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Why do I need a Pan and Tilt System?

The answer obviously depends upon the application and includes the following:

  1. Professional Video: Churches, Small Broadcast Studios, City Council Meetings and other government or corporate meeting venues: …
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Day 6 Top of road cutting

“‘I’ll walk along the road, and all the roads, and keep going on the roads ‘cos I know you always walk on the roads and I’d find you.'” 844 more words

20/30/40m trapped end fed. Nice!


Because of the purchase of the MTR-3B, the ultimate portable HF radio, I decide to make the lighter station as possible.

So, I have the MTR-3B, the Pico Palm Paddle, a small pack of NiMH batteries. 619 more words

Amateur Radio

End-Fed antenna revisited... again!

Well, I really hope all of you had a great summer so far? We had a great one here in Quebec this year. We had plenty of beautiful days with a lot of warm period to go out and play with our ham radio gears…. 653 more words


Practical Skills For the Radio Amateur

While not every ham is technically inclined or particularly handy, amateur radio operators tend to be do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of people who often build, install, and fix their gear and other things.  257 more words