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Haha Jebak Mark Demi Merekam Sixpack-nya – Pada episode 25 September Running Man, para anggota menerima misi untuk melihat siapa yang dapat menghasilkan video terpanas berdurasi tiga menit.

Untuk menyelesaikan misi, Haha melakukan perjalanan ke markas JYP Entertainment di mana ia bertemu dengan Mark untuk syuting video memasak. 112 more words

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DAP strategist: PAS leadership extension of Najib’s Umno

PAS people and Umno people have finally been sickened enough by the DAP’s constant bullying to bury their hatchet and combine forces presently. Perpaduan ummah is taking off. 48 more words


Daily Prompt: Eyes

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

Eyes are only the windows to the soul to those who haven’t found the door knob.

Weekly Report 18

There, not late this time! Yes!

Managed to survive this week somehow. JakobIeremiya hatched a nest, losing poor Gia but letting me keep Tero. Such a cute baby! 91 more words

Flight Rising


For roughly the last 2 1/2 years I have spent my days toiling at a newspaper. Yes, people still read newspapers.
My desk happens to be located near the sports department and while I’ve grown to love the lot of sarcastic bros, I’ve rarely been able to understand what they’re talking about. 509 more words