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Difference Between Asian and North American Ginseng

It’s time to blog again ~

I would like to recognize my fellow bloggers, because my post will post related to theirs. Kathyrn and Jessie. Since J… 405 more words


History of Ginseng Root as an All Natural Medicine in Asia/North America

Today, we will talk about Ginseng. There are so many good things that Mother Nature offered to us. Maybe it’s best if we keep everyone well-informed about these precious presents. 413 more words


Ginseng bubble bath | Dr Giorgini

Can’t stand Summer heat and sultriness? To tackle this issue, take extra care of what you eat, consume a lot of seasonal fruits and drink lots of water. 61 more words

Ginseng - Youth Tonic?

Ginseng caught my attention long time ago. I like to visit Asian markets from time to time and it’s hard to not notice that everything there has a variation with ginseng in it – ranging from different teas to shampoo. 313 more words


“The Ginseng Hunter – A Novel” by Jeff Talarigo

A few years ago, I remonstrated with a friend who purchased a health-branded product (herbal tea?) that included ginseng. “It’s an endangered plant! How come everyone wants to take care of endangered birds and ignores endangered plants?” I don’t remember my little rant having any impact. 252 more words

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis is also called Chinese caterpillar fungus, and a rare tonic herbs of folk customary in our country, its nutrients than ginseng, can be used as a medicine, also edible, is excellent cuisine, has the very high nutritional value. 465 more words

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ginseng Crop Update June 26, 2015

Today is a good day to apply fungicides for Phytophthora and other diseases if they have not been applied in the last few days. Rainy periods over the past two weeks likely resulted in isolated foliar infections of Phytophthora. 320 more words