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Your Daily Dose of Awesome, 8/4/15 edition

As I was looking at pictures and videos and listening to stories of the floods that infiltrated my new hometown yesterday, I got to thinking. Thinking is what I do. 551 more words


People walk through a flooded area of Peshawar

People walk through a flooded area of Peshawar after torrential rains and flooding killed 81 people in Pakistan over the past two weeks and affected almost 300,000.


Tampa Bay floods: the national media ignores it because they're doing everything right?

Congratulations Tampa Bay!  You’re showing, as a region, how to handle an emergency situation with professionalism, intelligence, and a general sense of community.

Now here’s the bad part – because you’re doing everything… 668 more words

Creationism and Conglomerate Rocks

An article by David R Montgomery in The Conversation titled “Even setting evolution aside, basic geology disproves creationism” has sparked a rebuttal from the team at Answers in Genesis (AiG). 761 more words


Beer, Buddies & Rain

Two of our friends flew in from Alabama this weekend and 1 drove down from Gainesville all for a beer festival! There were two festivals this weekend in Tampa but we only made it to one. 308 more words

Abba Adventures

Magic Man's Bonfire Smoke Stories

for those who love a good bedtime story or lullaby before sleeping

A magic man lived in the heart of the tallest mountain growing from the deepest sea bed. 249 more words