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Goodbye Friend | aNonyMous

We had to have our dog Viktor put to sleep yesterday. He’d been refusing food and losing weight for a while. And then we noticed him sleeping much more and becoming weaker. 91 more words


To love is an emotion, so strong and powerful its limits to capacity are un matched to any human comprehensions. Its richness gives light to life right from conception to the day we die, like a deadly nuclear explosion that destroys anything that  comes or it finds along its path to dust, love makes its Way in our lives. 246 more words


Coventry to Brierfield (unsent), found in book bought from charity shop

Hi V— It’s me D— I recieved your letter of S— open and read I SUPPOSE But who cares I like the bit abount sexy girls cant wait anyway Im abount as tall as S— maybe taller Brown hair very good in Bed? 165 more words

Never again 





I focus on my steps. I don’t want to think about anything else because if I do I will think about you and I hate myself for that. 432 more words



Now that you’ve had an introduction to what I hope I’m going to accomplish on this page, I should probably let you know a few things about myself. 640 more words