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The Little Mermaid Under the Sea

Let’s all marvel at how amazing this woodwork is. Okay, good? Good. This beautiful Little Mermaid wind up music rotating woodwork is amazing. You can find similar Disney themed items at your local Hallmark. 104 more words

Swanky Mermaid

Sharing the Load with Ariel #WashBucketChallenge

Balancing is the key to a successful relationship. When the wife can go out daily and earn for her family, why can’t the husband do the household chores of once in a while? 402 more words


RIP Ariel

R.I.P. Ariel

We have some terrible news to break to our loyal fans. One of the most charismatic stars of our blog has sadly passed. It is a cruel reminder of the fleeting nature of these spectacular creatures. 20 more words

Day 25

Told you all I had something exciting coming today:


Finally nobody can even dispute my royalty. This is especially exciting because one of my Life Goals (separate from just this year) is to play every non-ethnic Disney princess in some capacity. 302 more words

This Week on TV: March 21-27

This week on TV…felt like the return of old friends/villains on The Flash and Arrow  with the return of the Rogues (Captain Cold and Heatwave) and the reforming of the Suicide Squad (with new addition, Cupid!). 817 more words


DIY Seashell Bikini Top

DIY Seashell Bikini Top

First post! Thanks for checking it out!

Lately in my instagram feed these really awesome ‘kinis have been popping up. I love this look and being able to transform your look into ‘mermaid’. 819 more words