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The New Biography, 'An Affair With Beauty', Sheds Light On The Most Famous Painter Of The Jazz Age

Chances are that you have never heard of the Christy Girl or its creator, Howard Chandler Christy. However, Christy was the most famous painter of the Jazz Age. 128 more words


Gary Johnson's running mate said no one is 'more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president'

The Libertarian nominee’s own running mate initially failed to name him as the most qualified presidential candidate.

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Getting Real About Getting To Mars

SpaceX founder Elon Musk deserves kudos for outlining an ambitious plan to get humans to the Martian surface and beyond.  But chutzpah alone will not solve the multitude of research problems that are going to have to be solved before anyone — NASA, ESA, the Chinese, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, or even the Russians — successfully land crews on Mars. 47 more words


Here are the Republicans who endorsed Donald Trump for president

The GOP nominee has not received an endorsement from a national newspaper, but he still has the backing of some high-profile Republicans.

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This Startup Teaches Real Estate Brokers How To Build Financial Empires

Real estate agents aren’t often referred to as entrepreneurs. Instead, they are commonly reduced to the title of salesperson, negotiator or marketing expert. Yet, to be successful in the space, each of these independent enterprises must master the art of pitching products, brokering deals, securing financing and forecasting the market. 121 more words


Yahoo open-sources machine learning porn filter

Yahoo is the latest tech company to open source its computer vision code. The beleaguered outfit’s application for it? Filtering porn. Yahoo hopes that its convolutional neural net (CNN) will empower others to better guard innocent eyes, but admits t… 48 more words