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Dorayaki is a Japanese dessert that consists of red bean filling sandwiched between two perfectly cooked pancake-type cakes. It’s so cute and makes me feel like I’ve entered a cartoon world when I eat it! 452 more words


Red Bean Cake at the Square

There are certain childhood memories that come up for me whenever I am in Taipei. Lately, the warmer, humid, semitropical weather has really been giving me that feeling of Taiwan when I was really young, and the nostalgia reminds me of someone I was a long time ago. 99 more words


Favourite Dorayaki!

In Shibuya Hikarie (渋谷ヒカリえ) there’s a sweets shop that make my absolute favourite dorayaki (see picture). They are so perfectly moist and sweet, but not too sweet. 23 more words

Film review: “An” or ”Sweet Red Bean Paste” by Naomi Kawase

It took weeks for this film to be scheduled at a convenient date and time. It has been on show in European art house cinemas since late 2015. 594 more words


Pancake Day in Japanese Style

It’s ‘Pancake Day’ today! It is not familiar Day for Japanese but I know it comes every year near Springtime. 300 more words


[Review] Sharon Bakery, Roti Kelas Mall di Minimarket

Di Indonesia, roti adalah sebuah jenis makanan yang sering diasosiasikan dengan cemilan. Memilih memakan roti ketimbang nasi dianggap hanya untuk “ganjal perut” saja. Padahal kalau diintip lebih jauh, roti itu mengandung cukup banyak karbohidrat yang dibutuhkan tubuh. 555 more words