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Diamond - CP-22

My Diamond CP-22 all aluminum, 200 watt 2 meter antenna and new RG8X coax arrived and was installed yesterday afternoon.

The CP-22 shipped to my front door set me back $66.00. 101 more words

Sensitivity analysis: Simple Dipole

Not sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, but sensitivity of “resonant” frequency to element length. 576 more words

Frugal Not Cheap

Grin … I am Frugal, I’m not Cheap!

With that being cleared up. I have finely thrown in the the pl59. I broke down and ordered a new diamond 2 meter base antenna and new coax to mate the antenna and my old, still operational Kenwood TM-271 2 meter radio. 85 more words

Noise Bridge Project

This noise bridge project came about as a way to tune mag loop antennas,   In this application the problems is to determine when the antenna is resonant at a given frequency. 961 more words