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In Review: Pears Pure & Gentle Shower Gel Review

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Today I will be reviewing the Pears Pure and Gentle Shower gel with pure glycerin. Pears is a trusted brand when it comes to skincare and is well known for being gentle on the skin. 421 more words

In Review: Pears Pure & Gentle Shower Gel Review

Friday - boots glycerin and rose water 

Hey soapies ,

This is a little boots product I’ve used for a bout 2 months and don’t get on with it sooo well now . 37 more words


Is Natural Soaps Are Better Than Regular Soap?

It is safe to say that you are mindful of the contrast between a customary soap and a natural soap? A feature carefully assembled soap is natural and shared. 535 more words

Natural Remedies

Indulge in Night Masks

It becomes so difficult in today’s busy life to take care of ourselves while on the other hand it is becoming more and more important to pamper ourselves once in a while to do away with the stress and damage our hectic life and surroundings are doing to us. 378 more words


What is glycerin and is it good for me?

It’s funny how invisible ingredient labels have become in our modern lifestyle. We take for granted that there are lots of words, chemicals, compounds, and numbers that we don’t recognize.

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Dish Soap

I’m still working on being more green. I ran out of dish soap so I decided it was time to make my own, so last night I made a new dish soap. 205 more words


Glycerin is Your Friend

What in the world is this friend I’m talking about?


A neutral, sweet-tasting, thick colourless liquid that freezes to a gummy-like paste.

Okay, sure. Why is this gummy-like paste my friend? 197 more words