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Today my feet got skinny, big, and afraid.

I learned a couple of things about myself today. One, turns out I need to wear narrow shoes (I didn’t even know they made narrow shoes, just wider ones). 1,652 more words

On the road for Education

Herb/o/logy is on the road again always in search of learning how to make a better product for you!

Our quest has brought us to the Thorough Bred Center in Lexington Kentucky, where we met up with like minded individuals for a two day soapy convergence. 659 more words

Hair Recipe


Mayo: conditioning properties and it contains egg which contains protein                                                           

coconut oil: great moisturizer and has an affinity for protein

hazelnut oil: penetrates the cortex of the hair strand… 93 more words

Hair Care

Makeup tip #2

Don’t have a primer? No worries just go and grab some after shave balm from your dad’s or boyfriend’s  shaving stash!

After shave balm contains glycerin. 41 more words


Orange Honey Ginger Glycerin Soap

This is a quick and easy DIY that kids can get involved in (with adult supervision, of course) and it takes only about 10 minutes plus setting time. 365 more words


Skincare 101

So, I brought two new skincare products: Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater 200ml and the Boots Traditional Skin Care Skin Cream 200ml – I can honestly say the use of both products on my skin has changed the look and tone drastically. 138 more words



Merapikan, lembut dan melindungi

Glysolid adalah formula Eropa maju yang membantu untuk menghaluskan, melembutkan dan melindungi kasar, pecah-pecah dan kulit kering ekstra pada tangan, kaki dan seluruh tubuh. 120 more words