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Mymi1, canai dan kicap

Sembang Sarapan
(Bukan sarapan pun, dah pukul 11.30 pagi hujung minggu). Sambil pekena roti canai tu…

PS: eh.. aku nak call bini aku jap la. (Grab phone, call..) 140 more words


Maxis upgrade data plan, but still pricey

Finally, Maxis has formally revealed its refreshed MaxisONE postpaid plans. Starting from today, all current MaxisONE subscribers will enjoy the enhanced MaxiONE plan, offering up to a whopping 20GB of data.

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Password madness

A couple of days ago I plugged my phone to my Mac and am pretty sure I did not decide to wipe anything out or even transfer any data but it did it itself…without my consent and just like that…in a split second i lost all my data all my password all my numbers blablabla. 352 more words

Oh Maxis!

Oh Maxis, what have you done?

Once, your telco is one of the best in the country with broad coverage and fast LTE network. Now, it maybe the crappiest telco of all time. 588 more words


Daily Commentary - TM in mobile service, finally: new package in 2 weeks

Tourism Industry
Malaysia Airlines ties up with MyCEB

Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) today have taken a leap forward by joining forces in the realm of business tourism and major events through a one-year strategic partnership agreement. 722 more words

Daily Commentary

XOX Mobile Postpaid
# LIGHTNING50 (3GB at RM50)
= Only RM14.28 per 1GB
# LIGHTNING100 (7GB at RM100)
= RM16.68 per 1GB… 39 more words