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New work by Banksy highlights conditions of Palestinians living in Gaza

The elusive UK artist Banksy published yesterday a series of new works in Gaza giving form to a politically charged travelogue of a war-ravaged neighbourhood. 132 more words


Make this the year YOU discover a new destination

“If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful – we don’t remain neutral”

(by Banksy)

Why Banksy covered Gaza Strip rubble with artwork

WATCH ABOVE: Banksy has left his mark on the Gaza Strip, covering rubble from last year’s conflict with his artwork and sending a message about life in the Palestinian territory. 580 more words


GideonLevy#Israel is galloping to the next war in #Gaza - Israel News | Haaretz

The next war will break out in the summer. Israel will give it another childish name and it will take place in Gaza. There’s already a plan to evacuate the communities along the Gaza Strip border. 675 more words


Inside a Gaza tunnel

online only (published today, thursday 26th)
inside a gaza tunnel, presented by quentin sommerville 78 more words

Gaza as seen by an Israeli soldier and street artist Banksy

A revealing interview

Everyone should hear how a former IDF soldier explains the similarities of what his grandmother experienced in Auschwitz and why he has to speak out against Israel and the USA. 92 more words