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The 1851 Tansy Point Treaty Journal: The Clatsop Treaty

For the Tansy Point Treaties, Dart worked to get all the land from the tribes. By this time the tribes had already heard rumors of the treaties, and the plan to remove all tribes to eastern Oregon. 3,222 more words

Oregon Indians

The Fascination with Evolving

This post (and picture) contains mild spoilers for season two of Stranger Things. Then again, that’s been out a while.

So, in the new Stranger Things season, Dustin finds this small little creature that in the end turns out to be a baby demogorgon. 715 more words


The 1851 Treaty Commission Journal: The Clackamas Treaty

In November 1851 Dart finally is ready to return to Washington DC with the treaties to present them to Congress. Earlier in the year, when Dart arrived in Oregon, he first visited the Umatilla basin to try to work a deal with the Umatilla regional tribes for the removal of some 4,000 western Oregon Indians to the Umatilla. 1,523 more words