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Pearl Barley Risotto with Chicken & Asparagus

Pearl Barley is a great little substitute for white rice in risotto.  It ends up really creamy and delicious and although I can’t promise you it will be exactly the same it does feel like your eating a risotto and you are getting all the health benefits of Barley. 333 more words


Soffritto Soup

Continuing on the Italian theme I was intrigued by the “Soffritto”. This is the base for many Tuscan dishes including soups.

Why a base I thought this could make a soup in and of itself.  240 more words

Lentil-Barley Burgers

A delicious—and hearty—veggie burger; the mix can be made earlier in the day and stored, and the burgers can be cooked on the stovetop or in the oven.  198 more words


Bean and barley stew

As I opened my grandmother’s cook book I could feel the old yellow pages under my fingertips. Trying to recognize the faded out letters, I scribbled down the ingredients. 308 more words


The Perfect Weekend Side Dish

With the weather becoming decidedly outdoorsy and BBQ-friendly again I’ve started pouring through my cookbook library for some new and interesting side dishes to serve alongside the inevitably large slabs of roast lamb, grilled prawns, and seared tuna that go hand-in-hand with summer. 237 more words

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Pearl Barley Risotto. Orsoto.

Recepie for Pearl Barley.

St Catherine’s Day, Kadripäev, Nov 25 has been named after St Catherine, the patron saint of sheep. The mores and songs of St Catherine’s Day were very similar to the mores of St Martin’s Day. 349 more words

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Sean Barley - Tips For Picking The Right Construction Contractor

As part of his role in the leisure industry, Sean Barley works with a number of construction contractors. “Primarily my role within Nirvana has been the design and construction of the best leisure facilities in the UK, he says. 226 more words