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Song-Lyric Sunday - Grieve, by Chachamaru

When I saw Helen’s prompt for this week was the Blues, my mind went directly to one of my favourite Bluesy songs, “Grieve,” by Chachamaru. 502 more words


The empty feeling on a late morning

Don’t torture me with pleasant morning air seeping through my bedroom window
I’m lying here under covers crying about my hometown, family, old friends, people, everyone, and everything that I miss



[EKOLOGI] Meregangnya Genggaman Pohon

Biopori merupakan “sesuatu” yang sudah umum di masyarakat. Alat pembuatnya pun sudah ada, bisa memilih sesuai selera dalam hal warna, ukuran, dan kualitasnya. Tapi, apakah biopori sesederhana itu? 636 more words


Earth's Wrath: The Stillness of Air

It wasn’t meant to happen. This wasn’t meant to happen. I never meant for it to happen. I did everything I was told and I did it perfectly; there was simply no room for errors. 602 more words


Best Deals - Save 50% On Apple MacBook Air 11.6” Laptop with Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD

Only $499.97! The Apple 11.6 In. MacBook Air Notebook Computer is an ultra light weight notebook computer. The system is defined by its unibody aluminum enclosure. 19 more words

Roll up roll up!

Get your free air today!

We often forget as we put our heads down to write our books,blogs and articles that fresh air is just a step away. 50 more words


Quiet, thoughtful, tired today. So much to absorb from my three days of learning to keep circles. Now the work is to learn to apply and integrate the practice into my work, into my Work. 156 more words