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É em volta dos dorayaki, um doce típico japonês que se assemelha a duas panquecas recheadas com um creme confeccionado com feijão asuki, que se desenvolve o filme… 141 more words


Dorayaki with Ovomaltine

Dorayaki with Ovomaltine

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Sweet Bean | Movie Review

Thanks once again to The Upcoming for publishing my review

Confectionery vendor, Sentaro, leads a reticent existence until he meets Tokue, an old woman, who has a recipe to transform his business. 378 more words

Mitsuhana: Dessert Paradise

Michihana is a newly opened dessert restaurant right down the street from Futarasan Shrine. Unlike most dessert establishments in Japan, they have a fairly large menu of different styles of sweets to choose from, as well as one savory dish of the day you can choose if you prefer. 406 more words


Red bean dorayaki by marukyo

I do like a good dorayaki, I think they use some sort of magic in YoSushi to cut them into thirds. In the UK I’ve mostly found dorayaki by marukyo, there are a few different varieties but these are the plain red bean type. 174 more words

Snack Review

Dorayaki, Onigiri, dan Okonomiyaki : Camilan Negeri Sakura yang Bisa Dibuat di Dapur Sendiri

Kuliner negeri sakura makin mendunia. Pasalnya, selain makin dikenal banyak orang lewat manga, anime, dan serial Jepang, rasanya juga menggugah selera. Kita tentu sudah akrab dengan sushi, ramen, dan takoyaki. 527 more words



Dorayaki is a Japanese dessert that consists of red bean filling sandwiched between two perfectly cooked pancake-type cakes. It’s so cute and makes me feel like I’ve entered a cartoon world when I eat it! 452 more words