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Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off Face Scrub + Some Safe Scrub Tips

Though I love chemical exfoliation for daily skin maintenance,┬ásometimes nothing beats a scrub. A good scrub instantly enlivens your complexion and gives you that baby-cheek softness you just can’t stop touching. 1,233 more words


Glycerin, Paraben, and Phthalates

One thing you will most certainly find in any adult entertainment store these days are the words “Glycerin Free” “Paraben Free” and “Phthalate Free”. We see them, we acknowledge them, but do we truly understand what they mean? 438 more words


Ditch the Toothpaste

I am not the first to say it and hopefully not the last either but maybe if it is said enough times everyone will transition away from it. 1,109 more words

Sheet Mask 101 and My Beauty Diary Brand Spotlight

It seems appropriate to use the first post of my Asian skin care blog to talk about the product that got me hooked on Asian skin care in the first place. 798 more words


Glycerin - how does it work? (FIRST DRAFT. WILL BE UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY.)

- Excuse the poor language. This is only a first draft and I will update it as I go. –

A lot of companies use glycerin in their products and argument that glycerin takes moisture from the lower skin layers (dermis) and binds the moisture to the outer skin layer. 343 more words


Green Tea Anti-Aging Face Cream

Here is my idea for an anti-aging face cream. I kinda winged it based on a sensitive skin recipe I made for some one. I also whipped this one for a while so it is light and fluffy. 160 more words


Lube Review: Pjur Aqua

I was all set to enjoy the heck out of Pjur Aqua. I love other Pjur brand lubes, especially their Original Bodyglide, and even their water-based… 715 more words

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