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Because if you are craving for durian, chendol and also ice cream at the same time, why not just go to! Everything that you are craving for is served in one go! 268 more words

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

Kalau korang peminat cheesecake, meh sini cheq nak habaq mai cheesecake kegilaan cheq. Aku bukan peminat cheese sangat. Tapi ni semua salah adik aku Mohd Zamri kerana memperkenalkan cake ni. 126 more words


6 Best Halal Buffet Restaurants In Singapore – Feast To Your Heart’s Content


by admin

These are some of the Best Halal Buffet restaurants in Singapore, where you can get together with family, friends and colleagues for a jolly good time and feast. 1,069 more words


Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar

It is 7:30 pm on a Friday night and my sister and I have just finished dinner and were now craving a good coffee with some nice chocolate dessert on the side. 729 more words


Muslim Restaurants

Just moved or traveling to Shanghai and don’t know where to get halal food? No worries … There are many halal restaurants in China . Whether you are looking for foreign or local restaurants, where they mostly sell noodles. 164 more words


Minuman Starbucks Halal - Jakim

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) memberi jaminan bahawa minuman Starbucks disahkan halal selepas satu mesej yang mendakwa sebaliknya menjadi viral.

Wakil dari Bahagian Hab Halal Jakim memberitahu The Star Online bahawa mesej itu bukan perkara baharu dan pernah diviralkan dua tahun lalu. 93 more words

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