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Grocery Budget

I mentioned that groceries are one of the top 5 things to budget well in a previous post. But because of the frequency and importance of grocery shopping, I wanted to go into more details. 662 more words


Here's how Apple OS X El Capitan can help you be more efficient

”Apple’s latest operating system for Macs, El Capitan, officially launched September 30,” Jill Duffy reports for PC Magazine. “OS X 10.11 doesn’t have as much eye candy as the last few point releases of iOS, but it does come with a few capabilities that will boost productivity, and help you work smarter and more efficiently. 223 more words

How To

Models You Can Count On, Grade 6

2006 | 80 Pages | ISBN: 0030385784 | PDF | 3.4 MB

Math students today can no longer be comfortable merely doing pencil and paper computations. 174 more words


Ex: Evaluate Logarithmic Expressions without a Calculator - Different Bases

This video explains how to write a logarithmic equation as an exponential equation to determine the value of a logarithmic expression.

III. Algebra Videos

a frontal lobotomy or a fMRI?

Where does technology crescendo; become the best that it can possibly be? Was the Ticonderoga pencil the pinnacle, and all other mechanical pencils simply cheap replications? 233 more words

HP Calculators I Have Owned

Over the years I have owned several HP calculators:

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house price calculator

house price calculator
Can The New Zetter Property In Marylebone Knock Chiltern Firehouse Away Its Perch As London’s
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