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Singapore is not an island

October 12, 2015

 Jason Chin answers DAP on Bilahari’s Article

“Dr Mahathir seems to have expected to exercise remote control even though he was no longer prime minister. 4,678 more words


Malaysian Red Shirts, forces of deep-seated fear of democracy

  • <Interview : Dr.Wong Chin Huat>

“The fundamental challenge for Bersih (reform movement) then is to convince the nationalist Malays that democracy is good for them and they should be brave enough to believe in their numbers”  Dr.Wong Chin Huat   1,984 more words


The Unseemly Lord Carnwath

Why is a Supreme Court judge part of an unsavoury UN advisory panel?

Robert Carnwath became a UK Supreme Court Justice in May 2012. A month later, he flew to Brazil for the brazenly political Rio+20 UN environment conference. 610 more words

Ethical &amp; Philosophical

Malaysian anti-corruption leader Maria Chin Abdullah undeterred by "state harassment"

Last week, Maria Chin Abdullah, the chairperson of the Malaysian anti-corruption movement Bersih was among nine activists summoned to appear in a Kuala Lumpur court. The charges brought against Chin Abdullah and her fellow opposition activists ranged from unlawful assembly to sedition for their participation in popular demonstrations earlier this year. 948 more words

Human And Civil Rights

GE2015: Final thoughts (4 of 4)

This is part 4 of 4. To read part 3, click here.

Conclusion: GE 2015

Over time, the PAP has become a party more for the rich and for the elite. 1,283 more words

Lee Kuan Yew

Rewcastle-Brown allegedly admits to ‘changing destiny of country’

Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown allegedly has close ties with former Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, based on WhatsApp conversations, sources revealed. 325 more words