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Mumbai 5s Win The Inaugural Premier Futsal

With the culpable tension in the air, Mumbai 5s’ in-form player, Colombian Caro Angellot’s hat trick took Mumbai a step forward into the Premier Futsal League, beating Kolkata 5s with a 3-0 lead at half time. 322 more words


Indian Premier Futsal League

India, a place where cricket kept dominating over all other sports till years, is now paving way for a lesser known format of football, commonly known as Futsal. 225 more words


Premier Futsal in India: the Eternal Dilemma

Ryan Giggs has raised yet another trophy and surely the last of a mammoth career. But perhaps more importantly, has he helped trigger a sleeping giant of global sport? 1,354 more words

4 title games, 3 championships, 2 years zip by...

A wonderful two year run of success came to an end this past Sunday. Posting a record of 16-1 over their last four major tournaments, the 05/06 BUFC team won USFF’s Regional-National-Regional events consecutively in 2015-16 before losing to SUSC this year in the National championship game. 56 more words


FCB, USA Futsal and lots of happy campers...

This week marked a special moment in the history of BUFC as we partnered with FC Barcelona & USA Futsal to host the Elite 96 futsal camp. 105 more words

Friday July 22, 2016 in Chicago. What a great day to be alive in scorching summer heat and under the beautiful sky. Sitting here just imagining myself playing soccer with friends in 90 degree temperature. 232 more words