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‘The head of the heard was calling far, far away’……Trump and trust

People of a certain age will understand the reference about the elephant who rebelled against the circus hierarchy and left the circus to find freedom in the matriarchy of wild elephants (see  623 more words


The information you're missing for a successful career in the internet era

Admit it, you are spending your days in front of a screen. From when you wake up in the morning and check your email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or Facebook page, to your office computer, to when you are walking around town with your thumbs and eyes on your smartphone, knowing it might rain later not because you saw clouds in the sky, but since your weather widget warned you. 569 more words


My article on Management INK

Most academics agree that their research reaches less people than it deserves. One of the reasons is that academic articles are not shared widely on social media. 150 more words


BTN LiveBIG: Cornhusker couple delivers healthy habits in a box

For Paul and Stephanie Jarrett, there’s no such thing as “too close to home.” The Nebraska natives both graduated from the University of Nebraska, which was also where they met. 806 more words

Two and a Half

Twenty Five

Two and a half is phenomenal. It’s inate. It’s metaphorical. It’s a sophistication. It’s timely. It’s transitional. It’s touchy and memorable. Two and a half is worth a life time. 917 more words


Sales and Starting a Small Business

I’ll save you the bother. I don’t want to particularly, but I will. We could wait to have this discussion until you’ve experienced it too and then have a good laugh about it when it’s all over and we’ve gotten past it. 1,898 more words

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