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Cube Logo

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: Kaukab Yaseen – YouTube Channel

This design is a bit of the normal for me in that it uses 3D and transparency in Illustrator. 89 more words

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4 Colour Logo

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: creatnprocess – YouTube Channel

This logo was a great little tutorial to do. Quick to do (took about 15 minutes to do), fairly easy to do, and was done in Illustrator (a program I don’t use enough and I want to improve my skills). 32 more words

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Art Deco Design

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: Spoon Graphics Blog

This image is inspired from the posters used in the movie The Great Gatsby (2013) starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 190 more words

Digital Image

Header Reference details for this blog

Here are the details for where to locate the image for the header of this WordPress blog.

Click below to access the image:


Google Images (2014). 17 more words

Teaching In A Digital World

One Picture a Day…………….Day 633..... Portrait

April 23, 2015…Day 633

Just look at those eyes.

One light was used, it was placed to the right of the frame and in front of the model.  91 more words


Split-flap Display - NON-STOP Poster

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC

Tutorial: Blue LightingTV YouTube Channel

Just like the previous Viking text image, this image is a text image. Once again it has the advantage of being easy to do, quick to complete and being fun to do. 96 more words

Digital Image

Rudd Field Still Video

The purpose of this assignment was for us to visit an on-campus location and capture still videos of the location from a variety of angles. I was assigned to capture Rudd Field. 64 more words

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