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Fifty Shades of Nuance!

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Fifty Shades of Nuance!

For as long as l can remember l have loved words, using them, understanding them and getting to learn new ones, l have toyed with them, bounced them around, made up new ones, added bits to them – simple facts – l love words! 1,341 more words


Public Speaking Lessons from Performers of Coachella 2018

Not many people go to Coachella expecting to learn something, but I noticed a few key elements of memorable performances that are worth acknowledging. Take a look! 403 more words



A character’s feelings can be spoken in dialogue. A subset of that would be a written dialogue in an exchange of emails, texts, letters, or notes. 408 more words

3 Reasons It’s a Must to Read Your Pet’s Body Language!

An important part of responsible pet ownership is understanding your pets body language. Pets communicate with their faces, ears, eyes, eyebrows, tails — their entire bodies.   64 more words



Sweet nectar drips down from between your lips,

And I watch as you crumble to your most primitive state,

An animal beneath all that mud; 36 more words

Is Your Partner Lying?: More Body Signs! (Part II)

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Do you agree that when a partner, whether a spouse or a romantic partner, is giving you a long pause or “killing the time” by repeating the question or asking clarificatory questions before he or she answers a serious query that examines his or her fidelity to the relationship, lying? 886 more words


Do you have an hour next week?

If yes, I have 3 TED talks for you. TED talks are like living encyclopedias for me. Prestigious experts talk about their experiences and ideas…ideas worth spreading. 340 more words