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Boycott the Forest Killers

Palm Oil, Forests and You

What could be the trouble with Palm Oil you may be wondering? Well naturally it comes back to industry not using precaution, but rather focusing on profit regardless of consequence. 592 more words

Climate Change

Card of the Day - April 27

VII Arrows – Insecurity

It is usually our own insecurity that keeps us from doing much of what we would like to accomplish. While this caution is a survival instinct (hence us always dreading change), most oft it’s only a hindrance to something that could at the very least teach us something about ourselves. 54 more words


Choosing a Portable Air Purifier

#clean #air #allergy
Depending on the type of allergy you are suffering from, a portable system may be sufficient for your needs and your wallet. 6 more words

Ugandan Doctor helps Give Newborns a Breath of Fresh AIR

What is the wish of any mother who has just given birth to a baby, after lengthy hours of labor? To hear that child cry while taking his/her first breath of air. 217 more words

Great Science

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The four elements.

I saw on Lisadorenfest a beautiful post about the four elements. Here are my pictures for it.