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Finding North Direction and Time using Geological Features, plants and animals

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

#find North, #time, #wind, #cloud, #tree, #find North by moss #moss, #bird, #roosting, #gecko, #chameleon, #croaking.

Finding North Direction and Time by Geological Features, plants and animals. 1,012 more words


Mountains and Chameleons

We spent our last few days in the beautifully hilly and refreshingly cool mountainside of Lushoto in the Usumbara mountains. The views from our campsite, which was attached to a farm lodge, were breathtaking, and more like what we imagine Sri Lanka to be like. 292 more words

Henna Kings - A man and his chameleon

Pascal is the coolest (and only) chameleon I know, his bro owner (browner?) is equally as cool, minus the scales. (But you never know these days, 207 more words