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Developing a Mini Calculator Part -4

Hello, this is the final part of article on Developing a Mini Calculator. Here we will see how different modules interact with each other and the importance of central module called “Core” in detail. 365 more words


Developing a Mini Calculator Part-3

Hello, this is third part of Developing a Mini Calculator. Today’s topic will cover Input Service and Output service module. Please read Developing a Mini Calculator Part-2… 351 more words


Script Timer: Words to Time Calculator


Convert the length of your script to the time it will take to read

Have you ever had a script for a video and you need to know… 185 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: DIY ARM Scientific Calculator

What does a hacker do when he or she wants something but can’t afford it? They hack one together, of course. Or, in the case of , they thoughtfully plan and prototype. 252 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Insights from Dr. William Knaus, Creator of the APACHE II Score

The APACHE II Score is the most-referenced risk score for ICU mortality, with over 15,000 citations in PubMed since its publication 22 years ago, and is still used today both clinically and in research. 1,194 more words

Evidence-Based Medicine

Serviciul "În lumea calculatorului"

Serviciul “În lumea calculatorului” (seniori) solicitat la domiciliu.


Download online construction estimate calculator to estimate the quantities of materials

The absolute volume method is used to work out the material quantities for forming the necessary quantity of concrete on the basis of specified mix proportions. 127 more words