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Carbon tax an international con game

Carbon tax just won’t go away. After 20 years of global warming, scientists telling us this year was the warmest ever, satellite data proving otherwise, no one has explained the 20-year pause. 71 more words


Time to revitalize

continues tomorrow, but if you want to read the whole fairy tale now, just pop over to the Fairy Tales page :-D


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Global Energy Efficiency [Infographic]

Controlling and reducing energy consumption has become a priority of governments around the world in recent years. It is now apparent that our planet’s natural resources are running out and if we are to sustain the global economy and take care of the earth, then we need to be more energy efficient. 219 more words


Saskatchewan agriculture's role in climate fight

W.W. Stockton of Regina writes:

Re: “Carbon pricing should be based on science,” Oct. 18 commentary by Maurice Moloney.

Finally, some common sense is being injected into the climate change debate. 479 more words

Brad Wall

Air Force ignored memos about rising seas - including those from island where they're building

Click to enlargeRob Griffith/AP

❝ The U.S. Air Force is spending nearly $1 billion to build a radar installation that will help keep astronauts and satellites safe by tracking pieces of space junk as small as a baseball.

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Colin Dormuth: What we call a carbon tax is really just a tax on the petroleum industry

Many Ontarians are seething over the high cost of their hydro bills — and with good reason. I suspect they would be even madder if Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall demanded a carbon tax be added, if he is compelled to levy one in his own province. 634 more words

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