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President Selfie Stick is back with new 'travelogue' hyping global warming from Alaska [video]

The selfie stick is back! — this time helping President Obama hype global warming during his visit to Exit Glacier near Seward, Alaska. As we reported earlier, … 104 more words

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Ted Cruz answers questions on climate change

Republican Presidential candidate and Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz thoughtfully nd brilliantly answers questions posed to him by a political liberal about climate change.

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Peer-review failure in climate change

Professor of Physics Denis Rancourt outlines the failure of the peer-review process in climate studies. This is a compilation from a two hour lecture that you can view here and here.

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'Fanboy' much? AP mocked after melting at sight of Obama 'staring down' a glacier

President Obama is in Alaska in order to take action on climate change. How so? By showing those receding glaciers who’s boss!

NOT THE ONION: The Associated Press Claims Obama STARED DOWN A GLACIER in Alaska…

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Skidaway researchers "caricaturized"

A couple of our researchers, Mike Robinson and LeeAnn DeLeo, made a caricature appearance in an editorial cartoon in the Savannah Morning News this week. Thanks, cartoonist Mark Streeter!


President Obama proves global warming is real by visiting a glacier that started receding in 1815

While in Alaska yesterday, President Obama traveled to Exit Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward and used the breathtaking backdrop of the receding glacier to prove global warming is real: 336 more words

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Mammoths and Global Warming Saving the Elephant?

How is global warming and the already extinct woolly mammoth helping save elephants? David Leveille from PRI, reported that because of anti-poaching efforts, traders are now using mammoth tusks in place of elephant ivory.   188 more words