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She's an ABC

The term ‘ABC’ has several meanings to us Asians. Typically, it means ‘American Born Chinese’ or ‘Australian Born Chinese’ if the person came from Australia. Depending on who you meet, the usage and situation, ‘ABC’ can also mean ‘Air Batu Campur’ as in our local dessert with shaved ice and toppings. 88 more words

Growing Up

Heritage Village @ Aman Suria

Last Saturday I decided to make a trip to Aman Suria in search of the famous Nasi Lemak King at Heritage Village. Apparently, this place has received rave reviews and I decided that it is time for me to check it out. 186 more words


Pantai Kemasik @ Terengganu Part 5

Kalau korang ada di Cherating.. pastu ada banyak lagi masa tapi tak tau nak buat apa kan… korang ambil masa korang menikmati pemandangan pantai yang sangat terjaga kecantikannya.. 247 more words