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Dancing in my heart

Part of the furniture,

A voice in the rain,

A piece of the melody,

The verse and refrain.

Though no longer breathing,

Of each day you are part; 8 more words

Manusia Dalam Perspektif Seekor Babi

Alkisah di sebuah kampung, seorang manusia perempuan cantik calon wakil kepala kampung sedang mengadakan roadshow.

Saat tiba di kampung tersebut, warga berbondong-bondong menyambut dan menciumi tangan, pipi, (sensor), (sensor lagi) dan (makin disensor)nya. 494 more words

Cerita Lucu

If The Walls Could Speak They Would Tell You.....

……The story of the great family that lived there. If they could speak the walls would tell you that many tears of joy were shed in this house, that laughter bounced from room to room and that so many memories were created here. 7 more words

Ivory Coast

Homemade Botanical Garden

They Built This Baby in their Own Backyard

Ivory Coast