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Japan – Expensive Punctual Lifestyle

It is always a pleasure in exploring various countries and that too in an entertainment mode or mood. In that list, I wanted to explore the Japan. 718 more words


Body language (Poem #112)

Uttering excellence,

mercifully crying,

whimpering pride,

yelping pain,

exclaiming success,

yet I did not say a word.


what its like for us when you buy an engagement ring

We all know buying an engagement ring is a huge step. Big. Huge. And for most people, they hope its the only one they have to buy. 966 more words

Embodied Poetry - biosemiotic body art performance of affective poetry

During this show I will create embodied poetry – using my software as I did with plants before. The computer will read aloud word and my body will react on them, next in the reversed process my body reaction will be interpreted by the software I created backward into the words. 7 more words