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One Picture a Day…………….Day 660..... Portrait

May 21, 2015…Day 660

One light was used, it was placed to the right of the frame and in front of the model. The light was placed so the model’s face would be illuminated more on the model’s left than the right. 70 more words


Dark Strawberry Heart

Dark Strawberry Heart, Digital Image. See it on my Prints Gallery ElizabethAFox at Imagekind
Digital Image Taken from Scan, Photoshop, very high definition, will print very large


My Work - Busy Keswick

Using the oil paint filter found in Adobe Photoshop CS6. This is the rather busy town of Keswick in the Lake District.

Print available

My Work

My Work - Eccletic Mix Painted Version

A mix of different objects including a bottle, shells, beads and fabrics. Image was taken using natural light. This image I have added a painting effect and also applying a dry brush to enhance the brush marks. 28 more words

My Work

One Picture a Day…………….Day 658..... Abstract

May 19, 2015….Day 658

Just walking around pictures jump out.

This is a digital image processed in Lightroom. Exposure and brightness were adjusted well as a moderate amount of cropping. 69 more words


My Work - Ecclectic Mix

I dug out an old photo of an odd collection of interesting objects, ranging from a bottle to shells, beads and fabrics. I asked some of my learners during a Photography class that I was teaching to bring in various objects that had an interesting colour, shape or texture. 19 more words

My Work

One Picture a Day…………….Day 656..... Landscape

May 17, 2015…Day 655

While driving around Sedona I came across this rocky outcrop. It was just the right time of day to get some strong lighting and good shadows. 70 more words