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Freebie Friday #37: The Little Mermaid

Oh man.  It was a long week over here.  You know what I’m talking about.  Long weeks look different for everyone, but the end-week burnout all feels the same, and we all wish for one thing:  SLEEP. 231 more words

Freebie Friday

Behold Ariel and Flounder

The colors of love? Red vs. Blue: Make love not war? What should be the title for this one?

This one is based off of a scene NOT in the movie, that I was mandala effected into believing was from the movie or at least the show. 94 more words


September 16, 1994: A Strange Encounter...

In 1994, something astounding happened in Ruwa, Zimbabwe at the Ariel middle school.

On September 16, at mid-morning break, several children saw two silvery disk-shaped objects skitter erratically across the sky. 716 more words

Christopher James Gardner

Ariel's bodice?

I did not post yesterday, because I did not want to make another pointless post about fan art of a mermaid… but then I see this shit today.. 219 more words


The Logs Of The Serapis-Allance-Ariel Under The Command FB2

The logs of the Serapis–Alliance–Ariel, under the command of John Paul Jones, , with extracts from public documents, unpublished letters, and narratives, and illustrated with reproductions of scarce prints;. 219 more words


hello this is cool

oh look at this stuff isnt it neat wouldnt you think my collections complete, wouldnt you think I’m the girl, the girl who has everything. Look at this trove treasures untold,how many wonders can one cavern hold?


Throat feels sticky –

Devil’s Snare….-it likes the dark and the damp….

Stop moving, try not to struggle

and you will sink, Ron,

– I cannot sink, I need to float, I need to fly… 21 more words