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she was your star, and around her we both spun

you as the earth to her fire

and me as the lonely moon, tugging at the waves inside you… 47 more words

Lonely, Not Alone

Living in the city is truthfully an experience like no other.  I remember being young taking trips to the city and being mesmerized by the life and activity.   344 more words

The History Of The Mareschalless De La Ferté

The Marquess de Beuvron believing himself handsome enough to be happy, was not contented with the leavings of so many; and Madame d’Olonne being not more faithful to him, he not only resolved to see neither of ’em, but also to ruin their Reputations in the World. 4,275 more words


Anonymous Love

I have always had a love-hate relationship with this new ability to hide from your emotions through a screen or device. It has certainly come in handy when dealing with confrontation or sharing painful feelings with another. 453 more words