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The Test of Time

I was reading the introduction of Making Every Lesson Count this morning and came across a list of activities considered by the Sutton Trust’s research to be ineffective. 468 more words


Monday Frame Games

If my calculations are correct, then this is in fact Monday.  Seems like a good time to have a cup of coffee and wake up the old brain with some frame games.  373 more words

The Brain Gym

Camping Conundrum

It’s the weekend, time to pump up your brain at the Brain gym.

You know I like logic puzzles and riddles.  This one intrigued me.  I can honestly say that I only got two correct out of the nine questions, but that was pre-coffee.  735 more words

Smile Makers

Do you use Brain Gym?

I was introduced to the magic of brain gym today to calm students, help them focus, and aid in reading comprehension.  I was told that brain gym should be taught to students and that the slightest movements of brain gym can work miracles. 126 more words

Slice Of Life Challenge

Edu-fad Skepticism

We are undertaking a pilot project at my school based on a ‘street yoga’ Mindfulness breathing practice. This is a project undertaken not just with our youngest year group but also integrated into Year 6 classes at our feeder schools and some adults in the local community. 678 more words


Do you unlock your Brain?

Entrepreneurs have a great challenge in taking out time for the self and family. These are the people who are generally working round the clock or at least their mind is involved in the strategic planning of next move. 384 more words

Mother And Daughter

Using 100% of Your Brain

Dr. Bruce Lipton dispels the myth that we only use 10% of our brain–on the nature of Glial cells.

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