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Sexual torture of Palestinians by israeli authorities. Did the USA teach them to do this or was it vice versa?

Sexual torture of Palestinians by Israeli authorities

A new academic study in the peer-reviewed medical journal ‘Reproductive Health Matters’ has revealed dozens of cases of “alleged sexual torture or ill-treatment” of Palestinian male prisoners detained by Israel. 1,261 more words


Total absense of humanitarian concerns by israel in regards to Gaza

Why is Israel tightening the Gaza blockade?


Due to lack of building materials being allowed into the Gaza Strip, there has been little progress in the reconstruction of Gaza. 840 more words


Charity Week 2016

Raising Money for Charity

Hamza Wahid, The Box’s Senior Economics Editor, is currently raising money in collaboration with Islamic Relief UK for orphans and disadvantaged children living in Syria and Gaza whose lives have been affected by conflict. 169 more words


West Bank Protests

Photojournalist Edward Crawford is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  From his project ‘West Bank Protests‘.  To see Edward’s portfolio and stories click on any image. 436 more words

Human Condition

Why is Israel tightening the Gaza blockade?

Let us begin with the facts: Israeli authorities have, over the course of the last year, tightened the long-standing blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Even before these more recent restrictions, the Israeli blockade – an illegal policy of collective punishment in the… 793 more words


World Food Programme in Palestine

World Food Programme Country Brief, State of Palestine
September 2016

The Numbers:
  • 1.6 million food-insecure Palestinians in need of food assistance
  • 745,000 non-refugees in need of food assistance…
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