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OilcalcsPro for desktop 101 - Part 4

In our last post concerning OilcalcsPro for desktop 101 we discussed some more calculations using the main calculator.

We also talked about the two simple fuel blenders, the problems encountered when loading two components of different temperature and density and the shrinkage caused by mixing two components with different densities. 1,307 more words


Canon F-502G : Learn to Calculator

It is rarely the case that kids are actually taught how to Calculator, a mystical art only learned in the far east, possibly by Shaolin Monks. 607 more words


Today, I tried to write you a poetry

I tried to write you a poetry

A poetry that begins with the sounds of an Electrical Engineering student’s fingers on a calculator
And ends with the silence between the lyrics of a song. 71 more words


Arrow - "Unchained" Review

Felicity is in with the team. She’s quite jazzed about being Overwatch. Things are not as clear with her position at Palmer Tech. During a dry runthrough of a presentation she was really fumbling about with the presentation. 458 more words


Duracell Div. Of P & G D377B2PK08 Watch and Calculator Battery D377 2 Pack

Features. Duracell No.377 Silver Oxide Watch Battery. 2 Pack. 1.5-Volt. Dimension – 1.75 L x 1.75 W x 3.5 H in.. Item Weight – 0.02 lbs.
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