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How much Gold & Exp can I get in Dota 7.06 during 14 minutes of the laning phase?

For Update 7.06

So I did the calculations for this before the major gameplay update for 7.06, and when that was released, I had to do recalculations.  702 more words


A (Very) Brief Introduction to the Dota Support Role Shenanigans

“Omni! Why didn’t you help me to hit him?”Spirit Breaker player after charging into five enemy heroes alone

Seeing that you actually bothered to search through the interwebs, and clicked on a blog that’s pretty much exclusively about the fun of playing support heroes; you’re probably not a complete noob to Dota 2. 734 more words


Manila Masters Day 3

Day 3 began showcased two of the most anticipated matches of the tournament. Could Team NP bring down the Chinese powerhouse iG? Would OG make a comeback at the expense of Faceless after moving down to the lower bracket earlier in the tournament? 1,109 more words


Manila Masters Day 2

Day 2 at the Manila Masters from Mall of Asia brought us great games, with two teams getting eliminated from the tournament. It also featured a clash between Evil Geniuses and Newbee to determine the first Grand Finalist of Manila Masters. 1,176 more words


Panduan Dota 2: Vision dan Tips Memanfaatkannya

Dalam Dota 2, vision adalah adalah salah satu elemen yang penting dalam permainan, namun kadang diabaikan. Vision memberikan informasi posisi lawan dalam minimap, dan dalam… 1,329 more words


Manila Masters Day 1

First round matches from Day 1 had the following results.

  • OG defeated Team NP (2-1)
  • Newbee defeated Team Secret (2-1)
  • Invictus Gaming defeated Clutch Gamers (2-1)
  • 735 more words


On May the 4th team NP announced their new line up that will compete for the up coming valve tournament Ti7. EternalEnvy’s decision for a roster change ultimately culminating in the kicking of SVG and 1437 from the team and the addition of FATA- and Pieliedie… 988 more words