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Parrot Sculpture

Parrot Sculpture

      Certainly one of the most colorful denizens of my summer Shangri-la is my friend the Parrot. Perched on a branch surveying his domain, the parrot sits underneath a wreath that holds a mirror. 51 more words


Did you know ?

Did you know that a chameleon’s tounge can be as long as there body.


Madagascar's panther chameleon - 11 species, not 1

The fantastic palette of the panther chameleon underscores nature’s richness

Madagascar is home to extraordinary biodiversity, but in the past few decades, the island’s forests and associated biodiversity have been under greater attack than ever. 533 more words



We only have one “self” but sometimes, we tend to have different personalities in front of different people.

It’s like, when we’re around with this group of people… 150 more words

New chameleon species showcase fragile biodiversity in Madagascar

Once thought to be a single species, Madagascar’s panther chameleon has been proven to be at least 11 separate species, according to a new study… 101 more words

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Myths About Reptiles

It seems like every time someone new comes over to my house and sees my herps, I spend at least ten minutes dispelling myths about reptiles.   1,338 more words