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What Happened To Summer?

Did she call?

I can’t believe August is over with fall in the wings.  It’s as if we’ve had the Reader’s Digest version of summer.  Or one with crib notes. 142 more words


Climate Change This Week: Another Dangerous Pipeline, Solar Community Power Grows, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

Saving BUB, Beautiful Unique Biodiversity, like this south American treehopper, is another reason to preserve forests. 3,016 more words

Super heatwaves starting

Remember they predicted ‘super-heatwaves’ by 2050, with the wet-bulb temperature making it too humid & hot for the human body to cool down? Mass deaths across tropical and Middle Eastern regions? 7 more words

Global Warming

Climate Change May be Readying to Split the Heavens over the U.S. Southeast -- So What Can We Do?

None of us are bystanders when it comes to climate change. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all caught up in the most pressing trouble of our age. 2,610 more words

Climate Change

California and EPA Poised to Expand Pollution of Potential Drinking Water Reserves

Drinking water? We don’t need no stinking drinking water!

Abrahm Lustgarten reports at ProPublica:

As the western United States struggles with chronic water shortages and a changing climate, scientists are warning that if vast underground stores of fresh water that California and other states rely on are not carefully conserved, they too may soon run dry.

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Trend and Fluctuation (One More Time)

A recent comment says:

The Gistemp temperature anomaly for June 2015 was 0.79 degrees Celsius.
The Gistemp temperature anomaly for February 2016 was 1.32 degrees Celsius.

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Global Warming

Morphing from small to huge

The planet is warming. A simple enough fact to verify for those who have thermometers, evidently absent from Republican households. The Guardian cites Gavin Schmidt’s conclusions. 168 more words