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Dota 2 - Gameplay

To know what is Dota 2 and it’s basic gameplay, watch this video:


Essential Items You Need to Survive in DotA 2

New to DotA 2? Then you might want to check this item guide to help you survive your first normal matches in the game. These items can be used by any heroes. 389 more words

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Meskipun Sangat Murah, 5 Item Dota 2 Ini Bisa Membantumu Memenangkan Permainan

Item di early game umumnya punya harga yang sangat murah, dan beberapa di antaranya merupakan bahan untuk membuat item yang jauh lebih kuat. Tetapi meskipun murah, beberapa… 786 more words


Begini Serunya Nonton Pertarungan "Dota 2" Pakai VR

Menonton orang bermain Dota, seringkali monoton dan bikin bosan. Tapi hal itu akan berubah jika Anda menonton menggunakan teknologivirtual reality (VR).

Perusahaan video game Valve baru saja menyebarkan sebuah… 128 more words

Dota 2

eSports Weekly - Let's Get Real for a Moment

Welcome to eSports Weekly, your latest on the eSports scene (and yes, every week this different. It’s how I roll).

So Bungie dropped their latest Overwatch themed event, this time focusing on the greatest holiday of them all that isn’t actually a holiday (well, depending on when you’re from). 574 more words


More commends, more fun :)

In recent days, I have played Dota 2 and get so many commends from my teammates. I do not play more better as well as have a good KDA, so I have some surprises :). 35 more words