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4 Benefits Of Minimizing Stress And Discouragement

While you are preparing for an exam like the SAT, it might be easy to wallow in stress and despair. It may feel like you are supposed to do that as a right of passage, but there are four good reasons to battle your stress and stave off discouragement. 67 more words

Allison Mack

Video (Marketing) Killed the Radio Star..

The digital marketing world has had to embrace different mediums to push out their content, one of which that is certainly not at the lower end of the spectrum is ‘Video Marketing’. 403 more words

Digital Marketing

#NowReading : 10 Digital Nomad Books You Must Read

I really liked calling myself an avid leader – up until I started working of course. Since then, all I do read sometimes are books that help me enhance my skills or have intrigued me because they were written by an influencer I followed or looked up to. 37 more words

Remote Working

Featured! I Feel Honored And Special

I didn’t know that MiddleMe is featured on Discover by the WordPress Editorial Team until my dear friend and loyal reader, da-AL pointed it out to me.  288 more words


Already 31 and not married yet? Why marriage can wait, building your empire cannot.

Whether I like it or not, I often hear: ‘Oh you’re 31? Shouldn’t you be married and thinking about kids?’ At the age of 31 I discovered people feel free to advice you on marriage matters. 170 more words


Profit in 90 Days? Avoid the Mistakes That Could Cost You a Million Dollars.

‘Undercover Billionaire’ is all very well. But, TV fantasies aside, here’s how — if you’re smart and lucky — you can reach success before you run out of cash. 1,351 more words