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Oral presentation by random French girl

I am here in Britain for the summer school experience in Coventry and I really got impressed to see that some topics are universal. I have known through my linguistics courses in France that the body language could be, in some way, a national way to express ourselves. 633 more words

Body language is louder than words.

“Physical expression was my first language:  Before I was an actor, I was a dancer, an acrobat, a mime and a street performer.” ~ Denis Lavant… 290 more words


How We Can Learn to Be More Confident

How can we be more confident? What can we do that will help us be the best versions of ourselves? Confidence is such an intrinsic part of our emotions and beliefs. 236 more words


Learning Body Language- The Hug

My next assessment of Body Language features Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. They are team mates at Real Madrid yet found themselves in opposing teams at Euro 2016- Wales (Bale) and Portugal (Ronaldo). 278 more words

Self Awareness

How Often Should I Give Feedback?

My Smart House Cat

Sometimes our cat thinks she’s a dog. I believe this because when we house-trained our dog, we hung bells from the back door knob and he learned to ring them with his nose when he needed to go out. 699 more words


Why Women Need Other Women

I’ve never been “in” to girl drama.  But there’s HOPE!

Needing other women in my life has absolutely nothing to do with drama.  It has everything to do with the value they bring to my life. 320 more words

I Can Hear You Smile

And so can others. I used to work in durable medical equipment sales as a marketing director. My office was located with the billing department. They have the difficult job of fighting with insurance companies to a) make sure that the customer’s insurance will cover the equipment at a minimal cost to the patient and b) ensure that the company is reimbursed according to the reimbursement schedule provided by the insurance companies. 237 more words