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"@zaidibrahim: Peninsular Malays are still mired in race religion and language which they themselves are ill equipped to use #fb" KELATE

— MamaseMamasaMamakusa (@mamasan2712) November 25, 2015


Ismaweb: PAS and Umno must unite to block DAP

A controversial article about Isma is trending again today in the Malay Mail – see the online paper’s Top 5 Most Viewed, below. The article has garnered close to 30,000 Facebook shares. 914 more words



DAY 1:

As I stare out of the plane window looking at all the bright lights over Manhattan, my stomach began to churn. I could see the brightness of Time Square and could already feel the energy from the city itself. 952 more words


KJ prolly jeles of ARD

ABOVE: The RM2b question from @BukhariHalim to @mpkotabelud and @Khairykj

BELOW: @mpkotabelud and @Khairykj react to Bukhari’s tweet 179 more words


Artist: Hah

It’s always a good day when we get to announce a brand new act to you guys. Coming out of the United States, Hah is bringing dark, ominous synth-driven alternative that highlights the sultry. 66 more words

Najib will pick PAS over MCA

Titik pertemuan sudah dijumpai.

For PAS, it is “Islam memartabatkan Melayu”. For Umno, it’s “Melayu memartabatkan Islam”.

Both formulations have their own intrinsic logic. When they’re able to synergize, it will strengthen both the Malays and the Muslims as one holistic force to be reckoned with. 1,230 more words

Najib Razak

Dude, I'm like losing motivation for everything

I mean really, what I want is “bad” what I really want is like this great forgein thing, which anything that is far away is “evil” and for what? 176 more words