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Sites of the Week: May 3, 2015

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

– Annie Dillard, author

Factoid: About 28 percent of Americans were totally sedentary last year, failing to participate in even one physical activity, such as running, lifting weights, yoga, bowling, or even stretching, a new survey found. 462 more words

The Lesser of Two Evils

(On a lighter note)

Lately, I have been doing mathematics and writing poems in head simultaneously. I don’t remember finding a solution, but this did cross my mind.


Tricks on Google

  • Type “Atari Breakout” in Google Image.
  • Use Google as a Timer. “Set Timer for 19.00″
  • Type “Zerg Rush”,”Tilt”,”do a barrel roll” and “google gravity” and hit the search or feeling lucky button and check what happens.
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Technologies Today

Weight loss calculator 

If you’re anything like me, math is your best friend. While people are having mundane conversations, you stare up at imaginary equations, adding and subtracting until you get the results you want. 381 more words


Artificial Intelligence

There are so many different technologies that have come to the forefront in the past few years. Whether it is new advances in medicine, advanced weaponry being used by militaries around the world, or incredible innovations being made in the entertainment industry, it seems as if there are news stories about amazing new technologies popping up everyday. 1,752 more words

Father's calculator #3

My father use to be banker, computers already started to emerge but in many cases he was still using this manual calculator. Now it is nice reminder … 8 more words