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210 - Golden Eye Mandala

British photographer, Florence Bennett, captured this fantastic shot of a chameleon as it very slowly headed towards a heat lamp. I love how its whole body displays itself in cool colors of greens and teals and yet his eye radiates with the warm golden color of the lamp. 137 more words


Chameleon Success Stories!

Some of the input we’ve recently received from the people using our Software:  

“I love this tool. I am having my roof replaced and my roofer gave me your samples. 140 more words

Chameleon Power

I'm A Peach, You're A Peach, We're All Just Peachy!

I have spent my life being a people pleaser. I thought that if someone didn’t like me than there must be something wrong with me. It couldn’t possibly be that we just weren’t compatible. 737 more words

Chameleons in Andalucia

There are about 180 species of chameleon, most of which are in Africa and Madagascar, but in Europe we only have the common chameleon which can be found in the coastal provinces of Andalucia – Almeria, Malaga, Cadiz and Huelva. 123 more words