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How to Look Better, Feel Better, Think Better

This article from PSYBLOG  is of real interest to me. I’m in the gym every morning by 6 am and spend about half an hour trying to keep the muscles fit. 409 more words

Alan Fairweather

At the museum

A visit to the San Diego Museum of Man gave me a chance to think about using empty space along with line and color to better communicate a message, my practice goal for the week. 60 more words

Body Language

KenKen in a different light

This is the same sketch as yesterday’s ‘KenKen’ but developed further. I had been admiring Rosin Cure’s use of white space in her sketches and was practicing including more white space in mine. 135 more words

Body Language


KenKen is the type of puzzle that keeps you up late at night trying your best to make digits fit nicely onto a grid. It is addictively relaxing.   113 more words

Body Language

Is Donald Trump too much like Sonny Corleone?

I have been on my own roller-coaster of reactions to the Trump candidacy, as The Donald (his NYC nickname for many years) gyrates and gesticulates with characteristic bombast. 608 more words

Body Language