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The Government Shut Down & You!

Is there a personal lesson to learn during this government shutdown? Absolutely. As a Federal Employee, the number one question I asked myself, “What do I do now?” I wanted to immediately go into survival mode and attempt to fix the problem myself. 393 more words

Life Journey

I Pray for You a Doorway of Grace - to Understand the Power in the Blood of Jesus

Book Cover: Doorways of Grace  Photo Cred: Allison P. Adams

I Pray for You this Year –

that you gain deep understanding of the fullness of the magnificent power still held in the Blood of Christ Jesus… 724 more words


I Can’t Do It Alone

So I’ve been worse this week…a stomach bug led to another flare.

Another flare? I thought you were already in a flare?

I know! I was! 781 more words

Three Proofs that Prayers to the Saints are an Apostolic Practice

Nothing makes Protestants balk more at Orthodoxy than the practice of praying to the saints, particularly to Christ’s mother. This is not without reason. In short, the objections to the practice may be summed up as both practical and theological. 2,590 more words


The Christian's Compass

The Bible is the compass with which the Christian navigates themselves through this dark and cold world.

It takes Faith to be an exceptional entrepreneur

The first time I inadvertently explored the intersection between entrepreneurship and Faith was when I had to choose between my Christian-biblical principles and losing a business opportunity. 565 more words

Editor's Pick

There is More Book Review (Brian Houston)

Brian Houston, known primarily as the Global Senior Pastor of the influential Hillsong Church, has written another great book after Live Love Lead: Your Best is Yet to Come! 271 more words