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And there was Light

In the late 18th century the British had established a global empire, but they had no settlement in South East Asia. The Portuguese and Dutch already had established trading ports in the region and the French started to become interested. 876 more words

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Penang's First Lady - Martina Rozells

A Eurasian of Siamese and Portuguese descent, Martina Rozells, is said to be have been born in Thaland, Phuket and later became an adopted child of the Sultan of Kedah in what is today Malaysia – just south of Satun province in Thailand. 669 more words

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Penang [State of Malaysia] #92 (1986)

As a part of Malaysia, the State of Penang is often referred to by the modern Malay name Pulau Pinang, which means ‘the island of the areca nut palm’ ( 2,716 more words

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