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Don't Point A Finger, Point The Whole Hand

Isn’t it interesting that body language often transcends geographic, ethnic or religious lines. Although we may be separated by language, we can often understand one another through body language. 191 more words

Ask the Experts! Some Miscellaneous Thoughts on Non-Verbal Communication

The following are some miscellaneous thoughts on non-verbal communication from an expert. This is part 1 of a 2 part article. Be sure to check back for part 2 next week… 340 more words


A Beautiful Spring Day and a Physics Problem

The weather these past few days Odense Denmark may be just about best I have ever experienced- sunny, breezy and perfect for bare feet. The incredibly green lawns, hedges and trees intensifies the impact. 71 more words

Body Language

Keller @ Large: What Can Candidates' Body Language Tell Us?

BOSTON (CBS) — We are constantly deluged–especially during a campaign cycle–with all sorts of political rhetoric. But what do our political leaders and candidates tell us about themselves through their non-verbal communication? 307 more words


Tech-addict? Tech-Balanced? Is it really changing us or has it already?

The Unhealthy habit? Are you aware of the choices you are making?

Tuesday also featured a lively debate on whether or not Technology is making our kids unhealthy…… is it making you unhealthy? 1,529 more words


Playing Is Serious Work

The grandson of our host here in Odense came over for the morning. He is a beautiful child of nearly two years. I noticed how serious he was as he went about the work of playing. 104 more words