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Theory: Environment-Influencing Games

When we previously talked about games with an environmental element, the discussion focused on how the great outdoors could affect play. The game would change based on the weather or the season, with the components taking account of the ambient temperature. 590 more words

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Batman: Arkham Knight #2 Review

The second part of DC’s prequel series to Rocksteady’s upcoming blockbuster game Arkham Knight improves on its predecessor’s success and gets the momentum rolling in every way. 740 more words


The Iceman Cometh: Rote Boss Mechanics and the Mr. Freeze Encounter

In a previous posting we performed a critical breakdown on boss theory, and there it was found that one of the attributes every boss encounter has is a Unique Characteristic which must be identified and exploited in order to overcome the encounter. 1,085 more words

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Replaying Arkham Asylum

With Arkham Knight out this year I’ve decided to replay the first two Batman Games. I don’t count Arkham Origins part of the Arkham games since it’s not made by Rocksteady. 195 more words

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Next Game: Batman: Arkham City

I think I have one more blog post left for Batman: Arkham Asylum, wherein I will describe the uncanny aspects of the three Scarecrow encounters. 454 more words

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Top 5 Friday: Games That I Preferred To Their Higher-Acclaimed Sequels

Video game sequels – unlike movie sequels – generally tend to be better than the originals. While I generally agree, here are five times where I didn’t. 1,815 more words

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The Coin-Op Question: Are AAA Games Too Easy?

Real Talk By: KJ

It’s either the length of game being too-short, or a final boss showdown leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  It could even be thugs you face during a story mode never providing a true challenge.  248 more words

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