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what's to eat #46

I’ve lived in Hargeisa for nearly three years, and learned a lot through trial and error and… more error. I can get around pretty well on my own, including at the market, diving in, finding what I need, negotiating a bit, and jumping back out. 468 more words

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Scrumptious Salads

Salads really are a working mum’s best friend! I know so many mums whose kids won’t eat fresh vegetables, but I’ve been giving my kids this kind of dinner since they were little, and they love the different colours on the plate, and I’ve never had a problem with them not eating their veggies. 506 more words


Star Powers: Good or Bad? (Part 2)

Hey guys, its Galaxy here with another blog post! This post will be the sequel to the post about Star Powers. If you missed it, check it out  706 more words

Brawl Stars

The farmers know something is happening to the weather, but the words “climate change” have become politically charged in a place where, like much of rural America, conservative politics dominate.

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Irish Whiskey a glance, its past and future

Irish Whiskey has been making quite a name for itself recently, An explosion of distilleries and products has swept through the market, both in Ireland and internationally. 771 more words


Russian barley exports on record pace

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia is exporting barley at a record pace in the 2017-18 crop season, UkrAgroConsult reported on Jan. 12.

It said 489,400 tonnes of barley was shipped from the country in November 2017, an 87% increase from the previous November. 81 more words

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Barley and Vegetables (Mediterranean Diet Friendly)

      What is barley?  It’s delicious, for one thing.  Even before I knew how healthy it was, I’ve always loved it.  I never did much other than add it to soups, but now that we are eating healthier, I’m discovering all sorts of ways to use it.     276 more words

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