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Comfort Eating: Crêpes

We all have a dish that our mums taught us growing up, that with each bite come a hug from within. A meal that can be eaten day or night, rain or shine, happy or miserable. 685 more words


Crepes in Paris 

French cuisine is my absolute favourite cuisine and eating is always a highlight of my trips to France. At the start of my ‘vac’ (uni speak for vacation), I went to Paris to spend a few days chilling with some of my friends who are currently living there. 487 more words


Savory Dill Crepes with Salmon Recipe

This is my first recipe in a few weeks since we have been busy! Jeff and I just returned from a lovely trip to Denver, where we visited with his family.   291 more words


Super Easy Keto Crepes

Ok. So I am not a strict keto eater. Far from it in fact. I did dabble with it a bit and I liked a lot of aspects of it, to be honest, but I cannot commit fully to that lifestyle with my family without going insane. 328 more words