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Are they playing sepak takraw?

To serve, one sepak takraw player on the right side of the court throws the ball to his teammate standing in the middle, who then kicks the ball up and over the net. 322 more words

Lim Guan Eng

Sedition: Arul's statement sounds like Ambiga's actually, don't you think?

Some 10 policemen descended on the Parti Sosialis Malaysia sec-gen’s home in Kajang yesterday evening – see ‘PSM’s Arutchelvan arrested for sedition‘ in… 1,171 more words


I’ve watched so much b5 is the past three days that I’m starting to think like Delenn, all long winded and vague


Can you feel the ground

crumbling beneath us and

you left me anyway?


Trying to be happy and excited for someone when you’re sad/in a depressive episode is like trying to cut bread with a door stop