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The Inspiring Life of the Chameleons

To look, you will have to wait.
Your stare will make them pretend
like it never was a creation.

Branches of lifelines
house these rainbow-like… 42 more words


Final Graphic Design Chameleon Calendar Project

I published a color pencil drawing of a chameleon a few weeks ago that I was working on for a project for Graphic Design Applications. This is the finished product. 22 more words


Academics with chameleons

I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, but I have noticed the hashtag ‘academics with cats’.  Cats are a big thing on Twitter. Personally, I’m not keen on cats – they interfere with the birds and shrews in my garden and leave behind unpleasant deposits that threaten my children’s health.   186 more words

Chameleon Arts Cafe Nottingham- The Shrives, The Rutherfords and Warm Copies

March 16th 2017

Here are some pictures of when I went to see The Shrives, The Rutherfords and Warm Copies in Nottingham last week. Sadly I did not get any pictures of the first band Warm Copies. 10 more words