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Ariel's Tempest

“Our symbol then is not Ariel…but rather Caliban.”

So writes Fernández Retamar. This statement, in Retamar’s “Caliban: Notes towards a Discussion of Culture in Our America”, doesn’t make very clear who the… 814 more words

The Top 3 Character Dining Experiences At Walt Disney World

As you probably already know, Walt Disney World is known for its incredible ability to bring characters from beloved Disney movies to life. Disney does this through meet and greets, shows, and even dining experiences. 774 more words

What role does Ariel play in KHIII

Ariel does not exactly look like a mermaid in the next Kingdom Hearts game. That is to say, not only does she look like something that swims in the water, she seems to be made out of it as well? 129 more words


The Little Mermaid "Daughters of Triton" (1989)

King Triton’s Entrance

The Little Mermaid is universally acknowledged to be the film that launched the Disney Renaissance (a period that lasted from 1989 until Disney’s… 644 more words


Sylvia Plath's Self-Invention

I’ve been fascinated with Sylvia Plath since my college days in the early 1970s, when I first read her startling poems, “Lady Lazarus” and “Daddy,” in a lit class. 1,671 more words


If Ariel Said No

All Ariel wanted was to be human,
She was tired of being a little mermaid,
She wanted to stand tall on land,
So decided to make a trade. 154 more words


Disturbing Disney #16: King Triton destroys Ariel's grotto

King Triton destroys the grotto

Thirty years after the so called “Golden Age” of Disney ended with Sleeping Beauty, the studio leapt into a new age of glory with the premiere of… 880 more words