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Glycerin: An Organic Compound With Remarkable Moisturizing Powers

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  • Glycerin is a natural compound found in animal- and plant-derived fats
  • Glycerin is believed to be helpful in alleviating other health problems, including skin irritations and constipation…
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The most effective and organic way to clean your beauty blender

The beauty blender is one of the most crucial make-up tools in our vanity bags of date. Who knew that a little sponge could change our lives in such a huge way? 368 more words


New In: Yummy.

Feeling extra sweet. Just added a few new produts to my routine and glycerin is winning over here, im all about moisture, my number one tip when it comes to skincare care is to keep your skin moisturized… 478 more words


Cinnamon Soap

One of the biggest benefits that I ascribe to cinnamon soap is its wonderful scent. I love the smell of cinnamon. The spice just smells good, period. 712 more words


Product Review 1.10

🔸Brand: rraw
🔸Product Name: Honey Oats Raw Bar
🔸Product Specification: Can be used as a daily facial wash as it aids in the reduction of acne prone skin. 239 more words

Poo Poo Spray

Quick project! Quick blog post!

Just a few sprays into the potty before taking care of business and it will trap the bad smells!

1/3 cup… 45 more words

Essentials For Living

Soap for Everybody!

All of my soaps have a vegetable glycerin base. Dried flowers, flower essential oils, color (mostly mica powder, a mineral), tiny toys, exfoliants (more plants!), and moisturizers are added in various combinations to make the soaps pretty and pleasing. 9 more words