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That Sneak Peek Moment in the Shanghai Trailer

The Film: Shanghai

What We Know So Far: Released in 2010 in Asia and Europe, the North American release comes five years later and the trailer has finally dropped. 704 more words


The Lunatics and Guy Laroche

**Heads up – This piece contains full spoilers for (and the final shot of) The Lunatics (1986) so read at your own peril!**

I thought The Lunatics (1986) was going to be funny. 1,033 more words


Chandler's Trailers: "The Replacement Killers" (1998)

The Replacement Killers”   (1998)  While, in theory,  imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, in the world of cinema it is more often a sign of the slavish pursuit of capitalizing on what has been proven lucrative by way of popular reception. 149 more words


Hard Boiled (1992) Director: John Woo

In 1992, legendary action cinema Director John Woo made his last action film in Hong Kong before the bright lights Hollywood came calling. He left with what is his greatest statement and best film, just shading out other masterpieces like The Killer and A Bullet in The Head. 643 more words

Film Review

A Better Tomorrow II (John Woo, 1987)

The following is an adaptation of a review of A Better Tomorrow II I wrote for my website a couple of years ago.

A Better Tomorrow… 1,102 more words

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It's Michelle Yeoh's Face

A skeptical friend asked why I like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon so much… so the following, off the top of my head, even though I recognize… 167 more words


Celestial Tiger Renews Trio of Output Deals

Celestial Tiger Entertainment, the Asian TV group backed by Saban Capital and Lionsgate, has renewed a trio of output deals giving it rights in South East Asian markets to a stream of top Hong Kong movies. 184 more words