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Anwar Ibrahim Terlibat Kemalangan

​Ketua Umum Pakatan Harapan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dilaporkan terlibat dalam kemalangan tengah hari tadi semasa menaiki kenderaan Jabatan Penjara dari Hospital Kuala Lumpur menuju ke Sungai Buloh. 119 more words


Interview with Nurul Izzah Anwar: Rebuilding a Nation Long Divided

By Ooi Kee Beng, Penang Monthly, September 2017.

Nurul Izzah, Daughter of the Reformasi, and of the jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, was pulled into politics as a young girl. 3,830 more words


Nor Mohamed Yackop-- Not Sacked but elevated under Mahathir, Badawi and Najib Razak

September 9, 2017

Nor Mohamed Yackop– Not Sacked but elevated under Mahathir, Badawi and Najib Razak

Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s Deputy Chairman–The Currency Trader  Rogue who broke Bank Negara Malaysia–Nor Mohamed Yakcop. 333 more words


Pakatan has to Respond to Questions about Sarawak Report, Lim Guan Eng and DAI Sodomy 1

When it comes to the DAP-led Pakatan opposition, there are unanswered questions that still linger in Malaysian’s minds:

1 Why Pakatan Harapan’s Muslim leaders have not rebuked Clare Newcastle-Brown over her slander against Datuk Hadi Awang? 625 more words

Tun Mahathir

Thailand: Ex-Premier Yingluck Shinawatra follows her Brother into Self-Exile

Partyforumseasia: Yingluck Shinawatra, the 28th Prime Minister of Thailand since August 2011, was ousted in May 2014 by the Constitutional Court. She was accused of abuse of power for replacing the national security chief by a supporter of her Puea Thai party back in 2011. 430 more words

Political Parties In Southeast Asia

The Future of Pakatan Harapan Post GE-14--Dr. M and Politics of Betrayal

August 20, 2017

The Future of Pakatan Harapan Post GE-14–Dr. M and Politics of Betrayal

by S. Thayaparan

“A crazy country, choking air, polluted hearts, treachery. 1,041 more words


Pakatan’s Grand Malay Deception!

Pakatan’s Grand Malay Deception is giving the impression that they have a candidate for Prime Minister when in actuality they do not.

This deception took place after the reworking of their leadership structure had taken place… 447 more words

Tun Mahathir