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Pangolier, the most underwhelming misunderstood carry in DOTA 2

The release of Pangolier has sparked much controversy within the Dota 2 community ever since the 7.07 patch was released. Many things have changed with the arrival of 7.07, including 2 new heroes which many were eager to try, one of them being Pangolier. 786 more words


New Era of «Warding»

At the beginning of this year, we set an ambitious goal – to create a simple and convenient training platform for players in competitive games. A number of tools have been created, that allow a player to assess his contribution to the game, to learn the effectiveness of the farm, and to reduce the amount of time spent using hotkeys. 678 more words


Mandate Radio: Ep. 215 (11/8/2017)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 215 (11/8/2017)

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to Mandate Radio! This week the boys talk Torchlight II, DotA 2, The Witness, Super Mario Odyssey, and Kentucky Route 0! 43 more words


Phantom Assassin Cosplay, 2017

So this year, after the usual two or three months of pained indecision (and failed attempts to get muscly enough to pull off cosplaying Steven Universe’s Jasper) , I settled on making Mortred/PA: 3,817 more words