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" have done nothing but complain about He who has mercy for you, to the one who has no mercy for you.”

The ignorant people complain to people about Allah and this is the highest degree of ignorance, for if he had known his Lord, he would not have complained about Him, and if he had known the people, he would not have complained to them. 178 more words


Juicyfy Juice Bar, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Sometimes, a bottle of cold pressed fruit juice is a beautiful alternative for the usual weekly cuppa. Apparently the cold pressed method extracts more vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fruits and vegetables as opposed to the traditional centrifugal method. 351 more words

Petaling Jaya

Halal is a billion dollar scam that finances terrorists

from Larry Pickering

Halal is heading for school tuckshops

Do not buy these products or deal with the retail outlets that flog the bogus halal certification. 757 more words


Iranian Ships Headed Toward Yemen....

This won’t end well…. Iran resupplying the rebels in Yemen and Obama holding steadfast wanting to negotiate a nuclear deal with them.

(Via The Hill… 168 more words

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Now this will be interesting!

Obama invites Mideast leaders MINUS ISRAEL to discuss Iran

US President Barack Obama has invited the heads of Gulf Cooperation Council countries to the White House and then to Camp David. Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the turmoil in Yemen are topics high on the agenda. 142 more words


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What more can you say!

Attack Iran Now – Russian Interference Leaves Israel No Choice

Jack Engelhard

The Obama Doctrine – scorn your friends, reward your enemies – has finally reaped the whirlwind, namely Russia and its pledge to provide Iran with an array of the most advanced “defensive” missiles on earth. 598 more words


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If Israel attacks Iran Obama will attach Israel.

Iran "Deal": West's Surrender Triggering War

by Guy Millière// Russia and China have also agreed to build nuclear plants for Iran. And North Korea has also been supplying Iran with technology, a “minor detail” hidden from the UN by U.S. 1,718 more words


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We will be at war before November 2016 20 months from now.