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Batman: Arkham City: Irving's Review, Part 2

Irving concludes his look at the second game in the Batman Arkham series.


Batman Arkham City Review

Batman: Arkham City, the follow-up to Rocksteady‘s multi award-winning foray into the adventures of the Dark Knight continues, both in terms of award-winning quality and story content. 1,395 more words

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The Best Superhero Video Games

Well, here we are. The age of the superhero movie is well and truly upon us, as cinemagoers are treated to some of the biggest characters in comic-book history on the big screen, doing what they do best. 701 more words


Report: Batman Arkham HD Collection Releasing This Year

It appears that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios could be releasing a Batman Arkham HD Collection on June 10 called Batman: Return to Arkham. 164 more words


Rumor: Batman May Return Yet Again; Tune In Tomorrow Same Bat-Time to Find Out

EDIT: As of this edit on April 19th there appears to be no sign of the Bat. Like a defeated James Gordon it is, for the moment at least, time to shut off the light and call it a night on this latest spur on this illusive collection. 290 more words

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'Batman: Arkham Asylum' And 'Arkham City' May Be Getting Remastered, According To A GameStop Leak

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are still two of the best, most influential action games in modern history, although they are starting to show their age in some ways. 221 more words


What We've Been Playing | The Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 27 (Part 1)

Gary leads a packed discussion this week, as he is joined by Keith, Russell, Tom and Kirsty – kicking things off as he often does, with a recap of what everyone has been playing lately.