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Nuts about Squares - Joining the squares - Week 13 & 14

The time has come to assemble all 35 of those fabulous squares making up Nuts about Squares CAL into one amazing blanket. I have purposefully taken two weeks for assembling our blanket because to my experience assembling a blanket is a LOT of work and needs to be done with care to ensure a fabulous end result.  1,958 more words


Mermaid Blankey

My Nan has been in and out of hospital quite regularly in the last year and a bit. She has a pretty bad case of COPD and has trouble keeping her oxygen levels up to a… 319 more words

Welcome Blanket - Knitting - WIP

My daughter told me recently about a drive to collect 3200 blankets, 40×40 inches, to make a wall of blankets for refugees that would be equal in yardage to the 2000 miles of the proposed Mexican border wall.  201 more words


Following on from the crochet hooded mouse blanket is a crafty cat.

I thought about putting a cat blanket together not long after starting on my mouse one, and i have now managed to get all the pieces finished off and attached. 52 more words


V-Stitch Crochet Blanket

I’m sharing this project again to get everything in one place as its story is scattered over a few work in progress posts.

So heres all of the details… 226 more words


Focus on the end bits (WordPress Photo Challenge)

Snipping the end bits from a yarn project is the longest part of a project. You can see the finish line but you’re oh-so-far from it. 95 more words