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Herbs pt.1

People have been using plants as medicine for thousands of years, so they say, and each culture has its own herbology. There are common plants that your grandmother gave you as a tea, or maybe let you smell their vapor, and there are those special ones with weird names that the Chinese or native Americans or Indians or anyone else have used to cure every disease possible for the last millennia. 2,379 more words

Ginseng Crop Update – May 19, 2016

In most areas frost did not occur over the weekend. However, the cold weather itself may cause some minor damage to ginseng. In general, the stems will still be intact, but the leaves may be distorted or the tops may not fully extend. 395 more words


Rainy Days are Soup Days

We had one day, Monday, forecast to be sunny. I chose to use it to run errands, one of which was to stop at the Asian grocery. 543 more words

Joys Of Life

Health Kick: Adaptogens

Green smoothies, acai bowls and bee pollen shots have all had their moments in the sun. Move over and make room at the juice bar guys, because the latest trend to take over the health and wellness is community is the… 323 more words


Forecasting Frost Events – Comparison of Weather Forecast Sites

Frost events have been increasing in recent years and growers of a wide range of crops have been implementing different frost mitigation measures to protect their crops. 1,385 more words


Ginseng Can Boost Your Immunity

Sipping just one cup of ginseng tea a day can trigger a 30% spike in the immune system cells that destroy invading organisms, cutting your risk of infections as must as 40%, according to researchers. 43 more words


A Glass of Tea

Mother’s nectar: Green tea with ginseng

Swallowing the sweetness to bury that bitter soul

Flash Fiction