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Dark Souls 2: Dynamic Environment

I’m not sure what sparked it, but I’ve returned to Dark Souls 2. I’m heading towards the end of the game – currently playing around in one of the DLCs. 1,037 more words

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Brief Game Reviews: Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Asylum was just about a perfect game. The story was great, the combat was fun and unlike any other game’s combat, and the game didn’t overstay it’s welcome. 165 more words

Batman: Arkham Knight - Jason Todd’s Vengeance Review

Based on the DC comic with the same name, Batman Arkham Knight is the final installment of the Arkham series by Rocksteady Studios. The story is set one year after Batman: Arkham City (when The Joker dies) and Gotham City is under siege by Scarecrow (voiced by John Noble) who wants to spread fear into Gotham on Halloween ( how ionic) and he is not alone Gotham most notorious villains is on the loose such as Two-Face ( voiced by Troy Baker), Penguin (voiced by Nolan North), Riddler (voiced by Wally Wingert), Deathstroke, Poison Ivy (voiced by Tansia Valenza), Harley Quinn ( voiced by Tara Strong) and many other villains. 333 more words

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Mirror's Edge: Replay Value

One of the interesting things about video games is the idea of replay value. When you’ve finished a game, is it something you want to play again?  1,084 more words

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New Batman: Arkham Knight Statue Announced, Looks Like Dick

Prime 1 Studio is featured here often because of its high quality statues, and this one is sure to please most lifelong Bat-fans. 308 more words


Batman Arkham City

Game: Batman Arkham City

Year: 2011

System: PS4

What Kind of Adventure?

Its an Action-Adventure game.

Was it fun?

Yes, this was my favorite of the Arkham series games. 414 more words


Batman: Return to Arkham Official Launch Trailer Review

Rocksteady came out with Batman: Return to Arkham launch trailer. Trailer shows two game Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham  Asylum. There are graphic comparison from the original to new remastered. 188 more words

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