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Antara banyak perkara yang staff Celcom tak suka pasal CEO baru Michael Kuehner dan management team baru dia (Azwan + Azmi etc), ada satu benda yang staff Celcom paling meluat: 203 more words


Stiff competition for telcos in 2016

But How About 2017?

We feel that the Malaysian market needs at least one more telco company to really give more value to the customers. These telcos have been squeezing the Malaysian public for the past decade with their arrogant customer service, pricey data charges and lopsided contracts. 962 more words


Telco services monitored by Communications Ministry

The market here needs another player to really give more options to consumers. U Mobile for instance, is just a small bit player a few years ago but they can still manage to earn over 1 billion ringgit in revenue just last year! 335 more words


"Umpama keluar dari mulut buaya, masuk ke mulut Neraka!" (Celcom)

Bulan lepas tersebar satu surat layang yang mengeji kepimpinan baru Celcom yang sekarang diketuai Michael Kuehner, seorang bangsa Jerman dan juga dia punya team management yang baru yang dikira tak bagus dan tak pandai manage Celcom. 219 more words


All telcos post earnings within market expectations, except for...


PETALING JAYA: Telecommunications (telco) companies reported earnings in the recently concluded corporate results season were largely in line with expectations except for Axiata Group Bhd…

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Celcom lost 80,000 customers in the last 3 months

Actually, dah malas dah nak tulis pasal Celcom. But their latest financial report announcement caught the eye.


This is strange because Celcom was the first to introduce the big data package back in August. 100 more words