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MIMO Antenna Manufacturer

Press release about a new omnidirectional, waterproof, rugged external antenna product line.  Parsec Technologies is a omni-directional Antenna Manufacturer.

MIMO antenna manufactuer

Antenna Theory Balanis Pdf

Project Number: SNM MQP 0414 Basic Antenna Theory and Application A Major Qualifying Project Report: Submitted to the Faculty of the WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE ANTENNA THEORY BALANIS 3RD EDITION SOLUTION MANUAL FREE DOWNLOAD //pdfebooklibrary/pdf/antenna-theory-balanis-3rd-edition-solution-manual-free-download.pdf Free access for PDF Ebook Antenna Theory Balanis 3rd Edition Solution Manual Free Download. 436 more words

Airband whip antenna design part 1: theory and basic models


A few years ago I bought Uniden UBC92XLT scanner, with Uniden AT218 0481001 Bearcat antenna. The default antenna is a wideband,12cm long helical one and on the base of my experiences it has very poor performance in range of air frequencies, so quite quickly I’ve bought a new one for the band closest to airband: 2m/70cm – it has much better performance, usually it works fine enough, but finally I’ve decided to bulid my own, airband dedicated antenna. 863 more words


3D Printed Antenna is Broadband

Antennas are a tricky thing, most of them have a fairly narrow range of frequencies where they work well. But there are a few designs that can be very broadband, such as the discone antenna. 230 more words

3d Printer Hacks

New antennas and activity

After the trials and tribulations getting planning permission for my mast, and several setbacks since then I have finally got the antennas up and certainly working, at least on 2 metres and 70 centimetres. 219 more words

Amateur Radio


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