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Hello Me, It's You by Hannah Todd and Anonymous

I got this lovely little book on Netgalley fairly recently and read it while I drank my cup of tea in my friend’s armchair yesterday. It’s very short, but very sweet. 134 more words

Book Review

October 22, 2016 Oh My!

Dawn, Candida, Bell 6052, 1970

It’s pretty amazing that one of the most successful recording acts of the 1970s began this way.  Technically they began with the title track to this record, a #3 hit in the fall of 1970, but that success spawned this album.   208 more words


I used to drink it black
before you came
and stirred your sweetness in.
I never asked for this.
Now everything tastes


He rubbed

He rubbed me down with coconut oil;

It was supposed to be sexy.

And as hard as he rubbed

I didn’t come

over anymore.


#Anonymous taking on "the corrupted media"

Speaking of mainstream media and its perceived shortcomings, Anonymous is gearing up to do something about it, apparently. 44 more words