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Body Language Of A Good Listener by Greeshma Thampi - Glamrs

Some people are very good at speaking, telling their stories and being able to inspire others. But, being a good listener is often more important than speaking. 178 more words


Afternoon Connection

I am especially drawn to sketching people as they connect with each other. As I waited for a friend this afternoon I was caught by what looked to me like the body language of stressful reflection and sympathetic listening. 109 more words

Body Language

Don't be DUPED: Lying HANDS Give it AWAY!

Let’s say you’re listening to a person tell a story, but the more the other person talks, the more his/her story just doesn’t make sense or add up?   401 more words

Janette Ghedotte

10 body language tips to ensure you're saying what you want

Honing the power of body language can be the key to greater success in business and interpersonal as well as organizational relationships. It’s not always something that is taught on the academic level, but it should be. 1,614 more words


You are a leader in making. Act like one.

Sometimes, it’s “what you don’t say” counts more than what you say. Perception is as important as reality, if not more. When it comes to branding, perception decides the brand value. 709 more words

Gender Equality