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23 – Crêpe Cat

To celebrate my holiday I’m spending in Brittany, here’s a Crêpe Cat. He’s making his own crêpes, the old fashioned way; which means “traditional way” of course. 34 more words

1 Line Cat

Summer in Cinci // Taste of Belgium

Wow, what can I say.. We all know I’m a sucker for breakfast food and Echo will always be in my heart, but mamma, there’s a new sheriff in town! 239 more words


Eating In Manila

Usually when my family and I eat out in Manila it is the standard Jolibee or Chowking, which are still delicious. But we decided to try some different places in Manila this time. 143 more words


savory egg & veggie crepes

Who doesn’t love crepes? You can literally eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and stuff them with whatever your little heart desires. This is our take on a savory crepe, however you can literally add whatever you want in between this thin pancake. 296 more words

La Crêperie

Fancy something different? Go down to Japanese corner of Le Thanh Ton Street then look for a little shop numbered 17. A little atmospheres that is cozy and French. 101 more words


Om nom nom

How I felt biting into a crepe sandwich at the Hawthorne food carts last night– note the actual food stain under his toe on the right. 18 more words