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Dismaland; the start.

    This is the piece by Shadi Al Zaqzouq

(a Palestinian) that stopped me in my tracks in Dismaland. I stood silent on my own for a few minutes, staring and processing the power of this oil painting mounted in a tire. 100 more words

Arab Spring

YEAR 3 - Furious.

Never before have I been so upset and angered by the situation in the Middle East, the way I am now.
It makes me furious, my previous work in Uni has always been about things that resinate and really pull at my heart strings; anything to do with home. 198 more words


Shots Fired on IDF Vehicle from Gaza

Snipers from Gaza shot on Tuesday afternoon at an IDF military vehicle driving near the border fence.

The incident occurred while a group of soldiers were traveling near Israel’s border with Gaza; a senior IDF officer was also reportedly inside the vehicle at the time. 89 more words


“. . . they come to burn the love in our hearts . . .” (Yousef al-Mahmoud)

❶ 2 Palestinians shot dead as attacks kill 3 Israelis, injure 28
❷ Israeli forces shoot, injure 23 Palestinians with live bullets
❸ Demoralization and Resistance: Israel’s Unseen Policy and Jerusalem’s Refusal to Abandon Its Collective Identity… 875 more words

Al Aqsa Mosque

Solidaridad con Palestina! Boicot genocidio israelí! | Solidarity with Palestine! Boycott Israeli Genocide!



¡Solidaridad con la resistencia popular palestina! ¡Boicot a Israel ahora!

Tanto si la fase actual de intensificación de la represión israelí y la resistencia popular palestina deriva en una intifada en toda regla o no, una cosa ya es evidente: una nueva generación de palestinos y palestinas está siguiendo los pasos de las generaciones anteriores, levantándose en masa contra un brutal régimen de ocupación, colonialismo y apartheid israelíes que lleva muchas décadas. 223 more words

israel takes advantage of the world looking elsewhere to launch more genocide

3 Killed on Monday 25 Others Injured; 27 Killed 1400 Injured and 400 Kidnapped in October

The Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) has reported on Monday that Israeli soldiers shot and killed 27 Palestinians, including three killed in Jerusalem on Monday, meanwhile more than 1400 others were injured by Israeli troops gunfire since the start of October.

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התמונה שלא תראו בתקשורת הישראלית “השמאלנית” – היום בעיר עזה, האב מנשק בפעם האחרונה את בתו התינוקת שנהרגה בהפצצת חיל האויר המוסרי ביותר בעולם

Questa foto non la troverete sui media israeliani. 30 more words