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Wednesday Wrinkle - one from wayback

There are quite literally millions of knitting and crochet patterns out there, and the wayback machine has a really good selection of patterns in its archives. 40 more words


Inspiration: Sick Day

Ugh…  I am feeling super under the weather today.  I’ll spare you the details (because ew), but suffice it to say that I kind of want to go back to bed and curl up with a cup of tea and a handful of Rolaids.  135 more words


Grace update

I finally finished all my motifs for the middle of the Grace Blanket that I am doing (courtesy of My Craft Life on FB) in between all the other gazillion things I’ve been doing and have started to continuously join them. 51 more words


Last Up

It’s December 2014 and I’m manic.

My manias generally run on the irritable side as opposed to the euphoric, though these past few weeks have had a certain palpable allure to them. 1,586 more words


Plans Newborn Baby Coral Blanket K1139 Blue dog footprints

There are many baby shops that offer good discounts on baby carrier wraps. If you have a lot of variety to choose from, you may get totally confused. 305 more words

Batman Begins!

*sheepishly sneaks back into blogland….realises it is mostly an inner monologue anyway and just gets to it*

Project 365 is definitely not restricted to the 365 days this year.   550 more words

Granny Squares