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Musashibō Benkei- a key hero in Japanese folklore and a warrior monk of great prowess- is rumoured to be instrumental in the creation of one of the country’s most popular street foods, the dorayaki.  667 more words

Asian Food

From madeleines to mochis, sweet to sublime

Having spent months at Alain Ducasse Education, up to my neck in totally outrageous quantities of sugar, flour and butter — the hallmarks of French pastry, I felt the desire for a new approach to dessert; something less processed and closer to the natural. 111 more words


Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa Book Review - Plus How to Make Dorayaki!

Earlier this year I came across a book on Goodreads titled Sweet Bean Paste which was recently translated into English. I added it right away and then received a tip from a Goodreads friend and fellow book blogger… 1,132 more words



Dorayaki how it should be; made-to-order pancakes with unique add-ons.

The pancakes were better than any that I tried in Tokyo or elsewhere. Slightly buttery and still warm. 33 more words

Chapter 8: Dorayaki from Marukyo

Just when I thought my sweet-tooth had fallen out over the years, it has re-summoned itself into the weakest form possible. I consume far more savoury foods than the finest sugars on the planet. 153 more words


Japan Day 1: Asakusa

After 7 hours flight from Singapore, we arrived at Narita airport at around 8.30 am. After we collected our luggage, we went to nearby post office inside Narita airport at Level 4 to collect our rental pocket WIFI. 681 more words


Postcards: A day in Kamakura, Japan

In November 2015, the JJ family visited Japan for Thanksgiving Break. Japan’s a beautiful country with one of the most efficient railway systems. As part of our travels, we took a day trip from Tokyo, to Kamakura where sits the second largest Buddha statue in all of Japan. 278 more words