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Timelapse Tuesday: 27 Sept: Watch the birdie

Sunny has not featured lately but he is still happy and healthy though he is moulting so not looking his most handsome. Today you can see him eating his favourite fresh food – calabrese; though he will eat lettuce too but virtually nothing else. 256 more words

Timelapse Tuesday

Why use CanariRural to find the best Canary vacation deals?

Are you preparing for a holiday in the Canary islands? Visiting this location is a sheer delight and you are bound to have a lot of fun no matter if you come on your own or with your family. 473 more words



Schporg Manhattan was a champion fellow. That breed of raffishly suave geezer every chap wants to be, and every gal wants to see. Two twinkling goblin peepers, a shock of tangerine hair rarely seen outside of a Borneo jungle and a devil-may-care skip to his step, he was the epitome of the thoroughly modern bachelor boy. 200 more words

Canary adds a weatherproof security cam, accessories, and service plan

The battery-powered Canary Flex can operate truly wire free, and a new membership benefit could reimburse up to $1000 of your insurance deductible in the event of a break-in. 259 more words


The Cat's Canary

Directors: John Foster & Mannie Davis
Release Date:
 March 26, 1932
Rating: ★★

In ‘The Cat’s Canary’ we watch a cat swallowing a bird. Surprisingly the bird remains alive, and makes the cat produce chirping sounds. 213 more words

Black And White Films

Canary’s new security camera cuts the cord to tackle the great outdoors

I’m a bit surprised Canary didn’t just go ahead and make the Flex its flagship. For starters, the camera is just a heck of a lot nicer looking than its predecessor, a white (or black) pill-shaped product with a glossy black frot and a glowing power ring on the bottom that brings nothing more to mind than HAL-9000, that ultimate bastion of home security. 490 more words