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Teaching Online

Thanks to all who gave feedback on my idea about offering online instruction, in an online live classroom setting.

The bottom line seems to be this: that the cost (to enroll), although modest, was too much for most people. 670 more words

Global Warming

Jack Magnet - Global Warming

Jakob Frímann Magnússon (born 4 May 1953) is an Icelandic composer, keyboard player, film director and producer. In Iceland he is best known as the keyboardist and one of the founders of the multiartistic band Stuðmenn, with which he has so far produced 15 albums from 1975 – 2014. 90 more words

Smooth Jazz


With the changing weather patterns worldwide a painful realization gapes at us in the face of our selfishness. The human race feels it suffers the most yet continues to conduct deeds for selfish motives. 461 more words


Episode 06: Is It Hot In Here?

Show Notes, 5/2

As you know by now, the idea-logs podcast doesn’t choose easy topics to discuss. It’s because we want to help you hear some new, fresh perspectives that will allow you to be more informed and persuasive in your daily life. 151 more words



Moths big as birds
flutter under my desk lamp
as I try to write my piece on Lemonade
(Madame Beyonce’s new tour-de-force)

its hard to fight their near sucidal longing to… 29 more words


How Much Paper does the US use Each Day?

While I have written many stories on this issue, it is still surprising that people are not aware of the facts surrounding paper from trees. … 59 more words

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Fable of Stable Climate

By Anthony Watts – Re-Blogged From

Translation from the Dutch book review “Het Sprookje van een stabiel klimaat” by Hans Labohm. Posted on the… 1,727 more words

CAGW Alarmism