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So, on Saturday this is what happened to me:  “Usually I would come home by 12.30 in the afternoon from classes and because I had exams – I returned at that time but what happened on the way really irritated me” 503 more words


Global Warming

This image started as a combination of digital photographs, I took of several objects and scans of textures I created. I combined the photographs and textures in the software Photoshop. 163 more words


Project Quatre & Solar Eclipse & Global Warming

Happy to announce that Project Quatre is complete!  Or possibly near completion.  It’s isn’t until I actually photograph my work that I can begin to see the flaws.   133 more words

How will global warming affect wood frogs?

Study documents nuanced response

Staff Report

A far-ranging study of wood frogs have found that the bog-breeding amphibians could be vulnerable to global warming at the southern edge of their range, and that the population could shift northward, similar to many other species. 612 more words


Sunday Political Roundup

Getting serious on global warming

A new research study has found that global warming has been going on longer than we thought and is more severe than we thought coming to the conclusion that there is… 581 more words

Sunday Political Roundup