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Adding a WIFI and a Cellular Amp to my RV Part 4: Installing the antenna's

The biggest part of work with installing a WIFI and a Cellular Amp is the antenna’s.  Trailers and RV’s work like a Faraday cage and block much of the WIFI or cellular signal.   995 more words


On science, smartphones and nerds

I gave a presentation based on the 4 texts about Imagination and Mathematics during Senior Space Camp 2015 at Andøya Space Center and NAROM. After the presentation a participant approached me and expressed the opinion that the actual everyday use of mathematics should be discussed in school – and with the youngest pupils already – in terms of how powerful a tool it really is. 958 more words


The irony of hideous lobsters 

I woke up this morning with my index finger stinging. Why? Because there is a pinhole-sized cut right in the middle of the action. Why? Because I don’t know for the life of me how to work with (Alaskan King!) crab legs, lobster tails & claws. 355 more words