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When too many dots connect...

This man’s post really resonated with me.

When I’m manic, everything “comes together” and just feels like it’s “meant to be,” which, while *feeling* positive, is similar to what he’s describing – connecting unrelated incidences and drawing an incorrect conclusion. 455 more words


A body language expert analyzes Trump's awkward double finger-point

The US presidential candidates were trained by some of world’s top political debate coaches for the final debate last night (Oct. 19), taught how to skillfully dodge questions, attack, and defend with canned soundbites. 485 more words

Right now as we speak you have an incredible power waiting to be used. Like all superpowers, you have the choice in how you use it… 681 more words


Clues to Understanding?

Body language is far more telling regarding the truth of a speaker.  It’s something that is invisible to the naked eye, but visible on a subconscious level.  588 more words


A Smile is Something Special: A Short by Jasmine Lin

This piece started out as an exploration of the perfect feminine poise and construct, particularly inspired by the rigid and choreographed body language of women starring in 1950s American infomercials. 182 more words

Women Of Color

Anatomy of a Powerful Day

By Janine Tucker, Head Coach, Johns Hopkins University @HopkinsLacrosse

The idea was to run a free lacrosse clinic for Baltimore City middle school girls. Simple enough, right?   916 more words

Thinking at a Workshop

I attended an amazing conference over the past week and had very little time to sketch. In fact, this is the only sketch I did the whole time.  263 more words

Telling A Story