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Finally managed to re-install Ubuntu on my PC-! It was so much work because ubuntu wouldn’t start up after reboot and no matter what I did it just didn’t seem to work… 236 more words

Variety Treats: Hwarang Cast Jumps Rope (Shirtless), BIGBANG Dances Super Fast, And CNBLUE's Minhyuk Is Your Impromptu Actor

And we take a break from our kdrama highlights for a field trip to other adventures.

In this very first edition of Variety Treats, Hwarang cast members jump rope (of the shirtless variety, heh), BIGBANG dances twice as fast, and CNBLUE’s Minhyuk gets kidnapped for an impromptu short film shoot. 245 more words

Korean Dramas

[Part-1] Imprisoned

|| Title: Imprisoned || Author: Phiyun || Genre: Family | Romance|| Rating: 16+ || Cast: Park Shin Hye | Jung Yong Hwa ||

Note: Nama Cast sewaktu-waktu akan bertambah maupun berkurang. 4,134 more words


Nevertheless I Dream On: CNBLUE Euphoria album review

With EUPHORIA, CNBLUE’s latest Japanese album that dropped last October, the band continues its ongoing musical evolution and growth. While probably best known for its incredibly catchy early power pop hits like… 1,647 more words


Assalamualaikum semuaaaaa~ Apakabar? Semoga pada sehat-sehat yaaak di tahun baru 2017 ini yuhuuu~ semoga tahun ini bisa lebih dan semakin berkah dari tahun sebelumnya. Semoga ditahun ini Allah SWT selalu memberikan kesehatan dan kemudahan pada kita semua untuk menjalankan kewajiban kita sebagai manusia di muka bumi iniiii aamiin ^^ 1,877 more words

Whatever Gets You Motivated/Gym!

First off:

We all know what goes on when the New Year comes! We all make our goals and heavily attempt to keep them up. And you know what? 416 more words


[blog] kanji for 2017: 前進/zenshin

前進 – advance, progress, forward

Hello 2017, yoroshiku!

It’s complicated making changes in your life, but as they say, change is the only thing constant in life. 428 more words