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Dorayaki how it should be; made-to-order pancakes with unique add-ons.

The pancakes were better than any that I tried in Tokyo or elsewhere. Slightly buttery and still warm. 33 more words

Chapter 8: Dorayaki from Marukyo

Just when I thought my sweet-tooth had fallen out over the years, it has re-summoned itself into the weakest form possible. I consume far more savoury foods than the finest sugars on the planet. 153 more words


Japan Day 1: Asakusa

After 7 hours flight from Singapore, we arrived at Narita airport at around 8.30 am. After we collected our luggage, we went to nearby post office inside Narita airport at Level 4 to collect our rental pocket WIFI. 669 more words


Postcards: A day in Kamakura, Japan

In November 2015, the JJ family visited Japan for Thanksgiving Break. Japan’s a beautiful country with one of the most efficient railway systems. As part of our travels, we took a day trip from Tokyo, to Kamakura where sits the second largest Buddha statue in all of Japan. 278 more words


Kori King - The Cathay

Yet another new place for Kakigori had sprouted up in town, situated just a few units away from Matchaya that serves up the same dessert as well. 473 more words


Oleh-oleh Makanan Favorit dari Jepang

Bepergian tanpa membawa oleh-oleh seperti nasi bungkus tanpa karet gelang :p Oleh-oleh bisa berupa makanan, souvenir, atau produk fesyen. Jika budget terbatas, oleh-oleh souvenir dan makanan bisa menjadi pilihan. 500 more words