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The most important aspect of an interview is confidence! How do you show confidence? In the manner of your speech, the way you dress and especially with your body language! 389 more words

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25 Powerful Images Of Animal Love That Can Teach Us About Ourselves

We can learn so much about love and ourselves by observing animals. Their interactions are a sure sign of that expression through body language without verbal communication. 23 more words


GIF Friday: Beat It #3 (Emma Stone)

Last week’s winner of a free book promo: C.H. Little for her newly released The SearchCheck out the other awesome offerings of last week’s… 401 more words


Author and Illustrator

I am very happy to announce that with the publication of  – Tai Chi Reflections – coming up in august, I will be a fully published author as well as being a long standing, seasoned, published illustrator, thanks to… 167 more words

Your body language is iouder than your spoken language, it is the only language which conveys your true inner most feelings and it is understood by all, including babies. 10 more words

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What do you mean that your feet don’t lie?

What do you mean that your feet don’t lie?

by Barbara Chatzkel

Welcome to this month’s insight into business body language. It’s a place to get tips on the signals your body is sending and how to modify your body language to match your message. 491 more words

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