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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Penang is one of my favourite spots in Malaysia. This island is famous for many reasons – the food, the beaches, the heritage buildings, the architecture, and the cool respite of Penang Hill and its forests when the weather is hot. 592 more words


The Battle of Thalang

March 13 each year is celebrated on Phuket island in southern Thailand as Thalang Victory Day, commemorating the 1785 defeat of the local inhabitants over a superior Burmese invasion force. 4,309 more words


Connecting the Lights

Facts, Mysteries and Eurasians

Two weeks ago, I received an email notification of a very interesting and fascinating Sunday afternoon programme at a leading hotel in Penang. 1,351 more words

More Penang

I spent a long time in Penang. Outwardly, to the world, I was contemplating my life, reading up on philosophy and meditating life, the universe and everything.  1,174 more words


Penang Diary 1: A brief history

Penang comes from the Malay word pinang  or the areca plant (whose nut is called betel) which grew all over the island. Originally a part of the Malay sultanate of Kedah,  815 more words