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Want to know what you need to get in your exams or next assignment to average a 2:1? Use our free calculator below.

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Best iPhone App: Photo Vault Calculator – Lock secret photo album

#iOS #iPhone #Apps Photo Vault Calculator Lock secret photo album An iPhone calculator that works – and looks! – exactly like any other calculator until you type in your secret passcode. 42 more words

Oriflame Calculator

 In one of the little thing you have calendar, calculator, alarm clock and more!

Size : 8 cm x 6 cm x 1.5 cm

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AeroW&B Version 5

Thank you for choosing my App, AeroW&B. This app is an aviation weight and balance calculator. It has been designed primarily with an aircraft renter, or flight school student in mind. 975 more words


Crippled Calculator Features Unlocked with Automated Help

likes his Casio fx-82ES calculator. However, it was missing a few functions, including complex numbers. A Casio fx-991ES has more functions but, of course, costs more. 277 more words

Arduino Hacks

Create your own calculator in notepad.

There is already a calculator provided in your operating system but you can also make your own calculator by batch programming. Batch programming is the method of writing a program in text editor which is saved with .bat extension and when this file is opened it works as program in of command prompt. 91 more words