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Will the real GLC please stand up

Hello everyone…its been a while since we wrote to this blog.

Since the last article, the nation has just celebrated our 60th independence day as well as our own Malaysia day. 820 more words


New Xpax Plan vs Magic Sim Plan (Legacy)

Celcom has decided that they are going to revamp their prepaid offerings with the New Xpax Prepaid Plan in the first quarter of 2017.

So, Magic Sim will be a legacy plan at the time of writing. 781 more words

Hacking in Celcom - customers' information in danger

Hello semua! To all muslim brothers and sisters, selamat berpuasa!

It’s been a while since we wrote in this blog. A lot of things have happened at our favorite Telco during that time and we thought we keep all our loyal followers informed of the developments. 433 more words


African night for Far North

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THE Cairns African community love the tropics.“,”link”:”http:\/\/\/link\/0079847b3379ad40651131c469bd950d”,”paidStatus”:”PREMIUM”,”originalSource”:”The Cairns Post”,”creditedSource”:”Cairns Post”,”subscriptionSummary”:”THE Cairns African community love the tropics. 4,179 more words

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Trick Bypass Celcom + Pipon Celcom

Psiphon Handler is an internet tunneling application that enables you access the internet with restrictions. Millions of people in over 200 countries around the planet are already connecting to the Internet using Psiphon, the most robust circumvention tool on the web. 95 more words


Bypass Internet Guna Aplikasi UltraSurf


Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing. Ultrasurf hides your IP address, clears browsing history, cookies and more. Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. 77 more words


Celcom is retaining more deadbeats than profits

This blog has been bombarded by a lot of comments from dissatisfied Celcom staff. Previously it was the letter that criticised Celcom’s decision to hire a foreigner to become its first ever non-Malaysian CEO, then came all sorts of criticisms against their top management (dubbed ‘the M7’), now one by one the comments are getting more frequent. 557 more words