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The Power Of Futsal: Daniel Coyle's The Talent Code ! (1)

Chances Are You’re Not Developing Your Skills Right

This is the message of Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code (2009) , a must read book which has only increased my desire to complete my Football and Futsal Coaching Qualifications and apply what Coyle shares about coaching. 817 more words


Comfortable Havoc City Punished Harshly

Havoc City begin their third season for the first time in defeat. Boasting a full squad, City looked to be on their way to a win in the season’s first week, however, an injury to one of their players would turn the match on its head. 275 more words


September/December 2015 Season Begins!

The new season begins tonight! Havoc City take on Shampagnee United in their Week 1 match. Can they get all three points?

City will be the only team representing the Reds United Futsal Group this upcoming season and, after the squad’s performance last season, will be hoping for even better results. 180 more words


Brazilian Chick Gets A Boot To the Face In A Game Of Futsal

Someone tell that bitch to quite being so salty! From what I gather Futsal is just 5 on 5 soccer, and if thats true than these Brazilian chicks might be tougher than 90% of the Premier League, UEFA League, CONCAF, MLS any of those soccer leagues that I don’t understand. 99 more words

aktifitas siswa

Ada dua tugas utama sekolah. Pertama, sekolah mempunyai tugas dalam membangun kompetensi akademik (Academic Building). Pembentukan kompetensi akademik ini dilakukan dengan mendesain kurikulum pembelajaran yang sesuai dengan karakter sekolah dan peserta didik. 173 more words

Aktifitas Siswa

May/August 2015 Team of the Season and Awards

With the May/August 2015 Season concluding last Tuesday, Reds United Futsal Group presents August’s Player of the Month along with the awards for outstanding players of the season, including the Golden Boot, Silver Boot, Most Improved Player and also Team of the Season. 580 more words



Long, long ago, when I was still a little girl (ha!), Wednesday nights were looked forward to because of one thing and one thing only: Mambo Night! 190 more words

Swing Life Away