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Climate Wankathon Begins

In the lead up to the Paris climate conference, I suggested that Obama thought people in Syria wouldn’t be so angry if global warming hadn’t made it  377 more words


Paris COP21 - What About Pollution, Species Loss, Deforestation and False Flag Crimes

Regardless of the intentions of environmental activists and their shoes, “climate change” has been hijacked by big business, governments, power elites, and the Green Parties. The likes of Al Gore have made tens of millions from it – and these people still jet about like there is no tomorrow. 1,683 more words

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Global Warming Treaty Is a Farce

Global Warming Treaty?

The idea of a Global Warming Treaty is a farce, a joke, something that even if signed, will never be trusted!

Why? 171 more words


Paris : Live the Climate Experience

The international street art collective Brandalism has taken over more than 600 billboards and advertisements in Paris to mark the UN’s COP21 conference on climate change.At least 80 artists from 19 nations have replaced ads around Paris with subversive messages and parodies to expose corporate greenwashing and the mendacity of the global corporatocracy.


Sentence-by-Sentence Refutation of Boilerplate Climate Change Propaganda

World leaders are currently enjoying their fancy party in Paris and pontificating about how global warming is going to kill us all and we must let bureaucrats and politicians lead us into a glorious new era of the centrally planned renewable energy economy. 328 more words

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