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When main roads become rivers

When main roads become rivers and you need four hours to get home instead of the usual 15-minute walk, you realize that a heavy monsoon is hitting the island. 71 more words


Derby flood victims to volunteers: 'They're a Godsent'

DERBY, Kan. (KSNW) –  More than a year after flood waters tore through parts of Kansas, repairs have finally been made to one local couple’s home. 295 more words


Morecambeology Part 6: Stormy Weather with Peter Wade ;-)

The clue is in the name: Poulton – a settlement by a pond or pool. With no sea defences as such, Poulton and its neighbours had to make the most of the landscape, setting themselves on hills or behind higher ground, seeking shelter from storm and flood. 340 more words


In Harvey's Aftermath

A hummingbird darted past us, heading straight for the feeder by the kitchen window. The little bird hovered, tried and tried again. There was nothing. None of the flowering plants in our garden could feed him, either. 2,001 more words


This is probably the worst US flood storm ever, and I’ll never be the same


HOUSTON—Lightning crashed all around as I dashed into the dark night. The parking lot outside my apartment building had become swollen with rains, a torrent about a foot deep rushing toward lower ground God knows where. 1,538 more words


Fire Ants Forever

As the recent hurricanes and tomorrow’s cartoon will prove, even 50 inches of rain can’t kill fire ants.

They persist.


Comic Commentary

Pregnant Moms Dealing With Zika Fears

My article on Zika was just published this month by Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR). The article, entitled Zika: Original Antigenic Sin? is written for my medical colleagues and might be dense (a nice word for mind-numbingly boring) for someone expecting. 194 more words