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Living On The Edge (Propagation Frustration)

There is the joke(?) in ham radio that a vertical antenna “radiates equally poorly in all directions.” As gain is usually had by focusing directionality, the omnidirectional antenna can seem poor in comparison. 766 more words


A Mile High in W0C (or 2.7 mi. high, to be exact)

A biennial summer school gig gets me out to Denver regularly, and I make sure to work in a few days in the mountains. This year, for the first time, I looked to make some SOTA activations. 745 more words


ARRL Field Day 2017 - QRP Portable

In contrast to my field day adventures last year, in which I hung out with the folks from the North Shore Radio Club and ran 100W on a K3S, this year I opted for a decided more small-scale approach. 521 more words

Traditional RSSI Location Vs Cisco's Hyperlocation Accuracy Real World Results Part 1 - The Walled Office

I recently installed a building with an RTLS design, along with Hyperlocation modules installed. The customer was looking to get 1-3m accuracy for associated devices. This building is a walled office, and Cisco Best practices for Hyperlocation state that the hyperlocation APs need line of sight between them which we don’t have in this building. 189 more words


Ignore The Man On The Roof

If you happened to be cruising through my neck ‘o the woods recently, you might have caught a glimpse of a guy yelling while standing on his roof. 752 more words

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