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Not Quite Inca, Yet Very Inca-Like

Are the indigenous peoples of Ecuador Incas? Well, yes and no.

Although the tale of Juan Pizarro’s conquest of the Incas is set partly in Ecuador—Atahualpa, “the” Inca ruled from Quito and was engaged in a civil war with Huáscar, his half brother in Cusco—the peoples of Ecuador were mostly conquered by the Incas. 241 more words


Solbit Muses on the Ups and Downs of Pumapungo

Dear Nicalai,

“If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that we are in Ireland,” Papa said to Nona. “Why Ireland, Papa?” I asked.  “Because this place has emerald-like color-tones, and brooks (really 4 rivers) trickling by with fish in the streams,” he explained. 956 more words


conquistadors, cathedrals & cobblestones

There was no “hail the conquering heroes” coming from the mouths of the Incas when Spanish settler Gil Ramirez Davalos and his conquistador cohorts invaded what is now Cuenca in the early 1550s. 285 more words

Santa Ana de los cuatro rios de Cuenca - a weekend visit

Back to the high altitudes of  La Sierra  – this time in the south. Cuenca, Ecuador is the capital city of Azuay province and enjoys a cool climate at 2500m above sea level. 436 more words

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