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I meant to finish this last weekend but, unlike Nigel, I have a new job now. Unfortunately I had to sign a NDA agreement where I can’t show or tell what I’m up too so enjoy this instead.


you can keep your fistfights to yourself and the millions of people on the internet

An Open Letter in the Wake of the UK General Election

Dear Brits:

You probably know that the Tories have taken another win in the general election. I know, because, like an idiot, I forgot to set my phone to silent last night. 566 more words

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what if captain america: civil war is just steve and sam going back in time to the civil war era? they show up at gettysburg and they’re like “we about to fuck up some racists.”

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62 percent of workers on EPF earn less than RM2,000 a month.

Post-GST, the price of fish balls in the wet market went up.

The price of soya bean in the pasar malam went up too. 61 more words