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CULPRITS Behind Bersih 4.0 Are Undermining the Country's Independence Day Celebration

Whilst overwhelming majority of Malaysians are looking forward to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the country’s independence, a group of ‘outcasts’ are busy undermining the celebration by plotting to hold street demonstrations in the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka, where the Independence Day’s processions will be held. 206 more words


Communism in Singapore: Is this the past or future that is calling?

“While the future’s there for anyone to change, still you know it’s seems It would be easier sometimes to change the past.” Jackson Browne

The many comments made on the articles relating to the Communist threat (within the Battle for Merger) suggest that writers’ and readers’ views, on either side of the divide, are highly polarized – and almost always selective. 1,482 more words

Govt will zero-in on netizens

MELAKA: Sedition through the Internet, particularly social media, touching on religious sensitivities and calling for Sabah and Sarawak to leave the federation of Malaysia are among the elements taken into consideration in strengthening the Sedition Act 1948. 347 more words



This was sourced from the Malaysian Insider, dated 21st September 2013.

My dear comrades, my dear compatriots,

When you read this letter, I am no more in this world.It was my original intention to pass away quietly and let my relatives handle the funeral matters in private. 420 more words


8) My Grandpa I never knew: Surreal Occupation

Night fall the night the bicycle infantry left town to give chase after the retreating British Army was the quietest and darkest as townsfolk cowered behind closed doors still in shock and wreaked in fear. 1,751 more words

Sungai Petani

Kampung Koh, Sitiawan, Perak

Kampung Koh is one of the original villages making up the sprawling settlement of Sitiawan, close to the town of Lumut and nearby to Pangkor Island. 429 more words


Kenapa Tidak Timbul Isu Diskriminasi di China, Hong Kong dan Taiwan?

Jarang sekali kita dengar isu-isu diskriminasi kaum di negara-negara ‘Greater China’ termasuk Republik Rakyat China, Hong Kong,Taiwan dan Macao. Sebaliknya, kenapa isu diskriminasi kaum hanya dibangkitkan di negara-negara multi-racial seperti Malaysia, Amerika Syarikat, negara-negara Eropah…juga di Singapura. 346 more words

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