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Why do I play so much football games?

Yes. That is the question. Why, oh why, do I play so much football games? Why do I spend hours each day playing football games? Whether it’s… 729 more words


The Day FIFA Wasn't Fun Anymore...

FIFA 12. Everything about this game was awesome, career mode and ultimate team. Although there were a few niggles here and there FIFA 12 was what everyone who loves the world game wanted it to be, it was fun. 279 more words


Kids @marteria

Marten Laciny, better known by his stage name Marteria, is an electronic/rap artist from Rostock, Germany. His stage name is derived from his first name, and also the Spanish word ‘materia’ meaning ‘matter’ or ‘substance’. 44 more words

Fifa 12

FIFA 12 commercial (2011)

Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Producer: Ray Leakey/ Michele Anzalone
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Production: Smuggler/ Some Of Us
Task: Transportation Captain/ Unit Manager’s asst.


Why FIFA by EA Sports Is Horrible

As lots of people around the world will admit or profess, soccer (real football) is one of the best sports in the world. There is grace, true skill, speed, power, and finally one of the best releases when the ball finally goes through the net. 550 more words


[Indie]: Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee

As I sit here in my favourite t-shirt from high school, and as that very t-shirt continues to cut off the circulation in my body, I realize that I am feeling pretty nostalgic today. 77 more words