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Pancake Day in Japanese Style

It’s ‘Pancake Day’ today! It is not familiar Day for Japanese but I know it comes every year near Springtime. 300 more words


Homade Dorayaki & Cappuccino. by stefanie7


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[Review] Sharon Bakery, Roti Kelas Mall di Minimarket

Di Indonesia, roti adalah sebuah jenis makanan yang sering diasosiasikan dengan cemilan. Memilih memakan roti ketimbang nasi dianggap hanya untuk “ganjal perut” saja. Padahal kalau diintip lebih jauh, roti itu mengandung cukup banyak karbohidrat yang dibutuhkan tubuh. 555 more words


Dinner & a Movie: Japanese Edition

(Little Bite) Film & Restaurant Review: Film “An” and Restaurant Yo! Sushi

I decided to indulge in a solo Friday of cinema and food last weekend, with the… 729 more words

Restaurant Reviews

Shiro-an Taiyaki

Of all of the varieties of pancake available in Japan, the fish-shaped taiyaki sold by street vendors are the ones we’re always drawn to.  A sweet, tender waffley outer shell, hiding its scalding hot filling of red bean paste or on rare occasions custard or white beans.  855 more words

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Dorayaki No Kawauchiya in Shizuoka City: The Best Dorayaki in Shizuoka Prefecture!

Dorayaki (どら焼き) is a very popular Japanese cake enjoyed by all genders and ages consisting of two pancake-like layers sandwiching sweet red beans paste/ankou (鮟)! 643 more words

Shizuoka City


Dorayaki  (銅鑼焼き) is a Japanese sweet make with favourful pancake and a thick pile of red bean paste filling.  This home recipe is so simple to make and taste really good.! 83 more words