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Careening Through the Woods

Today, I went to lunch and noticed 2 Fire Marshall’s inside of the restaurant. I wanted to introduce myself and thank them for their service. I was so nervous (being such an introvert and all), but I did it anyway. 199 more words



A.V. Walters

It’s clear that the neighbors all think I’ve lost it. Our immediate neighbors are retired organic farmers. When I said that the solution to poor soils in the orchard area was to amend the soil before planting, they just shook their heads. 654 more words



Woodworkers often pride themselves on their knowledge of trees and wood. Most folks simply go to the lumber yard or big box store to pick up wood that has been processed by others. 669 more words

Woodworking Techniques

Can't stop now

Construction crews in this corner don’t stop for a little rain –

If they did, nothing would ever get built….. 6 more words

Photo A Day

Food Forest Earth Works Planning – Part II

In Part I I discussed how we laid out a small portion of our property for Phase 1 of our food forest. Now lets take a look at how the swales were dug and mulched. 337 more words


Driving a Backhoe


I maneuvered a backhoe for the first time today. A few workers were using the backhoe to remove the mudslide on our neighbor’s property. I asked them if they could teach me how to drive it. 189 more words