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Interpreting People, HSP

I had a conversation recently with a group of people regarding the differences and similarities of HSP and autism. More people than I thought had heard of HSP but thought it was a highly functioning person on the autism spectrum. 333 more words

James 3

Scripture: James 3:1-18


  • Jim Jam tells his peeps that they might want to think twice before they go for the power position in their church–the teacher’s and preacher’s spot–because it’s a tough job, one that God has high expectations of and really cares that we do right.
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New Testament

The Chinese Negotiation

Many of us are aware of the basic etiquette to follow during a business trip in China – business cards, lavish meals, speak with short sentences… But John Graham and Mark Lam explain we must build deeper business relationships if we want our deal to succeed. 363 more words


Hillary's Mouth-Open Weird Strategy

I’m sure we all have noticed the forced expression that Hillary Clinton imposes on audiences everywhere.

How creepy is this?

It’s just awful and weird, and inauthentic. 394 more words

Inside The Liberal Mind

The Miracle of My Hippocampus - and other Situated Mental Organs

I’m not very good at organizing.

The pile of papers, files, receipts, and other stuff and shit accumulating on my desk at home has grown to huge proportions. 905 more words



Hi there!

She was a redhead bombshell;  
a gorgeous and very popular woman
full of life, who inspired confidence.
She had a good number of friends, 618 more words