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The Truth (Al-Haqq)

Allah’s Name: The Truth (Al-Haqq) 

The One who is the truth, the real, and the truly-existing. The One whose essence is the only substance and the only reality. 48 more words


Day 23: Al-Haqq & Day 24: Al-Mujeeb

Asalamu alaykum,

Here are the worksheets for the Names of Allah for Day 23 & 24. I apologise for the delay, I have been a bit under the weather the last few days. 547 more words

99 Names Worksheets

Why Even Pray?

Faith slips – and laughs, and rallies.

Emily Dickinson

I have questioned God since I was old enough to reason and question. I could write endless blog posts about the various questions I have had, the experiences that have led me to ask them, and the experiences that have brought me answers.

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Day 52 - 99 Days, 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

Assalamu’alaiku wa Rahmatullah,

Day 52 – Al-Haqq – The Truth

“And they shall know that Allah is the manifest Truth.” (24:25)

Allah is the only Reality, so manifest, so high and so great. 224 more words


Becoming Spiritually Literate

On the mawlid today, the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday pbuh, I couldn’t help reflect on the first revelation he received while meditating, emptying himself, in the cave of Hira. 591 more words