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Kurang Minum Air, Berat Naik Turun, Punca Payudara Cepat Kendur

Usia belum terlalu tua, tetapi payudara kok rasanya sudah tidak sekencang dulu lagi? Pakaian dalam yang anda kenakan terasa tidak pas dikenakan, posisinya pun terlihat menurun. 559 more words


NIKE | Air Vapormax | Kiss My Airs

With new releases being launched basically every week it is really hard to keep up with basically anything. But even if you are all over the place with new products popping up every few seconds it is nearly impossible to miss these; the Nike Air Vapormax. 292 more words


Why the University should have given us iPad Air 2

I’m really grateful that I attend a University that gave me a free iPad for my studies. If they didn’t give us one, I probably… 281 more words


Three Shrines I Loved In Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The longer I play Breath of the Wild, the more easily I can deduce which kinds of shrines are going to be absolutely my shit, and which shrines are going to frustrate me. 482 more words