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Photo du Jour: Break Fast In Kuala Lumpur

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Michael Siebert visited Malaysia and sent us this picture of the Petronas Twin Towers lit up to mark Eid al-Fitr 2013, the traditional celebration of the end of Ramadan and the breaking of the fast that took place August 8.

Ed Salvato

Malaysia issues 'gay guidelines'

In a more-than-a-little-bit-ironic move, The Education Ministry of Malaysia has released official government guidelines to help parents spot the “symptoms” of homosexuality in their children. According to the Ministry, this is so parents can intervene and give “immediate attention” to children they suspect of having The Gay. 61 more words


Don't be afraid Malaysia, we mean you no harm...

Please, take a deep breath before you fill my comments section with hate. We are not the things you’ve been told that we are. We are Malaysians, brothers and sisters, friends and family, workmates and clients, waiters and customers. 204 more words

Human Rights

Aksi pelir stim dan video melayu

Cuba lihat gambarajah. Betul atau tidak kenyataan bahawa lelaki straight sudah kian pupus pada zaman ini? Muka macho tapi gay/ homoseksual/ lembut. Badan tinggi, dada bidang, tough nak mampus tapi tetek naik. 73 more words