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Pope Urging the U.N. Take Very Strong Stand on Climate Change in Paris in December

In front of a Vatican-hosted conference of mayors from major world cities and governors, Pope Francis on Jul 21, 2015 urged the United Nations to take a “very strong stand” on climate change at a landmark summit this year in Paris on global warming. 474 more words

Climate Change

Can Humans Really Cause Climate Change?

I was listening to the Diane Rehm show today, on the topic of President Obama’s new proposals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, when a man from Texas called in and stated, obviously in deep umbrage, that climate change is junk science. 938 more words

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Here's where over 90% of the extra heat from global warming is going

Forests and Global Warming

It’s no surprise that climate change is raising summer temperatures in many parts of the globe, but what you might not know is where most of that extra heat is going. 38 more words

Global Warming

Climate change that is worth worrying about

Europe during Weichselian- & Würm-Glaciation period (which ended 11,700 years ago).
Amazing Maps™ (@amazingmap) August 03, 2015

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Brief Cost and Benefits Analysis of the Clean Power Plan

On August 3rd, 2015, President Obama unveiled American biggest step ever in climate fight – the Clean Power Plan. This “realistic, achievable but ambitious” plan is not only a milestone of Obama’s presidency, but more importantly, a clear claim of American leadership in combating climate change. 320 more words

Carbon Pollution

NextGenClimate: We Can't Continue to Entertain Climate Change Deniers

Throwing out the most simplistic and outdated beliefs generated from those who deny the existence and impact of Climate Change must be married to a fresh look at the ways the private and public sector will eliminate carbon emissions. 124 more words


Statistics can be tricky

And for more than one reason.

Sometimes it’s because the math is hard. As the science of statistics has advanced, and computers have made it practical to use ever-more-sophisticated methods, the math has gotten more sophisticated, which often means just plain harder. 1,010 more words

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