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Question of the Week #50

If you could choose the manner of your death, what would it be?

I think I’d like to be dismembered by a runaway backhoe.

Seriously… Who’s not gonna answer this question with, “Peacefully, in my sleep?” 18 more words


Snowplow On The Road Again

UPDATE – Sat Jan 23rd –

You may have seen the snow plow back on the street as it has been fixed and was pushed right back into service today. 104 more words


dream #36

I went back to high school and a mix of Dr K, Ian greeted me asking how long I had been out of school for. After humorously reassuring them I wasn’t there to see them personally, a mix of a giant bobcat and a backhoe was driving next to the classroom and I got invited with everyone else to sit in the bucket on the front. 89 more words

Season Greetings - Baxla Tractor Sales - Batavia Ohio

If you need to make a purchase before January 1, 2016 – contact kubotarick or lazerick -513-732-2300. We can make it happen. Happy holidays.

Christmas Joy

Bigger than a stocking stuffer



Natural Bridge in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Photo by Sophia Gresh.

Water droplets on leaf of a magnolia tree. Photo by Sophia Gresh.

Water droplets on leaf of a magnolia tree. 44 more words

Sophia Gresh

WATCH: Driver miraculously survives a huge smokestack collapsing on top of backhoe

A smokestack demolition in Pell City, Alabama didn’t quite go according to plan on Tuesday.

After two failed attempts to bring down the 113-year-old stack with explosives, an excavator was brought in to knock it down. 45 more words