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Eating clean and healthy, popcorn, American Horror Story: Coven, Ariel the Little Mermaid and Disney Animators Collection.

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The Rail caravans slowed dramatically as they approached the interchange at Veilgrad. It was a complex system; the town was not overly large, but it was a hub, connecting Rail lines that extended west to Calderaas, southwest toward the Tira Valley and the capital, north into the Badlands and eventually the border of the dwarven kingdom of Vjarstadt, and northeast into the Stalrange itself. 3,443 more words

Why Ariel is My Favorite Disney Princess

Everyone has a favorite Disney character and every girl has a favorite Disney Princess! While Ariel is not my favorite Disney character, she is in fact my favorite Disney Princess! 78 more words


Disney Princess Manicures


So if you know anything about me you know I love nail art and just nails in general, not the type you use to hang up your calendar, more the type at the end of your fingers. 227 more words


Ariel: The Elite

We meet at last…Ariel.

Before I started this series, I had a bit of an epiphany about how this movie is completely insane. At the time I was writing a paper about myths and fairytales and how they relate to the foundations of a particular society (Romans, if you care to know). 509 more words

Disney Princesses Analysis

Princesses at Brunch

by Elizabeth McClellan

SNOW WHITE: Can we get another round of Bloody Marys please? Thanks. Ugh you guys I just can’t right now. My parents kicked me out. 735 more words

Life &amp; Other Drugs

Emotional Warrior or Slave?

My poor unfortunate soul…

Thinking of the “Little Mermaid” and how the main character, Ariel had to choose whether giving up her voice was worth the sacrifice of having legs. 405 more words

My Life