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Scared Shitless Again

Conversations with Tess are scarier than “The Sex Talk” with mom because Tess isn’t easily put off. There’s no place to hide and no underground escape and it won’t end before Tess is done. 106 more words


Bosque Part 2

#8 Cuti Bersama

Di saat Jokowi sudah menetapkan 23 Juni 2017 sebagai tambahan cuti bersama dan semua orang gembira..

S: “Libur lebarannya jadi panjang banget. Yeay!” 528 more words


Midnight Thoughts


At 2am…

I had a dream. I saw a piece of heaven. I was running far away to a place where nobody knows. I felt so hard but I can’t even complain. 92 more words


Day 4

I met up with my psychiatrist yesterday, and an unexpected turn came to the teleconference I had with my psychiatrist and my mother: they wanted me to go back to Canada immediately since my psychiatrist was on vacation. 270 more words


Another nightmare bus journey, window shopping and a Sunday mass: Cebu City, Philippines

Our journey back to Palawan ran smoothly…for about five minutes. We were at the bus station early, our bus arrived on time and there was only a handful of people on the bus…perfect. 1,714 more words

Diary Of A Backpacker

A Brief Humiliation

My first impression of Nick was that he was too thin. Even as he closed the distance between us, a casual gait carrying him forward at high speed, his frame remained the width of a rail, his legs more narrow than my wrists. 2,113 more words