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Worst Case & Ariel

“You either love it or you hate it” was the slogan for Marmite because the people who did their marketing were smart enough to know this was the truth and they weren’t convincing non-buyers to get it so they just ran with this idea that had fallen into common vernacular. 1,347 more words


Discussion - Unhappy endings

Once upon a time, there was a princess and she married a prince and they lived happily ever after… Yeah those are not the endings I will be discussing today. 417 more words


The Little Mermaid cake

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote on my baking blog. Bad Valentina! :( BUT, no fear, this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped baking in the meantime :PI have a couple of back-dated entries to write in, with new cake recipes, decorations and occasions. 144 more words


Haru Glory vs Ariel

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Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is a nice mermaid who always tries her best and isn’t afraid to jump into combat. That being said, she is more than a little outmatched against Haru. 55 more words


Ghoul Fish

What could go wrong? Just a mermaid zombie giving you the eye. Thinking about adding her a friend too. 9 more words