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Second week, done!

Time flies really fast, actually…

Finally made contact with some of the older ones. Talked to one middle schooler for the first time today (well, played mancala…) and talked more to another one that I’ve talked to before (she’s really cute). 548 more words

Dr M, masyarakat Rohingya dan penjelma Cina

‘Non-Malays not expelled, so why are Rohingyas?’ asks Dr M in Malaysiakini yesterday.

KiniTV: ‘Mahathir: Myanmar should accept Rohingyas, as we did with non-Malays’ (12 June 2015) 1,005 more words


Zam is on Twitter

I’m amazed. He’s after all 76 years old but certainly no Luddite, i.e. someone who’s afraid of new technology.

As for me, I’m NOT on Twitter. 275 more words



I meant to finish this last weekend but, unlike Nigel, I have a new job now. Unfortunately I had to sign a NDA agreement where I can’t show or tell what I’m up too so enjoy this instead.


you can keep your fistfights to yourself and the millions of people on the internet