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How Video Games Taught Me How to Set My Week Up Right

Even if you’re not a gamer (which I’m not), you’re probably familiar with the elements of classic video games, such as the energy/life bar that’s usually on the corner of the screen showing how “alive” you are. 1,275 more words

How the startup economy is replacing the traditional resume

A group of five engineers and product people get together, raise some angel funding, build a startup, make little to no money and sell for $10 million. 877 more words


Make Things Happen, Don't Wait

I am not sure there are many safe places to hide any more. You can’t hang low collecting a paycheck hoping your bosses don’t notice. And everyone’s getting squeezed. 297 more words


Are you lazy to read this post?

I don’t blame you, because you’re not the only one. There are probably hundreds of people who didn’t click on it, but you did and you won’t regret after reading it. 421 more words

Power to create: The baby step

We all have blind spots – those areas for improvement and growth. As painful as it can be to admit we’re doing things we never wanted to do and saying things we never wanted to say, it is this acknowledgement that enables us to take thefirst step toward change.

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Key Factors that Affect a Startup’s eligibility into an Accelerator

Being part of an accelerator program has a number of advantages.  Some of them are access to a network of renowned industry mentors, investors, alumni network, acceleration in the process of becoming a sustainable business, learning from other startups. 587 more words


Beware of the status quo

media, Drastic times call for drastic measures. That is especially true in today’s digital world. Traditional methods of receiving news and media are disappearing, forcing journalists to think like entrepreneurs. 339 more words