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well hello there.

So: this is an experiment. Well. Not so much an experiment, as a feeble attempt to see if what I’ve been aspiring to do since I was in high school could become a reality. 652 more words

Taking control.

I keep trying to write songs and I’m finding it impossible, my mind isn’t one for poetry, sure I’m musical but I compose piano music or guitar licks, and yes I like to write but stories or journal entries, not lyrics! 246 more words


Russell Brand and the British Revolution

About a century ago, the majority of the British population earned their bread by toiling long hours in the factories, only just able to keep themselves afloat, under the grasp of the obscenely-wealthy bourgeois. 745 more words


#Sabu Week: The #FBI #LulzSec Files, 2011

LulzSec, as we have stated before, was of interest to the FBI basically since it first broke away from Anonymous. At the time I warned them that separating from the Hive would make them a target, a much easier target to hit, but there’s no denying that the breakaway or standalone crews like LulzSec, Cabin Crew, and AntiSec got a great deal of very high-profile hacktivism work done in a very short period of time. 61 more words


Facebook Reverses Ban on Anonymous Group to Combat ISIS AnonHQ

Just as quickly as Anonymous Red Cult created the growing “Cyber Brain Reborn” group page, the social media giant bowed to pressure from hundreds of Anons who protested the take down of the most popular Anonymous page. 223 more words

Ummm... So This Just Happened...

Two dozen roses. Delivered to my office. With no card.  I googled the company on the box and let them know via their live chat that the card was forgotten.   154 more words