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Malaysia: Former Prime Minister Says Current PM Should Be Removed Before His Term Ends

Joe Fernandez

March 14, 2016

The former Prime Minister cited his successor Abdullah Badawi, as a case in point, resigning a year after being re-elected. 755 more words

"Fishing in Trouble Water"

It all started with “merger of minds” and now it has snowballed to this. Do you blame the SPDP President for speaking his mind to the press in this statement? 830 more words


The times they're a changing.

These are trying times. Yet they are also interesting times.¬†Interesting, because to borrow an English phrase, the game’s afoot.

And whats more interesting, nobody actually knows what the game is but from the look of it, we shall know pretty soon as it slowly makes its way out to the open. 1,514 more words