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Bluebird's Granny - Part 5

I hope that you’re all refreshed from a weeks break to commence the final two parts of Bluebird’s Granny. This week we are playing with the mitre and a more complex stripe with lots of colours to play with. 47 more words

Parée pour l'hiver / Ready for winter

Un petit snood en coton et polaire, parfait pour l’hiver!

Un little snood in cotton and fleece, perfect for the winter!

Et parce que l’hiver est froid, même pour les poupées, j’ai répondu à la demande de ma fille! 14 more words

How to Make a Blanket Ladder

Most people who know me know that I am almost always cold. Unless it is like 80 degrees and sunny out I always feel chilly. I wear sweaters year round and cannot live without the heater at my desk. 813 more words


Mighty Rainbow Blanket Update

I’m officially half way done with my Mighty Rainbow Blanket!

I finished the Macaw (dark green) and started the Sky (light blue). I have to admit to feeling a little bit of momentum building on this project. 63 more words


Short progress update

Just writing a short little update today on the progress of my queen sized blanket. I placed it on our queen sized bed for comparison . 72 more words


Turning 20

I turned 20 yesterday! Can’t quite believe I’ve made it to 20 years considering all the stupid shit I do.

Anyway, so I turned 20. My boyfriend bought me the blu-ray box set of Harry Potter, and my parents bought me Harry, Ron’s and Hermiones’ wands in cute satin lined boxes! 98 more words

Today is (a poem)

Today is Sunday.
On this day
I will eat streaky bacon sandwiches,
And Sunday brunch with Tim and Si.
I will hold my head up high… 116 more words