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The Package - Episode 2

Even better. Laughed some more, felt touched and more complexities and human frailties of the characters came to light. One thing I noticed is that this drama has an unusual tone to it, atypical of the loud, unrealistic situations we are used to. 417 more words

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The Package - Episode 1

I watched this K drama in real time and wrote my thoughts down after every episode. As you may have noticed, I don’t do that as often as I wish I did. 337 more words

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CNBlue concert in Fukuoka, Japan

This is my 3rd time watching them complete in Japan and everytime I get very emotional.

First of all, only the language barrier became an issue during my stay. 178 more words


Starpop: Kpop's Tamagotchi

An app that I’ve rather recently become addicted to is Starpop.

When I first looked at it, I was really hesitant to even download it because I figured I’d either lose interest right quick or I’d be absolute pants at playing it.  401 more words


Now Watching: Heartstrings (2011)

My “Currently” says that I’m watching K-Dramas, so I will give a glimpse of what dramas I currently watch. So, while I usually am a fan of supernatural-fantasy types, I recently gave this melodrama a chance, and I was hooked. 639 more words


Kang Minhyuk and Ha Jiwon’s noona romance just came to an end yesterday, and it was quite a bumpy ride for me. Set in a ship, full of doctors, that travels from island to island, tending to the health of the poor islanders, the story was very methodical as it moved from case to case per week. 353 more words

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The Rose: Like We Used To Review

Rookie indie band The Rose has released another single, “Like We Used To,” and it’s worth checking out. I had somehow missed their August debut “Sorry,” and so I was stopped in my tracks when I heard the opening vocals on “Like We Used To.” Absolutely the best thing about “The Rose” so far is their pure overflowing vocal talent. 382 more words