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A Dorayaki Afternoon

Faith and I share a love for all things red bean. If you are to ask her what bread she would like, she would answer, “Red bean bread.” Yup, we could have such a bread for days and won’t grow tired of it. 550 more words

In The Kitchen

JakJapan Matsuri Festival 2016

Kami selalu senang ketika ada event JakJapan Matsuri Festival. Dari tahun ke tahun pasti kami usahakan untuk mengunjungi, kecuali kalau ada keperluan yang lebih penting. 85 more words


Miyabi Teahouse Nakamoto: みやび茶屋仲元

Miyabi Teahouse Nakamoto みやび茶屋仲元 is a small tea house located in Okinawa city, off a back alley from Rt. 330 past the Rycom mall. You might not realize it exists, unless you recognize the hiragana for dorayaki どらやき on a purple flag in the alley and then think to follow it down an even more narrow alley to a parking lot leading to what appears to be an unmarked house except for the Okinawa City Omotenashi (おもてなし “hospitality”) flag outside the door. 247 more words


Maccha House

Maccha House, Orchard Central, Singapore.

Guess what kind of occasion that brings us to this restaurant? I guess it is normal if you are one of those people who frequent to Hai Di Lao, steamboat restaurant in the city. 253 more words



É em volta dos dorayaki, um doce típico japonês que se assemelha a duas panquecas recheadas com um creme confeccionado com feijão asuki, que se desenvolve o filme… 141 more words


Dorayaki with Ovomaltine

Dorayaki with Ovomaltine

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Sweet Bean | Movie Review

Thanks once again to The Upcoming for publishing my review

Confectionery vendor, Sentaro, leads a reticent existence until he meets Tokue, an old woman, who has a recipe to transform his business. 378 more words