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How green technology help to build a clean society ?

Now days, global warming is major concern for the survival on the earth. Therefore there is a need of green technology for the sustainable growth and stable Eco-system. 199 more words

Green Technology

Init Sa Magdamag

UMABOT SA 45 ang heat index na naitala ngayong buwan ng Abril at Mayo, senyales ito ng isang nagbabadyang malaking problema para sa Pilipinas. Sa mga kabahayan dito sa Metro Manila, kani-kaniyang paraan na lamang ang ginagawa ng mga tao para maibsan ang labis na init sa maghapon at magdamag….
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Memorial Day Temperatures In Fort Collins Plummeting

It is ridiculously cold here in Fort Collins, and May 25 temperatures have plummeted five degrees over the past century.

President Obama says that anyone who doesn’t believe his global warming lies, is a threat to national security.

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Just turn the Chart upside down and Obama is right?

"The Nuance Of Climate Change Denialism": No Differences When It Comes To What Government Should Do…Nothing

Recently Jeb Bush said this:

“The climate is changing. I don’t think the science is clear on what percentage is man-made and what percentage is natural.

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GOP Presidential Candidates

Ozone - GOOD vs. EVIL

Ozone with the symbol of O3 in the periodic table is a compound that consists of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is built when an Oxygen molecule (O2) gets separated by UV light into two radicals1 and one of these radicals then again bonds with another Oxygen molecule. 398 more words

ABC Of Sustainability