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Do you take your toothpaste for granted? Decide after a snippet of science.

Unless your cupboards are stocked with chalk, glycerin, xylitol, and peppermint oil, and you’ve got National Geographic host George Zaidan@georgezaidan on standby, you might want to forgo making toothpaste in your home chemistry lab (aka kitchen). 114 more words


Easy Pumpkin Smoker - Glycerin

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How to Make a Smoking Pumpkin Perfect for any Haunted House

No matter how well carved a pumpkin might be, there are times where you wished it would stand out more. 363 more words


More cancer-causing chemicals in vapor

Those gigantic plumes of vapor from electronic cigarettes may come at a cost to your health, according to a study that looked at not only the chemicals, but if the temperature of the heating coil changed the level of chemicals emitted. 177 more words


Affordable Drugstore Primer-Nivea Men After Shave Balm!

Hello Beautiful!

Nowadays, every other person on YouTube is raving about the Nivea Men After Shave Balm. My favorite beauty guru, Kathleen Lights also did a review on it and seemed to really like it, so I decided to give it a shot. 259 more words