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A Better Tomorrow (John Woo, 1986)

After an up and down decade as a director for hire in the last days of the Shaw Brothers, working alternately in the wuxia and wacky comedy genres, John Woo finally hit it big in 1986 when he teamed up with Tsui Hark and the Cinema City studio to remake Patrick Lung Kong 1967’s drama  941 more words

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TSBH: The Killer (John Woo, 1989)

This is it – the fruitful, bullet-blanketed crescendo of my ongoing project. Although presently pleased, I’ve been led to believe that Woo’s succeeding efforts are even bolder as epitomes of this targeted subgenre, the mere thought of such instilling within me an uncontrollable glee. 363 more words


TSBH: Tiger on the Beat (Lau Kar-leung, 1988)

As an obvious send-up of its Western action-comedy predecessors, Tiger on the Beat is legendary Shaw Brothers staple Lau Kar-leung’s head-scratching departure from traditional martial arts fare. 269 more words


Bulletproof Monk (2003)

There’s a delicate balance at work in Bulletproof Monk (which easily could also have been titled Tibetan Punk! or Monks & Punks) that a lot of lesser films fail to achieve. 528 more words

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Faster and Furiouser: China's Q1 Box Office Review

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April 8, 2015… 681 more words

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