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"Between Us" CNBLUE Asia Tour 2017

CNBLUE just recently released their Between Us Tour poster today in their official Facebook page. They will be having an Asia Tour from July to September 2017! 141 more words


How to Attend a (KPop) Concert in Japan

If you’re a fan of Korean idol groups, then attending a concert in Japan is a dream come true, as it was for me. A concert in Japan is called a “live” (from live show or live concert) and if you’re an avid concert goer back home, you’ll clearly notice the differences in how things are done, from the ticketing, the anticipation and preparation, and the protocols to follow during the concert. 1,264 more words


[Travel] Seoul 7D Free And Easy - Day 5

You know… why some people opt for free and easy? So that we don’t feel bad when we skip itineraries >_< I had researched a lot on taking the O-V-O trains but in the end, the plan was scraped totally. 570 more words


CNBLUE - Royal Rumble [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

English Translation

Royal Rumble

Amidst the warm cheers
Amidst countless eyes
I raise my head, embracing fear

Someone somewhere
Will disappear again
But it won’t be me – I hypnotize myself… 204 more words


CNBLUE - Manito [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

English Translation


Good luck, and do a great job today too
I hope you will smile listening to this song
Though I can’t say it in words… 372 more words


CNBLUE - When I Was Young [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

English Translation

When I Was Young

Sometimes (yoohoo) I want to go back
(Yoohoo) I will come to forget
(Yoohoo) when I was young,
The reminiscence that embraced me… 319 more words