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Disney World: Because let's face it, it's basically a trip abroad.

Besides London (England), Disney World is my favorite place on Earth. My dad used to work for Disney, so I’ve been more than my fair share of times. 342 more words


Steampunk Mermaid WIP: Top

I have almost completed the construction of the top for the mermaid, and it has been surprisingly difficult, considering the top itself is made from only two large pieces! 319 more words


Under $20 Cosplay : Victorian Inspired Ariel

In my world I get commission requests for so many variations on Disney princesses. Some people want to throw down a grand…some want to keep it under $100. 729 more words


Disney Springs' Photopass Kiosk to Offer Personalised Storybook

Guests 14 years and younger will have a new option when visiting the Photopass kiosk in Disney Springs.

A new 24 page storybook will be given as a new option for those guests taking part in a same day photo shoot. 43 more words

The little mermaidđź’¦

Hi again! 🙋(I’m a little obsessed with emojis) One of my favorite disney movies is The Little Mermaid, so I decided to draw the main character, Ariel. 36 more words


date, ariel, the little mermaid, prince eric, kiss the girl Gif For Fun

date, ariel, the little mermaid, prince eric, kiss the girl Gif for Fun at your Time


Chapter 18: Windy

I returned to the abandoned church of the Survivor. Fleeing the police had been made easier by the fact that half of them were personal friends or admirers of Dane. 5,284 more words

The Other Guys