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Deal 880: Caged chick

It was the mirror that did it. It drove me to madness.

And now, here I am, trapped in this cage. This very tiny cage. 59 more words

Daily Deal

Telescope group chooses Canary Islands as alternative to Hawaii

#telescope #science #canaryisland  Telescope group chooses Canary Islands as alternative to Hawaii  The team behind a project to build one of the world s largest telescopes said on Monday it has chosen Spain s Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean as a possible alternative to Hawaii. 31 more words

Backyard Birds

Looking at the picture provided by the National Day of Calendar for bird day I realize that the backyard birds I have in western New York state are not the same you might have in your backyard elsewhere. 402 more words



My trip to Fuerteventura already seems so long ago.

In these six weeks I totally realized that Fuerteventura offers more than just watersports and all-inclusive-bookings … Nevertheless you shouldn’t visit this island without going for a surf and going off-road to search for the best spots.