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Sailing in Tenerife: Just Three of the Multiple Reasons to Learn Sailing

Want to take up sailing? Come sail with us at Canary Sail! A lot of sailing enthusiasts come from as far as Asia, Australia and Alaska, not just from Europe. 325 more words


Canaries and Crows: Technological Situational Awareness

Canaries and Crows: Technological Situational Awareness.On Riseup’s Canary issues with a harm reduction approach.

Putting all our eggs in one basket can be a foolish strategy sometimes, especially when there is someone specifically after your eggs. 458 more words

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The Canary Islands – A visit of lifetime

Prehistoric sites, dramatically looming volcanic mountains, pueblos, lush green pine forests, simple seaside villages and desert style dunes with stunning seascape; is the world that is waiting to be explored in the Canary Islands. 42 more words

Canary Brings Live-Streaming and Archived Footage to Apple TV With New App


When the Apple TV app is opened, Canary users will be presented with a dashboard and choose between live and recorded feeds. For those who have multiple Canary cameras, the app will initially open upon a “Location view,” so they can choose which system to access video. 330 more words


Canary's smart security camera now works with Apple TV

Security camera company Canary has today addressed one of the few complaints customers had with its product: there wasn’t an easy way to watch your camera’s feed on your TV’s big screen. 367 more words


Visit to the Betty Smithers' Collection

On the visit to the Betty Smithers’ Collection several things were found out about the 1980s. This was that padded shoulders were very popular for both genders as well as denim (including jackets). 76 more words