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The Air Jordan release for February’s All-Star Weekend 2017 has been revealed. The special edition colorway will feature a unique “Chameleon” theme. The upper of the  56 more words

Air Jordan

Pet Reptiles

Wes was standing by the wall, looking down at his phone, when he felt it. A light weight on his shoulder, tentatively pressing, then a little more, and a little more. 206 more words

Short Story

Chameleon ~ FREE Article for Kids (now with photos)

When looking for a girl, what cool male creature can change his colour from brown to purple and light blue, then turn his eyelids yellow with green spots? 218 more words

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Capacity to

deceive, only to survive;

to see, not be seen.

by Scooj

  • This is Picasso (a name in progress) my daughter’s amazing panther chameleon.

my defenses: my protection or my prison – a personal reflection on human behavior, part 7

Yesterday, I considered myself done, at least for the moment, in reflecting on human behavior. Yet, as oft happens with me, I had the proverbial second thought. 874 more words

A Personal Reflection

Linguistic Chameleon

Life is hard when you are monolingual, but know a bit of several other different languages. Communication is difficult when you are trying to have a normal conversation and end up combining multiple languages in one sentence. 732 more words