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The Killer (1989) Film Mini Review

Merry Christmas guys! With this review, its gonna be number 20th films being reviewed. And now this is back to the classic Hong Kong action film during the Golden era of the industry. 411 more words


Hard Boiled

John Woo delivers action and character depth yet again in this iconic Hong Kong crime film

“I told you to leave this case alone.”

It’s hard to figure out exactly what master of action direction John Woo is best known for. 965 more words


Retro Review: A Better Tomorrow (1986)

In the early 90’s, before we had instant access to every movie ever made like we do now, I was a voracious fanzine and magazine collector constantly seeking information about any new film experience I could get my hands on. 1,282 more words


Review of ~ Full Contact - Dir. Ringo Lam (1992)


Full Contact (1992) is a stylish, arty and gritty Hong Kong action thriller. Chow Yun Fat teams up with the director Ringo Lam once again. 335 more words

Bullet Ballet

Movie Mondays: God of Gamblers II

As part of a new regular series on What Is There To Option, I’m gonna be putting up something movie related every Monday. These will be mostly links to the most recent of my regular movie reviews for PokerTube.  152 more words

The Silver Screen

Gold Of Gamblers

Want a gold VHS tape of God Of Gamblers? This one’s on ebay right now for 50p! Check out the auction here.

The Movie - Die Xue Shuang Xion - The Killer.

Simply wonderful film.
A lesson in life between the lines: the more you try to achieve your goals for noble ideals and destiny will give you a hard time.