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Dare to all USA craft distillers

I dare all USA craft distillers to mature a Single Malt spirit in refill, yes refill, Charred American Oak barrels, previously containing your own Whisky, Rye or Bourbon (etc). 1,707 more words


KRITHE, Defined

Κριθή, ή – barley

The earliest uses of this word occur in Homer – often alongside a mention of “wheat” (πύρος). This word is also used to describe a type of “ 6 more words


Homer, Iliad 11.69

οἳ δ᾽, ὥς τ᾽ ἀμητῆρες ἐναντίοι ἀλλήλοισιν
ὄγμον ἐλαύνωσιν ἀνδρὸς μάκαρος κατ᾽ ἄρουραν
πυρῶν ἢ κριθῶν: τὰ δὲ δράγματα ταρφέα πίπτει:
ὣς Τρῶες καὶ Ἀχαιοὶ ἐπ᾽ ἀλλήλοισι θορόντες


Researchers Develop Custom Pesticides to Combat Fungal Invaders

A paper published October 2016 from Aline Koch et al. at Justus Liebig University in Germany describes a new system for designing fungicides that could be used to protect virtually any crop plant from any disease, all with a spray tailored to a pathogen’s own genes. 790 more words

Barley Tea Benefits

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Spring has sprung!

What a beautiful few days we’ve had! I love spending time on the farm when it’s sunny and everything is doing what it should be for the time of year! 73 more words

Pliny the Elder, Natural History 18.42

quo libeat vero tempore ex aqua hordeoque bilibres offae ferventi foco vel fictili patina torrentur cinere et carbone, usque dum rubeant. Postea operiuntur in vasis, donec acescant. 576 more words