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Stemming the Tide

Rain beats at my window
trying to get in
I won’t let the drops
touch my skin
Their desire – to beat me
into blind submission…

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How to Conquer Discouragement

I was feeling really discouraged yesterday.  Reconciling myself to situations that are so far outside my control, realizing that I have no answers to questions I’m not certain how to pose is difficult. 1,046 more words

Creative Non-fiction

Flood (Repost April 2014)

It comes rushing in


You see the possibility

But never quite ready

Until you are drowning in gratitude

All the problems and trouble tearing away in a flash… 71 more words


Northern Rivers

Now, where were we…

After I crossed the Queensland/New South Wales border it began raining and kept raining for a week.

I didn’t mind it too much. 994 more words


COMMENTARY: Five ways to prepare urban homes for flooding

Wild weather seems increasingly widespread these days. Cities are especially vulnerable to extreme weather, meaning that many of us will end up paying for the damage it can cause. 876 more words



i don’t want to be the one who complains
but i really am tired of this rain
everywhere i turn everything is wet
my get up and go has no go and no get… 146 more words