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Dogs, who are skilled at getting down and dirty, see things differently: it’s either this or that. 541 more words


How To Safely Operate a Backhoe Loader in 5 Simple Steps

For anyone working in construction, the versatile backhoe loader is one of the industry’s go-to machines, a popular choice that’s powerful enough to take on jobs where moving earth, loading and spreading materials, installing big equipment like septic tanks, and digging water, sewer and gas lines are what needs to get done. 584 more words


Feed the Soil, Not the Plant!

Feed The Soil, Not the Plant!

A.V. Walters–

It’s the organic gardener’s mantra. If the soil is healthy, the plants will be healthy. If the soil isn’t healthy, there’s little you can do for the plants, that isn’t ultimately bad for the soil. 779 more words

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Locomotive hits backhoe in Norfolk shipyard sending 1 to hospital

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk Southern locomotive struck a backhoe at Colonna’s Shipyard Thursday afternoon sending one person to the hospital.

The accident happened at a private crossing within the shipyard around 2:45 p.m. 56 more words

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