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Ariel the Little Mermaid Thank You Notes w Envelopes

Many of the myths of fish and mermaids depict them as creators of the universe. In one famous Greek myth the goddess Eurynome who is half woman half fish (a Mermaid) was credited with having “risen from Chaos and then danced on the waves after dividing the sea from the sky. 354 more words

Little Mermaid Girls Deluxe Costume 3T4T Including Seaweed

however, what little girl will not like to be a princess of the sea with magical powers and what woman will not love to be a sensual… 291 more words

Fun and Funky Gel Manis

I love having fun and funky nails! Here are some of my nails that I have had done at Harlow Vanity in the last few months. 61 more words


A Warped (Tour) Family: Part I

My husband and I landed on the Island of Misfits this summer at the Warped Tour’s* stop in Charlotte, NC.  Like Rudolph and Hermie the elf, we couldn’t help but look around in wonder at the variety of creatures by which we were surrounded.   2,326 more words


Secrets Disney Exclusive Ariel Costume for Baby 36 Months

There is an all-inclusive list of Halloween sexy costumes in which what you want is sure to be there. Buy from your neighborhood shops or visit the e-shops online. 305 more words

Disney Store Princess Ariel Costume Little Mermaid Fancy

Nearly all of us know the story of the little princess ariel – the mermaid princess from the underwater world with wine-colored red hair and azure eyes that rescued a prince from drowning and then, being in love with him, sacrificed her beautiful voice for a pair of legs that would make her part of the prince’ world. 343 more words

2.1 - Growing Up is Hard to Do

The Lunas are back, and it’s time for a brand new Torch Holder! I lucked out since Ariel won the poll, so no waiting around for kids to age up. 2,162 more words