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Ivanka: Trump's ambassador to liberal America

All grown-up, but still Daddy’s Little Girl. No one on this planet has the man’s ear more than Ivanka Trump – who is posing herself as the incoming administration’s ‘climate czar,’ and now has gone so far as to have arranged a meeting between the President-elect and former VP Al Gore. 258 more words

National News

Lifestyle Changes Are Able to Stop Global Warming

Making changes to your daily routine will either make or break global warming. Many people are unaware of how their decisions affect our environment.

While bringing attention to the issue is a key concept, there are many alternative choices available that are environmentally friendly. 15 more words

An Open Discussion

Climate change is something that has been on the radar of politicians, the media, big oil companies, and environmentalists for quite some time. Many feel that the science of climate change is still under debate, when in reality there is consensus amongst almost all climate scientists that climate change is happening. 89 more words

Making Matters Hot

Climate change is a concept which has always been on the radar of the media, the political debate, amongst scientists, and really anyone who gives a damn. 1,454 more words

Climate Change Australia – Liberals Revolt Against Turnbull's Carbon Tax

By Andrew Bolt ~

TonyfromOz prefaces:

Where you see the word ‘Liberal’ here, be aware that this is the major Political Party from the Conservative side of the political fence here in Australia.

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The UN Poll

By Willis Eschenbach – Re-Blogged From

A while back I discussed the UN Global Poll regarding what people around the world think is important to them. 1,591 more words

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