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Pool's Open?

Some traditions and folk lore were originally grounded in common sense. ‘Red sky at morning…’ said bad weather was coming.  If a crop was ‘knee high by the fourth of July,’ it would be a good harvest. 819 more words

Life- The Universe- And Everything Else

Major Malaise of Climatology

By Dr. Tim Ball – Re-Blogged From

Scientists lost the scientific script somewhere in the 20th century. The major loss involved the fact that correlation is not cause and effect. 1,885 more words

GDP & Employment

What Drought?

If The Earth Is 71% Covered By Water And Levels Are Rising, How Can We Be In A Drought?

The Problem

In the prosperous state of California, as well as other parts of the world, the amount of rainfall has decreased to the point where these regions are experiencing seasons of drought, causing governments to ration water even to the point where some municipalities have no water at all.   336 more words


Shrinking Glaciers

New Zealand – Easily the country with the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. Ranging from farmland, fiords, long sand beaches, high mountains and glaciers all the way to dense bush and rainforest. 204 more words



Return to sleep poor
Deluded dears, the world
Is still dead and the Oceans
Are naught but our tears.

The jungles are gone,
No more open grassy greens, 102 more words