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Suddenly, I have a new DIARY.

As I made clear in the “about me”, I’m really just a guy who’s lazy to use a pen and paper. I don’t know why. May be I started disliking it; or may be because I find keyboards… 118 more words


Family Unties

I’ve had enough of your drama
My life is better without you in it

This is the last thing my mother ever said to me (to date this was last year 2014 by telephone).

3,295 more words

Pictures from Easter 2015

Hi everyone! I haven’t written in two weeks but I’ve been away and had school but all the time, I was thinking what blog posts I should write. 127 more words



Trying to fool myself into thinking that I’m not in love with her.

Distracting myself with women who I know will mean nothing to me. 254 more words

Did you miss me? Well, I missed you!

I had a bit of a privacy scare over the weekend and consequently made my blog private for the last 48 hours.  My anonymity (for now) is very important to me since it is allowing me to open up and post publicly about sensitive and personal issues.   845 more words

Sneaky Friends

I have a sneaky friend, guys. Could you have guessed that from the title of this post? Obviously not.

In fact, you may know him. He’s the ‘ 1,012 more words

Letters To You

I had so many names to call this blog, “Letters to you” was one of them. Instead I have named this blog that title. The reason is because this blog is going to be my outlet, as it seems I am in need of one. 119 more words