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Basic Crepe Recipe

Crepes are just one of those things that are so simple to the point where you bless the earth for finally giving you something you can actually do (I swear, at work using Adobe InDesign is like playing with a jigsaw puzzle that hates you, anyways…). 179 more words


Dutch Babies

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The first two weeks as a new wife I basically fed my husband more food than he needed, apparently I was trying to start a new trend the “newlywed 15”! 246 more words


Super Goofy

Tucked away within one of Mykonos’ busiest streets is Cafe Suisse which makes tasty crepes, ice cream, cakes and coffee. We tend to stick to local or fusion places when we travel to delve deeper into the cuisine and culture, but something drew us in. 206 more words

Food & Drinks

Dark Brown Theratrical Crepe Hair w Spirit Gum Secrets

In most cases, people want to keep their hair healthy and full. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible for everyone. Sometimes biology makes us lose our… 332 more words

Lean In 100 Mulberry Silk Art Collection Crepe

* Bring the bottom edge in the direction of the middle of the scarf and then location it just a little above the same.

* Tuck the untidy ends behind or under the… 317 more words


Paris by night

Hello from España!

I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging and instead been soaking up the Spanish sun and embracing the siesta (and sangria) culture. 660 more words