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Cosplay Feature - Hannah Éva

It doesn’t matter what or who people cosplay as, but one thing for sure, the passion and dedication to what is described by some as a hobby, has raised it to an art form.  1,141 more words


#LaundryGoesOddEven - With Dad(in-law)

It has been more than two weeks since I blogged and my heart is ripping with guilt for ignoring my amazing rant window! But I am back now, with more perkiness than ever (hopefully). 465 more words

'Já assinou a parte dele', revela vice de futebol do Inter sobre Ariel, do Pachuca-MEX

Após a vitória do Inter por 1 a 0 sobre o Sport, neste domingo (26), o vice de futebol colorado, Carlos Pellegrini, confirmou que o atacante argentino Ariel, do Pachuca-MEX, já está contratado. 138 more words


100 best non-fiction books - 13 to 17

For 2016 Author Robert McCrum has compiled a list of the 100 best non-fiction books. These are “key texts in English that have shaped our literary culture and made us who we are”, in the Anglo-American English language tradition, the list covers “essential works of philosophy, drama, history, science and popular culture”. 200 more words

100 Best Non-fiction

10 - 33

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The land stretching south of Fersis seemed to be a sprawling transition between the Great Plains to the north and the forest that climbed steadily from the horizon as they approached. 5,284 more words

The Stone Roses, "Full Fathom Five" from "Elephant Stone" (1988)

“Full Fathom Five” is the B-side to the single of “Elephant Stone” and is just the main song in reverse.

The album artwork is a rip-off of Jackson Pollock’s splash paint style: 78 more words


Ursula: Live Action Movie

With the arrival of the new “Beauty and the Beast” trailer, along with the rumors of the new Cruella De Vil movie that is being thought into production based on the success of Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, we can’t help wonder, if another villain will get the tap to have their own movie. 215 more words