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Dart #34: Dorothy Ashby - Action Line

Dorothy Ashby – Action Line

There’s a huge glut of music occupying the desirable space of ‘groovy sixties party’ yet so few are particularly novel or tuneful when removed from the context of rock boat ambience. 83 more words

Dart #33: Morane - The Trick (think dark)

Morane – The Trick (think dark)


With frequent submissions from Villalobos and Shackleton, Perlon have always had an incredible ear for left field techno and house darts. 95 more words

Dart #32: Rezzett - Doyce

Rezzett – Doyce
The Trilogy Tapes

It may be just a touch too ‘cerebral’ to feature on anything short of an NTS mix, but here TTT keeps it tasteful as ever with a new soft release from the elusive Rezzett. 110 more words

Forty Years: A Celebration of Driftwood Creek

January 1977 – I moved to Smithers to work as a reporter at The Interior News, a paper with a venerable history and a crack reporter on staff. 766 more words

Dart #31: African Head Charge - Drumming is a Language

African Head Charge – Drumming is a Language
“Vision of a Psychedelic Africa”
On-U Sound

Not to be confused with nu-metal luminaries American Head Charge, African Head Charge feature a revolving cast of British-African instrumentalists under the spell of dub visionary Adrian Sherwood. 92 more words

Dart #30: The Creation - How Does it Feel to Feel

The Creation – How Does it Feel to Feel
“We are Painterman”
Repertoire Records

A forgotten gem of 60’s garage, ‘How Does it Feel to Feel’ has all the balls to the wall vigour of Helter Skelter without the vain sense of ingenuity. 62 more words