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Essential Oil Hair Detangler

Have you been looking for a natural and effective alternative to commercial hair detangling sprays? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! This essential oil detangler is easy to make and works great for helping you comb through tangled hair without the pain! 112 more words

Essential Ideas

Soapy Benefits

If you are a soaper be it Glycerin soap making, Cold or Hot Process then you already know the benefits of using handcrafted soap.  Most people don’t even know that the “soap” bought in the big box or grocery stores are mostly detergents.  302 more words


How To Care For Dehydrated Skin

Is your skin confused by the change of seasons? Does it sometimes feel tight and dry, and other times become spot prone and oily? Do you have fine lines around your forehead? 395 more words


Making Soap without lye....It's a lie.

I’m looking through Pinterest last night and I kept seeing a pin about making soap with no lye. Now, I’m not a chemist, but it really makes me upset when I see this. 708 more words

Can't Give Up that "Squeaky Clean" Feeling? Minimize the Damage.

Crazy Snail Lady Note: The cleansers discussed in this post were given to me by retailers for review. To learn more about my sponsorship policy and testing schedule, please visit… 2,374 more words


The Benefits Of Using Glycerin Soap From Simple Soaparie

Soap can vary quite a bit when it comes to the ingredients.  While some soaps make the skin dry, others are very moisturizing.

What Is Glycerin: 534 more words

Simple Soaparie

Guest Review: My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask, 2015 Edition!

Crazy Snail Lady editorial note: Redditor /u/GiveMeABreak25 is back with an unboxing and review of the 2015 My Beauty Diary Black Pearl masks!

I have struggled with how to tell you all this since… 1,431 more words