016 since the disbandment of 4Minute. 301 more words


One Night Stand

One Night Stand



BEAST’s Junhyung | Cube’s Hyuna


a story by ts_sora


Comfort, AU, PG-17



Hyuna menggeliat pelan saat merasakan geli pada tengkuknya. 969 more words


Hyuna's "A Talk" EP review

Artist: Hyuna
Album: “A Talk”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2014


As of this writing, I had finally accepted the fact that 4Minute has officially disbanded leaving Hyuna as the only person from the group to stay with Cube Entertainment. 264 more words