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Changing Colour

This chameleon has been visiting our bottom terrace during the last few days.

He blends in well with the fencing.

Shortly after photographing him there, he moved into the climbing bougainvillea and changed colour. 17 more words


August 27, 2016

You can never be ignored.

I try so hard to shut you out.

But you have your say anyway.

You’re never silent, you’re loud. 139 more words


Hello Everyone,

Those of us who visited Bernard and Ines wonderful garden (despite the weather!!) may remember that Bernard showed us a spot in the garden where, last October, a chameleon had made a nest, well, on the 23rd August 10 eggs hatched, how great is that!!??   43 more words


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Tale of a Chameleon


By Brian F Kirkham

23rd August 2016

Young Fred he came home wi’ a lizard

he wanted the whole world to see

he showed it to his Mum and Dad… 132 more words


'Sometimes it's best to hide in plain sight.' David Estes.

Stories from my Sketchbook . . .

How cool would be it—to be able to change colour to match your surrounding like the chameleon?   41 more words