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Malaysia’s Shambolic Opposition

November 18, 2015

Malaysia’s Shambolic Opposition

by John Berthelsen

With the demographics going their way and UMNO enveloped in massive scandals, why can’t the opposition pull it together? 1,196 more words


The Opposition's Trust Deficit

November 8, 2015

COMMENT: I remember 2008 very well when the coalition party which was assembled hurriedly by Anwar Ibrahim to contest the General Elections made a huge impact on our political scene by denying UMNO-BN its two third majority in Parliament. 845 more words


Singapore is not an island

October 12, 2015

 Jason Chin answers DAP on Bilahari’s Article

“Dr Mahathir seems to have expected to exercise remote control even though he was no longer prime minister. 4,678 more words


Malaysian Red Shirts, forces of deep-seated fear of democracy

  • <Interview : Dr.Wong Chin Huat>

“The fundamental challenge for Bersih (reform movement) then is to convince the nationalist Malays that democracy is good for them and they should be brave enough to believe in their numbers”  Dr.Wong Chin Huat   1,984 more words