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Faster and Furiouser: China's Q1 Box Office Review

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April 8, 2015… 681 more words

Rob Cain

Hard Boiled (1992)

Hard Boiled is a hyped-up, action-packed dynamite of a film; and to say it’s just merely over the top would be a mammoth understatement. It starts off with an almost comical action sequence, with our lead man “Tequila” introducing himself as the total bad ass, no-nonsense executioner. 418 more words

Film Review

Winners, Losers, and Survivors: A Crime Blog [Hard Boiled]

For the final week of Asian Crime Action month I’ll be looking at two classic films from China. First up is John Woo’s Hard Boiled (made in 1992). 1,116 more words

Tyler Ducheneaux

Film Review: 'From Vegas to Macau II'

Milking his cash cow until its udders shrivel, Hong Kong king of kitsch Wong Jing delivers a hatchet job with “From Vegas to Macau II,” a casino caper that fails to re-create the dynamic action and zany fun of the original hit. 846 more words


Chinese New Year Lifts Hong Kong Box Office by 21%

HONG KONG — The four day Chinese New year celebrations were a boom period for cinema-going in Hong Kong.

Box office over the period (Feb 18-21) rose by 21% according to data from Hong Kong Box Office Ltd. 210 more words


Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled es una película acerca de un detective de Hong Kong, llamado Tequila, al que le gusta el jazz de películas porno y disminuir la población china en cámara lenta. 334 more words


National Cinemas: The Killer

In the annals of action cinema, only a few directors regularly serve up meaningful main courses. Few really claim even one all-time classic, and if you increase the limit to two, you’re really counting on one hand. 1,300 more words