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Ampegon to Install Shortwave Array Antenna

From the pages of  comes this news:

“Ampegon says it is about to deliver and install its first rotatable shortwave high-power array antenna on the North American continent. 212 more words


Antenna Tuner Ham Radio

Antenna Tuner Ham Radio
Johnson Capacitors With Shaft Insulators 154-3-A/500 E-20 19-4A8mmf GE 30 Mh Roller Coil Excellent Working Condition Model – WHa948728167c75f10


Design and Analysis of Waves in an Antenna

With the Knowledge of Antenna, we can implement a Project for the purpose of Radio broadcast, Navigation systems, Radio transmission and reception, GPS, Satellite communication, Radio frequency identification. 94 more words

Antenna And Wave Propagation

High Power Microstrip Patch Array Fed by Waveguide

In some application like remote sensing SAR antenna, high power is fed to antenna. Convention microstrip array antenna fed by microstrip line can’t handle very high power. 173 more words

Antenna Design

CES 2018 Is Over...

…and nobody won!

It literally rained on their parade as generally sunny Nevada endured torrential downpours on Day 1.  Then, on Day 2, the lights went out.  663 more words


Wireless Networking Q & A

What is the lowest layer of the OSI mode at which wired and wireless transmissions share the same protocol?

  • Layer 2

Which one of the following wireless transmission types does NOT require a clear LOS to function? 508 more words