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Chameleon Pens & Storage

Hi Everyone!

So, I showed you guys a video with the Color Keeper a while back and I demonstrated that the Chameleon Pens were too long to fit in it. 767 more words

Calander Year

The colourful world of Chameleons

Turn your garden into an insect paradise and soon you will be blessed by visiting Chameleons (family Chamaeleonidae), one of nature’s most fascinating little creatures! 115 more words



There was a time, once, when
the most everything was metaphorical.
That was before the great metamorphosis
when everything was suddenly malleable.
No one was quite certain just what happened. 98 more words



I’ll let you in on a well-known secret…there is a chameleon in our class.

Honest, I swear! I see her daily, 9 to 3:30, Monday to Fridays and sometimes on the weekends too! 1,157 more words

Short Story

Troppo Funk: Chameleon at the Legion

Troppo Funk: Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)
Norman Willmore, EWI
Joe Watt, guitar
Max Tyler, keyboard
Hayden Hook, bass
Lewis Murray, drums

filmed and edited by Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, April 2014… 6 more words


XY&O - Chameleon (Famba Remix)

Taking things a little deeper this week are Famba, remixing XY&O’s ‘Chameleon’. With chilled vibes throughout, the remix doesn’t stray to far from the deepness of the original, stripping away the soft experimental guitars and adding a housier sound. 40 more words