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Stacks of coins with calculator and car in the background

The stacks of coins arranged in a descending order to represent a decline in an investment. The car in the background represents wealth and the calculator represents the investment management of money. 146 more words

Photos From 2013

Pick this one up on Thanksgiving Eve.

The Calculator has been cast for Arrow/Flash.


Dynamic Graphs - Using Color & Motion w/Casio Prizm

I have been having such a great time playing around with the Dynamic Graphs on Prizm that I wanted to share how to do this for those of you who haven’t yet explored this feature. 231 more words


It Is Now Time to Look at a Reverse Mortgage

Do you find you tend to be short of funds every month? Is your own social security income not necessarily dealing with your bills? If that’s the case, you’re facing precisely the same situation as numerous Americans. 231 more words


How Your Calculator Can Sine by Richard Douglas

By Richard Douglas. Edited and formatted into LaTeX by David Ku.

Richard Douglas’ LinkedIn profile can be foundĀ here.

This post will be about an application of calculus that not everyone has been exposed to. 1,042 more words


Talent Calculator up!

We are up and at it again! MMO have assembled a Talent Calculator with the new datamined spell changes. But remember – the talents are mostly datamined and are subject to change! 1,028 more words