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Between Choi Siwon and Tiffany Hwang

Choi Siwon & Tiffany Hwang

Saya bawa posting-an untuk para Sifany shippers. Sedikit curhat, ide posting-an ini sudah saya buat sejak tahun 2013 tapi karena sesuatu hal akhirnya saya meninggalkan dunia per-kpop-an dan baru kembali lagi beberapa bulan lalu, itupun engga betul-betul aktif. 2,063 more words

Choi Siwon

Passion [One Shot]

Pairing SooSun.

Disclaimer: Author WP ini (Maifate) tidak menulis ff ini. Ff ini milik teman author, yang bernama panggilan Oya. Saya hanya membantu mempublish di WP ini. 3,460 more words


Girls' Generation Party

Teaser photos for Girls’ Generation’s Party, the pop group’s latest single.

More pictures of Girls’ Generation Party

Korean Girl Group

Tiffany from Girls Generation - Kawaii fashion inspiration Monday nr. 7

Forgive, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.

~Author Unknown


Collage curated by me. Photographs belong to Instyle magazine, featuring the lovely Tiffany from the Kpop group Girls Generation. 


Girls' Generation - Tiffany Featured in August '15 "MAPS" Magazine

I was scrolling through the web and I found this! Tiffany is featured in the August issue of MAPS magazine. I usually only post these at but I kinda wanted to share this one here since I haven’t posted one here in a while. 86 more words


Ranking #1 -- Girl's Generation

Unlike many people, Girl’s Generation was actually not my first Kpop group. However, as soon as I discovered them, there was no going back. To me, So Nyeo Shi Dae has a timeless quality that no other group can touch. 1,913 more words

Girl's Generation