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Learn to compute cement quota, brickwork volume & no. of fixes for a brick wall

This construction video tutorial will show the details of cement quota, brick work volume, number of fixes for a brick wall construction.

To calculate the brickwork volume, just apply the following formula :- 117 more words


How long until I pay off my Mortgage? Mortgage calculator using Javascript

Hi! In this post, I will be doing an application of an annuity. Remember to form the previous posts, here and here, that an annuity is an investment that pays a series of future payments and from those payments, I want to know how much is a reasonable price to pay for it. 960 more words


Valuing a simple Annuity Due using Javascript

This post is about valuing a simple annuity due using Javascript programming. This post will be building off of a previous post Valuing a Simple Ordinary Annuity using Javascript… 986 more words


Small Businesses Proprietors May Have Choices Any Time They Need Extra Money

Smaller businesses have a large amount of main reasons why they may need additional cash rapidly. They may desire to hurry and grow whenever the time is correct orĀ  322 more words


Valuing a simple ordinary annuity using Javascript

In this post, I will be showing how to write a Javascript software for a valuing a simple ordinary annuity where I assume the payments are constant. 795 more words


Eid al fitar 2017 dates and timings

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-fitr, also known as Ramzan Eid or breaking of the fast, is a festival observed by the Muslim community all around the globe to mark the end of month long fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. 1,592 more words

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