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The therapeutic frustration of Half-life 3

A few weeks ago, out of some kind of misplaced sense of melancholia for the good old days, I was wandering back to regions of the web I hadn’t visited in a while. 4,075 more words

Computers & Stuff

A Summer To Remember: Steam's Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale has become more than just a period of epic low prices on quality games from quality developers. The Steam Summer Sale has become a bit of a summer sensation, the epitome of Christmas in July. 460 more words


Half Life 3!?

During the weekend, our resident Valve Software boss, Gabe Newell talked about many things over at Penny Arcade.

Among the things discussed was the reasons why his company is reluctant to give any information regarding their popular franchises – including the munch awaited… 149 more words

Nerdy Notifications

Rumor: Dota 2 client leaked, contains 'ep3' code

You’ll forgive us if we’re highly speculative about code supposedly unearthed from the leaked beta client for Valve’s upcoming action RTS, Dota 2. It supposedly includes information from a folder named “ep3.” Now wait a minute, stop huffing — we know, we know — and hear us out. 155 more words

DotA 2

Where in the World is [Enter Video Game Related Entity Here]?

Well now that Duke Nukem Forever is (finally) becoming more than the biggest mythological creature in the video game industry, I thought I’d figure out what the f*** happened to some of the other stuff that was promised to come or just disappeared off of the face of the Earth. 1,340 more words

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Leaked Portal 2 Achievement Creates Possible Link to Half Life 2 Episode 3

As a post last week reminded you, we’re almost done with the wait for Portal 2!

A lot more information about the game is being leaked to the internet, the most recent of which being a list of achievements. 136 more words


Valve teases new game, Left4Dead related

If this is true I’ll be annoyed. Valve have recently teased a game for the VGA’s the image is left4dead related, Valve have recently started to love the PS3 and so it could be Left4Dead 1 & 2 port or DLC. 15 more words