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India's first halal cosmetics store is less religion and more style

When Afreen Shaikh, a 26-year-old resident of Ahmedabad’s Muslim locality of Juhapura, heard there was a new halal cosmetic store called Iba opening near her home, she rolled her eyes. 1,177 more words

Islamic State Claims It Can Buy Nukes From Pakistan Within A Year

By Lora Moftah,
on May 23 2015 3:18 PM EDT

The Islamic State group claims it could buy a nuclear weapon through Pakistan within the coming year in the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq. 340 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Now this is just what we need if they use it on those that let this happen it would be no real loss!


Islamic organisations are now fighting back to protect a billion dollar industry that thrives on labelling Australian products as “halal certified”. Now that the extortion racket has been exposed, Aussie shoppers are shunning the “certified” products to the dismay of Australian manufacturers and processors. 174 more words


Stay quiet dhimmis and don't do anything stupid

Sharia law, the Conditions of Umar, dhimmi status, and Pam Geller and Robert Spencer’s effort to push back with cartoons are contrasted with Mohammed Atta’s admonition to the passengers, “Stay quiet and you’ll be OK.” … 340 more words

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I agree with this 100% the Muslims have be trying to take us out for almost 1,400 years and unless we can turn the tide quickly they will win! WE ARE IN A RELIGIOUS WAR where we like it or not! America Wake Up!

Good reviews for Habibi's

3310 Waccamaw Blvd., Myrtle Beach
Mon-Sat 11 am – 10 pm
Sun 12 pm – 9 pm

The Habibi’s Café & Market has been receiving positive reviews about the quality and authenticity of their menu. 25 more words

Myrtle Beach

Halal-Certified Restaurants: Central Java & East Java - Indonesia (per August 2014)

List of MUI halal-certified restaurants in provinces Central Java and East Java as per August 2014, sourced from DetikFood and Halal Corner:


Table Talk - The Halal Food Blog

Table Talk is a new series featuring food-lovers from all walks of life in Singapore. This casual question-and-answer-style interview features food-centric topics together with discussions, opinions, and exchanges of ideas in relation to food. 2,140 more words