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Glycerin & Rosewater - a DIY makeup setting spray

There is nothing more satisfying than finding an inexpensive product that will do the same thing as an expensive one. When I ran out of Fix + last year I decided to research a dupe, there were also a lot of other setting sprays coming out on the market that were cheaper than Fix + but still pricey. 187 more words


My 5 Simple Skincare Hacks

Recently my skin has been abnormally dry with pimples along my jawline, more prominent on my forehead and eyebrows. To be honest I haven’t exactly been consistent with my normal skincare routine so I wasn’t surprised when I started noticing a few bumps here and there. 766 more words


Dr. Mark Hyman Selling "Dangerous" Toothpaste

It’s not uncommon to find quack doctors contradicting themselves on the internet these days, giving medical advice that directly contradicts facts about products that they’re selling for a profit.  698 more words

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Spotlight on Sweet Orange & Patchouli

This week I made 2 loaves of our lovely Sweet Orange & Patchouli soap, which contains pumice powder to scrub off dead skin. Although Lemongrass & Lime is our best selling soap, I am hooked on the sweet yet citrussy scent and vibrant orange colour of this transparent soap, with it’s fine powdery layer on top. 149 more words

Glycerin is more than a Song by Bush!


Every time I hear the ingredient “Glycerin” the tune by Bush comes to mind. “Must be your skin that I’m sinkin in…. Must be for real ’cause now I can feel…” ok, enough singing. 613 more words

For Shibari Pure Silk Lubricant Premium Water Silicone Blend

Remember Coco pure Tea always includes resveratol. This has been found that it aids incredibly in the area of cardiovascular health.

Silicone rubber products are quickly replacing plastic products. 324 more words

Healthy afternoon pick me ups

I try really hard to stay away from sweet things and heavy carbs at 3pm. This is actually really hard given my office provides a constant supply of biscuits through the day and then chocolate treats appear at 2.45 ish. 323 more words

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