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Tasty Steak 西堤牛排

When you want a decent 7-course Western meal with good price, then I would recommend Tasty Steak 西堤牛排. You would normally pay more than TWD500 in other restaurants for a decent steak, but here, with TWD518 you can a complete 7-course meal, how good is that? 291 more words



This is for you men.

Cooking is for women? No way. Cooking is preparing food and therefore a matter for us all. I am not cooking as I see my duty as “future-to-be-housewife” where cooking shall be the no #1 skill. 191 more words

Garam Masala eye fillet Steak with Haloumi, Avocado & Beet Salad

The eye fillet steaks were marinating in a tiny bit of soy sauce and a sprinkling of an organic Garam Masala blend since midday.  You can make your own Garam Masala, but it’s just so easy to buy a ready made one.  93 more words

Port Moresby

Ngoc Hieu, Hanoi...great no-frills Vietnamese beefsteak

Ngoc Hieu was packed with locals the night I dined there — a good sign for any Hanoi restaurant. This steakhouse offers a different and interesting variation on steak and eggs. 229 more words

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