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Mark Hamil to Reprise His Role As the Joker for The Killing Joke- Movie News

Putting aside the legendary performance of Heath Ledger for a second, there is one actor that has defined the role of the Joker arguably better than anyone else.  186 more words

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Take a trip to Arkham City with the Hot Toys Sixth Scale Batman

Did you go crazy over Arkham Knight? We sure did, and so naturally we can’t pass up an opportunity to go back in time to its predecessor, … 79 more words

Batman Episode 3

A new episode of The NerdyChineseBlog’s Arkham City playthrough is up today!


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Batman Arkham Knight Thoughts - Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end and so it is with my coverage of Arkham Knight. As a series, the Arkham games are perhaps one of my favorite, they way they bring to life so many iconic characters, and places, the way they capture the feeling of the world and the wonderful stealth and combat gameplay is second to no other game based of an IP that I can think of. 427 more words

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The Watcher, Episode 2: Fallout Shelter Sexism & Stories We Tell

Nathan and Mike talk about Fallout Shelter sexism, Batman: Arkham City, how Mass Effect driving sucks, how the Destiny loading screens are smart, how Spy was funny but not mind-blowing. 44 more words

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Arkham City Ep. 2

New episode of Arkham City today:

This one is about Two-Face and Catwoman, and Bruce the drama queen.

Also, in case you can’t be bothered to scroll down like 5 inches, the Prologue of my newest comic, … 16 more words

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