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Don't shame us for being chameleon

I learned I was autistic in my 30s. Not long afterwards, I came across the word chameleon to describe how many autistic people change our communication, voice, interests, and actions to mirror the people we are with, or to fit in with the norms of a group. 942 more words


Chinese Lantern Festival - Reptile Lanterns

A colorful display of reptile lanterns – a chameleon and an iguana – at the Chinese Lantern Festival in Belmont, North Carolina 11 more words


World Chameleon Day

On my way through Kaokoveld in northern Namibia I travelled on a small track. Not only is it an absolute scenic stretch, it had a few other surprises in stock, too. 704 more words


Walking out of the back door

I’ve now been in Mozambique for three weeks. I have barely walked anywhere, as life is largely lived within the large children’s centre where we are based. 180 more words


Happy World Animal Day: Look At These Adorable Baby Chameleons!

1010 WINS– Just in time for World Animal Day, three colorful and adorably tiny chameleons were hatched at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo in late August to proud mom “Ruby.” 436 more words