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Dealing with Frost Damage in Ginseng

Frost damage has occurred in many areas of gardens across the ginseng growing area. The full extent of the damage and the potential for older plants to recover from the damage will not be known for a few days. 606 more words


Tea Interval 2

Once again, I’m a bit too busy writing articles on tea – today I’m writing about Kava tea and Kombucha tea – but I just wanted to take a brief moment to share a beautiful quote from Thomas Cleary’s Translation of the Taoist text ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower': 123 more words


Diminutive Delights

I limit my driving, which makes the splash and splay of ornamental colors resurgent in spring blooms a vibrant celebration when I travel through local villages. 1,059 more words

Nature Photography

Time Bomb Skincare Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 Review

Today I am going to review final product from Time Bomb Skincare- Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. 721 more words


Options for Frost Protection in Ginseng

With frost in the forecast for Friday night, there have been questions about various frost protection methods in ginseng. We don’t have any specific research results for ginseng, but there has been work done for other crops. 848 more words


Ginseng Scout Training - Field Workshop

This year the Ginseng Scout Training will be held in the field for a more interactive experience. Anyone new to ginseng or scouting ginseng this summer is encouraged to attend. 130 more words


Ginseng Crop Update - May 15, 2015

With a temperature of -0.8C recorded at Delhi on Thursday morning, there is some frost damage in some areas. With a lighter freeze occurring, damage is mostly restricted to edges of gardens and low pockets where cold air pooled. 304 more words