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Little Mermaid/Ariel themed birthday party

Miss 5 is now Miss 6!

Since she turned 5, Miss 6 has been asking for her next party to be at a local-ish swimming centre that has this awesome equipment outside. 539 more words


Ariel and her Aspirations

[A] particular scene in the film has always struck me as exceptionally intriguing in terms of wording as well as offered an additional insight into how Ariel approaches her personal goals, what she aspires to get from life and relationships (and it’s not random that the following musical number is the reprise of her defining “Part of that World” song). 4,156 more words


Cosplay of the Day

March 23rd, 2017

Disney Princesses, Disney
Taken at Toronto ComiCon 2017 by Heather Heal


The Last 3 Days Part 2- Back To Epcot!

On day 6 we found ourselves going back to Epcot. We had a reservation at the royal banquet hall to have breakfast with the princesses. The time to be there was 8:10. 286 more words


World Poetry Day

Today Facebook reminded me of a photo I posted last year in honor of World Poetry Day. The poem in question was Sylvia Plath’s The Swarm… 174 more words

Writer's Life

Happy International Poetry Day!

For International Poetry Day we decided to share two videos each with the performance of some of our favourite poems! Surprise, the second one is in our native languages, Greek and Bulgarian respectively! 322 more words

Sea Witch

Seaweed hair, nacreous crown of sea urchin needles –
a mermaid came to my cave, I stole her starling voice
now her soprano soaks my skin in youth, her vibratto… 38 more words