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Reptile of the Day: Horn-Nosed Chameleon

My first chameleon sighting in Madagascar was this horn-nosed chameleon just a few yards from our room near Andisabe National Park. It can actually be a little easier to find chameleons at night, when they turn a pale color that looks almost white against the darkness. 8 more words


Run Cricket Run | Chơi với dế (official) - a CGI 3D Animated Short

Sau gần 1 năm thì cuối cùng phim “Chơi với dế” cũng đã hoàn thành. Phim hoạt hình 3D made in Vietnam

100%. Hợp tai hợp mắt thì share nhé ;) 151 more words

My Works

Chameleon Brewing Witty Beer Tap Handle

Chameleon Brewing Witty Beer Tap Handle
Preowned Tap Handle. Minor Wear From Handling On Top Such As Paint Loss On The Tip Of The Chameleons Nose. 87 more words


Le caméléon

Le caméléon

A des rayures blanc et noire

À cause du zèbre grand.


Blend In

Personalities of identifications
Synonymously chameleon
In between blended sceneries.

An emphatic bidirectional brushstroke
Is easily noticed
In unidirectional stroked paintings.

Empathetic rituals of dissonance’s;
Discordance against acceptances; 18 more words