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Samgyetang: Chicken soups of Korea (yes, South Korea)


I was sitting at the airport waiting for my flight, when I thought I’d call my credit card company to tell them not to block my card (again) while I’m traveling.  344 more words


Bee Energetic

Bee Energetic

Purium`s Bee Energetic contains nature`s most energizing foods without ephedrine or added caffeine. This powerful combination of plant powders can actually build up your immune system and support your adrenal glands while giving you the sustained energy you really need. 444 more words


MiGaBon 味加本 – Awesome Korean Porridge At Myeongdong Seoul, Warm And Comforting Breakfast Food


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The thought about having warm, comforting Korean Porridge during the cold weathers in Seoul was always enticing.

If you have walked to this stretch at Myeongdong nearer to the cathedral side, you would notice two simultaneous queues outside this block of restaurants. 655 more words


I'm From Ginseng Serum Review

I’m From is a Korean brand that promises three things: “Ingredient Transparency – Honest Materials – No Harmful Additives” (source). I only tried their Honey Mask and I absolutely love it! 573 more words


Root Lesion Nematodes vs Rusty Root: What is Affecting Your Ginseng?

There has been a lot of confusion on what is causing rusty symptoms and constrictions on ginseng roots. Some growers assume it is all root lesion nematode damage, but some damage seems to occur where no root lesion nematodes can be found in soil tests. 1,066 more words


Gingseng planting: Farm the forest floor

Planting season is upon us as plants begin to senesce for winter slumber ahead. In their natural wild state during this is the time of year, ginseng plants are dropping their berry clusters and begining to draw back underground. 1,599 more words


Premium Ginseng Extract Energy Drink

Energy Blend

This 5-hour ENERGY ingredient is an amino acid that transmits nerve impulses to the brain, Tyrosine is found in meat, dairy, fish and grains. 99 more words

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