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Eye-to-Eye in Skype

Effective communication requires eye contact (or the perception of eye contact). This is a challenge during a video-conference because cameras on computers are usually above the screen, not in the middle. 26 more words

Body Language


Here’s my Monday morning greeting to co-workers:

“Good morning!”

“How was your weekend, Susanne?”

“Good. Yours?”

Then the other talker goes on and on and on at which point my irritable bowel kicks in and I say, “Gosh, gotta go, but hold that thought.” With any luck the talker returns to her cubicle and forgets to tell me about the delicious cocktail she invented when she mixed prune juice with rum instead of coke. 761 more words

Creative Non-fiction

If She Asks You If Her Butt Has Gotten Bigger....


Short photo story…. If your wife asks if her butt has gotten any bigger while offering you a close view, as captured in the above beautiful and special photo moment. 40 more words


Whose story?

I really liked the energy of the waitress. She was everywhere and on top of it all. I caught her industry in the swing of her body and the focus of her attention as she squeezed through tables. 91 more words

Body Language

Accurate Interpretation

Like any other language, body language consists of words and sentences. Each gesture is like a single word and a word may have several meanings. It is only when you put the word into a sentence with other words that you can fully understand its meaning. 346 more words


How do I go about this?

From a reader

Hello folks, I need your urgent advice because my destiny is torn between being faithful to my fiancée and taking advantage of the opportunity that present itself to me on a platter of gold. 190 more words

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