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PARKIN: On minimum wage, low-wage advocates have been so wrong for too long

Judging from the first few days of 2018, Canadians are in no mood to be lectured by the CEOs and politicians who told us low wages, privatization and tax cuts would create prosperity. 512 more words


GUEST COLUMN: Michael Wolff did Trump a big favour

By Christopher Buskirk

You wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, but U.S. President Donald Trump is emerging from the furor over Michael Wolff‘s Fire and Fury as the winner. 780 more words


GUNTER: After all this government meddling, it's surprising Canada has any entrepreneurs left

Sometimes I wonder why entrepreneurs stick with it. As if the risks of starting a small business — finding customers, providing product or services, making payroll and so on — weren’t hard enough, if you succeed, even just a little, governments of all levels treat you like a cash cow to fund their various schemes. 557 more words


GUEST COLUMN: With Bannon gone, maybe a Trump coalition can emerge

By Ed Rogers

Life is about the “net,” not the “gross.” And in that regard, Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, is a net plus for U.S. 880 more words


WARREN: The case for a royal commission on taxation grows

Tax changes in the U.S., the Auditor General’s report on the Canada Revenue Agency and domestic tax reforms announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, are new reasons why the Liberals should immediately appoint a royal commission on taxation. 635 more words


EDITORIAL: Trudeau town halls show Canadians' frustrations

Let’s get the compliments out of the way first: We applaud Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for visiting Canadian cities to conduct town hall sessions with regular people. 343 more words

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MALCOLM: Canada needs a better approach to dismantling Islamist networks

Returned ISIS fighters join the ranks of a hidden class of enemy citizens secretly embedded in our society. These radical agents have built their own infrastructure, and use our openness and freedom to wage war against us. 563 more words