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Her journey begins...

She is bright… in fact, this is an understatement. Her IQ aside, she has developed a maturity and self-efficacy way beyond her tender years.

So when she spoke of writing songs and making music at 10 years old, I was happy to indulge her. 496 more words

Living Life

Too Contemplative

How do you date someone who you think is way too good for you but they are so into you and enjoy your company? I can’t stop thinking about his clever ex- girlfriend and that he’s come to choose someone like me. 164 more words


Equal But Not the Same: Supreme

Over the weekend, there was a “Unite the Right” rally in the college town of Charlottesville Virginia, where hundreds of white nationalists protested plans to remove a Confederate statue of General Robert E Lee.  1,462 more words



I thought in a whisper,

It escaped in a sigh.


( Those thoughts.

Those fears.

Those worries.

Those wonders.


Words. )


Life Chatter


The intellect that does not contemplate is like the body that does not move. Allah has commanded us to frequently contemplate so that the intellects become strong in understanding meanings, just like bodies become strong in carrying weights by movement.

العقل الذي لا يُفكّر كالجسم الذي لا يتحرّك، وقد أمر الله بكثرة التفكّر لتتقوّى العقول على فهم المعاني، كما تتقوى الأجسام بالحركة على الأحمال

Sh Tarefe

Quotes Of The Day

DAY 22 Continuing

♣ Nelson Mandela’s Quotes ♣

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. 115 more words



DAY 22

It becomes a flaw when you do not like it.

How incomplete the rose is without its thorns.

It demands a caring hand. 146 more words