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Once again an attempt to revive the blog

I keep on creating blog after blog and not being able to keep up with a writing schedule.

My first blog has probably more than 10 years, and I don’t even remember what was it called. 182 more words


Fat Fella to Fit Fella V2.0

I wanted to write a post for here as it has been some time since I last wrote, nearly 8 months in fact.

So why the silence? 470 more words

Blog Post

Running Diary. Week 1

So. I this week I tried something I have never really done before; running, outdoors, in public. Before we get to my feelings on this experience, let’s take it back to the beginning. 593 more words


10th - 16th July

10th   Another busy week ahead – Went for my yearly blood test, blood pressure, pulse, weight and urine test at the local doctors surgery, this morning, before a training session at the Civic Centre for members of the Audit Committee and substitutes.   171 more words


hybaj na surf...

Nechce sa mi veriť, že už je to mesiac, čo sme sa vrátili z parádneho surftripu v Španielsku. Možno si pamätáte ako som asi od mája… 572 more words


Update: I still can't cross the street by myself

I talked to my grandma about letting me have more ~freedom~ and of course it was unsuccessful. Maybe it is because of my natural inability to take anything seriously. 73 more words

Thoughts & Poems This Sunday

Today is Sunday. Though a deist I had to go to church today, not to hear the message but sort out issues regarding my sister’s health. 447 more words