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Arkham City: Surprise!

The first time you arrive in the museum in Arkham City, there’s a great big fucking dinosaur that rears up out of nowhere and roars at you. 1,029 more words

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Geekly Humpday: Our Top Video Game Soundtracks

When I’m interested in a video game, it has to have three main components: a good plot, a decent battle system, and last but not least, a good soundtrack. 959 more words


Dark Souls 2: Dynamic Environment

I’m not sure what sparked it, but I’ve returned to Dark Souls 2. I’m heading towards the end of the game – currently playing around in one of the DLCs. 1,037 more words

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Brief Game Reviews: Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Asylum was just about a perfect game. The story was great, the combat was fun and unlike any other game’s combat, and the game didn’t overstay it’s welcome. 165 more words

Mirror's Edge: Replay Value

One of the interesting things about video games is the idea of replay value. When you’ve finished a game, is it something you want to play again?  1,084 more words

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New Batman: Arkham Knight Statue Announced, Looks Like Dick

Prime 1 Studio is featured here often because of its high quality statues, and this one is sure to please most lifelong Bat-fans. 308 more words


Batman Arkham City

Game: Batman Arkham City

Year: 2011

System: PS4

What Kind of Adventure?

Its an Action-Adventure game.

Was it fun?

Yes, this was my favorite of the Arkham series games. 414 more words