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Nigerians make brisk business from Lazy Nigerian Youth T-Shirts, Caps –

The controversial comment attributed to president Muhammadu Buhari alleging that Nigerian youths are lazy has progressed from strong criticism to brisk business venture as “Lazy Nigerian Youth” T-Shirts and Caps has been spotted in merchandise shops. 169 more words


What are the most common reasons for startups to fail?

In my observation startups fail because of any one, or a combination of some of the factors below:

  • Assumptions on costs, adoption rates, revenues, operational efficiencies, etc.
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Bridge Building

One of the exceptional strengths of the very wealthy is the depth and breadth of their personal and professional relationships. Even more powerful are their core connections to advocates that help them garner key resources and generate new business opportunities. 1,310 more words

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10 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer About Your Business

One of the most important elements of being an entrepreneur, is being able to articulate key areas of your business. Whether you are talking to a potential customer, trying to differentiate yourself from other businesses, or seeking investment or capital, these are standard questions you should be able to answer. 893 more words


How can veterans excel as entrepreneurs?

In the course of serving our nation, veterans learn valuable skills and self-discipline that they can carry through to their post-military careers. One professional path that many veterans take is entrepreneurship.  459 more words

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What Is Equity?

Alright, last one, I promise. We’ve covered assets, we’ve covered liabilities, now it’s time for equity.

In accounting, liabilities and equity are assets, so equity is equal to assets-liabilities. 227 more words