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“If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are too heated, it will cool you;

if you are depressed, it will cheer you;

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Yoneya☆Shio Dorayaki Koshi An


Bei Seven Eleven habe ich einen sommerlichen Salz Dorayaki von Yoneya entdeckt. Dieses Mal mit einer cremigen Bohnenfüllung und mit einer schönen Meereswelle auf der Verpackung. 119 more words



So while I was making the wasabi lime cheesecake, my friend was making a traditional Japanese sweet – Dorayaki, which is the favourite food of a cartoon character called Doraemon. 91 more words

Van's Experimental Kitchen

Japan's Dorayaki: Doraemon's Snack

Have you ever watched Doraemon? If yes, then you know his favorite snack is the Red-beaned patties or what they call, Dorayaki. I got curious with it when my friend got back from a local store and bought a half dozen of these delightful goodies. 229 more words


Omakase @ Kampachi Plaza 33

I have been thinking about trying the omakase at Kampachi for a while since my brother last brought me here for a meal some time ago. 1,158 more words

Japanese Food

Dora Cake or Japanese Dorayaki or Azuki Bean Filling Pancake Recipe

Past few days my son has been asking me to try and make Dora cake or the Japanese Dorayaki pancake. If you are familiar with the famous Japanese anime character Doraemon created back in the year 1969 in a manga series (Japanese comics),then you must be knowing that Dora cake or Dorayaki happens to be his favourite snack. 860 more words


Dora Cake or Dorayaki or Fulffy Golden Pancake Sandwich from Japan

Celebrating success with a childhood memory….
My elder turned 18 this January. He secured admission to the college of his dreams in the City of Dreams this week, and on the first merit list too!! 411 more words