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There will be, I hope, a warm little boy named Hugo snuggled in this blanket very soon. The draft is a nice one, called “Wall of Troy” and can follow little Hugo from baby-hood to adulthood, as a keepsake. 47 more words


Five Small Things....

… we did in the Easter Holidays…

We haven’t been away this time but have enjoyed family visitors and some relaxing, quiet days at home. 500 more words


Crochet Mood Blanket

I have been thinking further on this since I first mentioned it, I am definitely going to do this, I have decided to use Chunky yarn to make it go quicker, as then I am less likely to skip a day. 353 more words


Checkpoint: The Squares are Done

All 121 squares are done, it’s really starting to look like a blanket now and I love it already! What a great use-it-up/leftovers project, I might even actually buy yarn to make another one of these someday. 113 more words


Blanket Bliss

I finished a small blanket in rust and black, finally mastering the Zimmerman pattern that is a series of triangles to form a square. I had to buy one more ball of the rust yarn, needed about 20 metres. 58 more words

Little Blanket

During my week at home (between uni and holiday) I had an essay to finish and another one to write. At the same time I decided to clear out my odds and ends of yarn – standard “productive procrastination”. 86 more words


ETNO blog tour

Hello, How are you?

Have you been busy following Pat Bravo’s ETNO Tour Blog??

You have reached day 19 of the tour and landed Down Under! 700 more words