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My Old Dutch

When craving pancakes the logical solution is to head down to My Old Dutch. Not only do they have a wide range of sweet and savoury pancakes, but they are big and amazing! 97 more words


Chocolate Fantasy

I being the shameless prick I am, the first thing I did after knowing where my firm is going to be situated is to Zomato (a restaurant finding app) all the restaurant places nearby and that’s how Chocolate fantasy caught my eye. 292 more words


Summer wrap up: Burgatory and the Blue Door

(totally didn’t want this to be the first photo…oh well. I went and visited the zoo. I was working there when this little s’lion came and she was so tiny).   851 more words

Crepe Amelie

​Shet friends, natalo neto ang La Pinay ng Cafe Breton sa heart ko. Napaka sarap, at ang laki!


Once upon a Monday night @ Cafe Amelie

The Pokemon Go craze is on!

I walked around Makati Avenue hunting for a lot of Eevee for my next evolution with a lucky egg when I felt the need for something sweet and a place to stay. 200 more words

Le Petite Bretagne

Whenever I have lunch with my friend James, we always meet somewhere in between Tooting and Camberwell for convenience, so the day before I started frantically researching gluten free lunch options around Clapham. 350 more words