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Who this 'mystery' guy in the cabinet?

Circled in red … siapa eh?

As far as I can make out, those seated in the front row are (from left): H.S. Lee, V. Sambanthan, Tun Razak, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tan Siew Sin, Tun Dr Ismail, Sardon Jubir, Fatimah Hashim, Khir Johari

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My ten 'either or' choices


1. BN or opposition?

  • BN

2. MCA or DAP?

  • MCA

3. Najib or Tun/Muhyiddin new order?

  • Najib

4. 1Sekolah or status quo (maintain Chinese schools)? 110 more words


Best news we've had in years

UPDATED (23 July 2015):

1. The appointment of Datuk Rahman Dahlan is an inspired if left field decision. It should have been done years ago. I reckon that his being given the post now is a last ditch effort by the Najib administration when other avenues (like Lim Kok Wing as one example) have failed. 435 more words


Bye-bye Pakatan

Last Dance – two tight slaps from Charlie’s Angel @ 0:38

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PAS pulls the plug on Pakatan after realising how creepy the Christians are… 10 more words


Second week, done!

Time flies really fast, actually…

Finally made contact with some of the older ones. Talked to one middle schooler for the first time today (well, played mancala…) and talked more to another one that I’ve talked to before (she’s really cute). 548 more words

Dr M, masyarakat Rohingya dan penjelma Cina

‘Non-Malays not expelled, so why are Rohingyas?’ asks Dr M in Malaysiakini yesterday.

KiniTV: ‘Mahathir: Myanmar should accept Rohingyas, as we did with non-Malays’ (12 June 2015) 1,005 more words