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Finished ... The Many-Stitches-Blanket!!

Tuesday was a happy day, as I finished my many stitches blanket! Yay! And I am so utterly happy with it, I just love how it turned out. 776 more words


#ThrowbackTuesday: Ode to My Green Blanket

My mother was looking through an old flash drive of hers today, and discovered some old poems and stories of mine. They range from late middle school until my senior year of high school. 277 more words

New Project - VHS Afghan! (day 2)

Continuing with the theme of Retro Tech Afghans, I have begun my VHS afghan!  This sucker measures 6.5 feet (1.98m) long.and should be 3-4 feet (1-1.2m) tall when finished, give or take.


when you become DISABLED nothing is ever straightforward.

This is me. 

My legs.

My Dr Martens.

My attitude…. disabled …which on a good day is, I could be worse…. i know what i can and can’t do now. 259 more words

Chronic Pain

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

Human mum tells me she is starting a blog and she let me have my own column. Well…


Being a cat, you need to face solitude… Humans don’t understand me. 393 more words


Rhyming with Purple

Two updates this week! Presenting… Arctic purple; and Winnie the Pooh.

My sewing machine and I simply adored working with the arctic purple fleece. The blanket was a breeze to complete while waiting for my husband to get ready in the morning for weekend (window) shopping, and a movie.  73 more words