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ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN...annoyingly happy

I woke up this morning ready to tackle the day! I couldn’t wait to get home from therapy and begin school with the girls. I don’t know what has happened in the last week to make school more enjoyable for everyone, but it is going so much smoother this year. 534 more words


Senam Otak (Brain Gym) untuk Mengoptimalkan Fungsi Otak

Anak adalah anugerah terindah yang diberikan Tuhan kepada setiap orang tua, hal yang wajar kenapa orang tua meinginkan anak-anaknya menjadi yang terbaik. Mendapatkan anak-anak yang sehat dan cerdas adalah dambaan setiap orang tua. 1,593 more words

Terapi Perilaku Bandung


Today I had a lovely trainee primary teacher observe a Y7 lesson on the Black Death. It was all pretty basic stuff: what the symptoms were, where it might have come from, etc. 533 more words


In Sync Holiday Programme for Optimal Learning

What does this Brain Gym®/EduK Programme offer?

* Learning tools: become a master learner. Enhance the following skills: concentration/ attention span/ reading/ writing/ spelling memory/ communication/ organisation/ whole body coordination -eye-hand-feet coordination / comprehension/ listening and more. 264 more words


In Sync Programme for Adults

It is never too late to set another goal… if you feel out of balance lately, this programme is specifically designed for you to feel more In Sync. 216 more words


10 Ideas for Shaking Bad JuJu

I’m introducing a new series on my blog – The Power of 10. In numerology, the number 10 resonates with the vibrations of so many positive energies, among them creativity, originality, adaptability, and individuality. 745 more words

Joanne Guidoccio

Brain Gym Workshop

Dua hari kemarin, tepatnya tanggal 13-14 Mei, saya mengikuti Brain Gym Workshop. Kegiatan ini merupakan salah satu kegiatan yang wajib diikuti orangtua sebagai rangkaian kegiatan pendaftaran SD. 130 more words