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October 24 - Ariel and Umbriel

We have a double-header today.  Two moons of Uranus, Ariel and Umbriel, were discovered on October 24th 1851 by Bolton-born William Lassell, brewer and keen amateur astronomer, who was in the fortunate position of being able to use his not inconsiderable wealth to fund the construction of impressive telescopes. 537 more words


RSDS: Costumes on Parade!

When I was a child, I delighted in dressing up for Halloween. At different stages I went “Trick-or-Treating” from house to house as a pack of cigarettes, as Thomas Jefferson, and as a grandfather clock. 272 more words


Leak Freak review

I’ve had two Leak Freak pads for a few months now and have to say I love the unique shape of them. They are made by a lady called Kaysie Martin and all of the shapes are unique to her store. 587 more words

Cloth Pads

Meeting Characters at Disneyland Day One!

When I was a child, I always wanted to collect all the signatures of characters I met. However, I never got the chance because whoever I was with didn’t want to do that. 492 more words

Mermaid Style.

I have a secret, the world’s worst kept secret…

I’m a mermaid.

Yep, you read that right! And if you didn’t know this – do you even know me? 1,932 more words


Dream Diary: Archangel Uriel

I spoke too soon about never meeting Uriel. What has always been a rather mysterious angel to me, with me always wondering where Uriel was, I met her (yes, a her, I was quite surprised) in a dream of a tropical paradise in Heaven with crystal blue oceans, sunfish, starfish, and coral reefs, pink sand beaches and verdant Pacific island greenery. 185 more words