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Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor: Building A Company Around A Movement

I recently caught up with Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor, cofounders of Vega Factor, a company that helps organizations build high performing, adaptive cultures through technology, learning programs, and process design. 25 more words

Entrepreneurship CEO: Coding Provided 'Order Amidst Chaos' as Bombs Fell Near My Home

Ahead of next week’s Hour of Code, Hadi Partovi shares how computer programming offered calm, confidence and optimism in an otherwise hopeless situation.


Ready to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life? Let's Do It Together.

I’m starting a 90-day challenge starting on Dec. 1. Here are five tips that can help you stick with the plan if you join me. 6 more words

Startups & Technology come to the help- Of People & Terrorists

Two weeks ago we saw the deadly attack on Paris and closer home (India) the havoc caused by Chennai rains. While Facebook activated its Safety Check feature for the Paris attacks, Uber and Air BnB came out to help people travel to safer places and find a place to stay. 327 more words


How The Bank of Palestine Bested Carlos Slim

The Bank of Palestine plans to open a branch in Chile after expanding to Dubai over the summer.

Source: Forbes – Forbes – Management.


Study Seinfeld to Learn Everything You Need About Productivity

What you do every day you will do better, regardless of how badly you do it at the start.