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Yummy Treats: Japanese Snacks and Desserts #2

Here’s this week’s Japanese Snacks and Desserts #2!


These are Anko’s squeezed by Castella Pancakes. Anko is made of sugar or honey and a paste of mashed Azuki Beans. 352 more words


FOOD: Snacks from Machiya Mart

Let’s start off by saying this is a food post (if this has not yet been made obvious by the title and the huge banner on top.). 458 more words



So I attempted to make Doraemon’s favourite snack – Dorayaki (red bean paste sandwiched by light fluffy pancakes)

Can I add that every Dorayaki I see in Japan has this perfect brown shade on their skin, & it just looks so beautifully perfect? 169 more words


Dorayaki (red bean pancakes)

Dorayaki is a Japanese pastry consisting of a sweetened red bean paste, sandwiched between two small American style pancakes. Red beans are often used in Asian countries as a dessert. 156 more words


An. あん。Sweet Beans.

I watched ‘An’ (あん) a while ago and I liked it.
Most people, who saw and even reviewed it, did so as well.
The Guardian dubbed the movie as “sweet but not cloying” and originally awarded it 4 out of 5 stars. 702 more words

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Taiyaki & Dorayaki: たい焼き&どら焼き

If you have read any previous posts, you are probably aware of my love (obsession?) with Japanese-style sweets. So this will be yet another entry dedicated to the wonderful world of… 373 more words

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